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Study Bridge is a professional consulting organisation based in the heart of London in the UK. We are a one-stop solution for all the students, planning to study in the UK. We have been providing consultancy services for more than a decade.

Our aim is to bring the renowned UK higher education within the reach of the students all around the world.

The Study Bridge world incorporates reputable universities all over the UK, presenting several courses which are career-oriented and pave a path for better and accelerated growth and development of the individual.

Study Bridge Education - Partnerships

Study Bridge is a median between the students and the universities. We are proud to declare our collaboration with high standard universities.

Study Bridge enthrals a broad network of connection with the top universities in the UK that provide higher education and help in shaping a better future of the students. As it is said ‘Two heads are better than one’, we also aspire to develop partnerships around the Globe with institutions that aspire to contribute successfully to the educational sector.

Partnerships can involve a variety of activities, like better decision making, professional development, faculty, and student exchange programmes, sharing of teaching experiences and initiatives.

Study Bridge - Contributing to the Future

Study Bridge has been set up to cater to the needs of the students from all over the world who aspire to study in the most prestigious universities in England. We impart a substantial portfolio of services to students and work first hand with top universities and colleges to deliver the best that we can in the education sector.

The programs provided by us are designed to meet the requirements of the students in this competitive world. Distance Learning courses are also available. These courses allow students to study from the comfort of their home and avoid the cumbersome process of Visa application. The consultants and counsellors at Study Bridge help turn student’s dreams into reality.

Study Bridge - Your Personal Counsellor

If you dream to study in the UK and in the heart of the country, we are here to help you. Our allies with the most honoured universities and colleges will help you fulfil your dreams and follow your passion with a career-oriented course. We happily and whole-heartedly accept students from around the world irrespective of their country or background. The main criteria for selecting students solely depends on your academic and professional qualifications.

The decision of studying abroad is particularly important in every student’s life. Our recruitment team helps you select the best course and university keep in mind your educational background and career perspectives.

We, at Study Bridge, have a highly professional faculty which is very encouraging and will make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Our services in assisting international students start even before they arrive in the UK. Once you start planning to study abroad, your mind is filled with thousands of questions. Study Bridge has the answers to all the questions that might worry an international student. From giving you the best guidance about studying in the UK to providing you with a hassle-free experience of immigration, we are here to help you at every stage of your new journey.

We not only help you professionally but also emotionally and personally so that you can live here and enjoy your time and leave your worries with us.

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Educational Services

The UK has been considered to have a reputation for world-class research and higher education. We provide graduate and postgraduate programs in several domains and provide a foundation and pre-masters courses to the people who do not meet the entry requirements for an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree. These courses also help you to improve your English language skills and get an overview of the UK teaching concept.

If you register through us, you will feel that you are entitled to various benefits. We also provide IELTS training and ESOL English courses to the students to improve their English language skills and meet the requirements of the universities. Our highly professional trainers will provide you with the best methods and solutions to crack the exam. We prepare our students with the best-researched material, quality instruction and a wide range of book collection. We provide result-oriented coaching with a focus on personalised attention and flexibility of timings.

Immigration Facilities

Once you get admission in your desired university and your desired course, the next and the most crucial step is the immigration process. Study Bridge has a specialised team of immigration consultants that will help you with your visa application followed by getting your documents ready to ensure precision and submission in time. We also conduct mock visa interviews to get you prepared for your D day.

How Are We Different

Our highly affectionate consultants and counsellors will help you in your immigration process and assist you to adjust in the new environment. You will feel at home away from home with us. We will guide on any personal and Welfare issues and help you connect with new students on the campus and around you.

We are also happy to advise you on many other issues like opening a new bank account, scholarships and bursaries, students pass, registering with a doctor, and finding your way around.

Also if you wish to have a first-hand experience of the university or college you are going to join, Study Bridge can organise a friendly and informative tour to the institute so that you can have a look around and feel the vibe.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Studying abroad can be an expensive affair for all international students planning to study in the UK. There are several options to fund your studies in the UK which include scholarships and bursaries provided by various universities. Study Bridge will help you find these opportunities and aid you to use it to your advantage.



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