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An Education of the Highest Calibre

Richmond is an American International University, established in 1972 and based in West London with two campuses in Richmond Hill and close to Kensington High Street. Since 1981, the university has been awarding US Degrees accredited by The Middle States Commission on Higher Education. One of the latest achievement that Richmond is proud to announce, is being granted the power to award students with its own UK degrees starting from August 2018, as a consequence of having been recently granted Taught Degree Awarding Powers (TDAP) by the Privy Council.

The university is the first and the only university in the UK that has been granted the power to award dual taught degrees, which mean students will receive a UK and US degree that will impact enormously our graduates while looking for employment opportunities and make them stand out from the crowd.

Since its opening in 1978, the Kensington campus buildings on St Albans Grove and Ansdell Street accommodate the third and fourth-year undergraduate students as well as all postgraduate students. In March 1988 Kensington campus saw a further expansion on Young Street and most recently, Kensington High Street.

The University is unique for its private institution academic standards, in its teaching approach that combines the American Liberal Arts system with the UK higher education standards, which empowers our graduates with a competitive edge and opens up more opportunities to find employment either in U.K. or in the U.S.

The undergraduate degrees we offer to explore a wide range of subjects and programmes allowing a broad-based education, whereas the postgraduate programmes include the option to take specific electives that will define a degree minor/major. The key benefits that this private university offers, among others, are, more academic mentorship and teaching time (15 hours per week on average) than in any other UK University, a strong focus on promoting international opportunities through a broad range of credit-based and integrated internships, and study abroad programmes in our teaching centres in Italy (Rome and Florence).

We provide teaching excellence and offer financial support with our US and UK Scholarships based on merit and academic achievement, and have recently introduced a new Chancellor’s Plus Scholarship for Fall 2018 that contributes to reducing significantly students’ tuition fee debt after the completion of their degree. Our Scholarships can be combined with other UK and US funding and grant available options, that we advise our students to apply for upon meeting the entry requirements.

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Top 5 reasons to choose Richmond

  1. Dually-Accredited U.K. & U.S. Undergraduate and Master’s Degrees
  2. Scholarships that can reduce student debt & Funding available (including SFE +US Government loans)
  3. Flexible American Liberal Arts system, extensive contact hours and mentorship (average 15 hours per week)
  4. Integrated Internships (in the U.K. and overseas)
  5. Two London campus experiences (in Richmond & Kensington) with available on-campus accommodation, guaranteed for the first year

An International Perspective

Living and studying together, our students from over 100 countries are ready for a world where the ability to communicate effectively across national and cultural boundaries is as valuable as a traditional academic achievement. A Richmond education offers a global perspective and an interactive study environment that promotes diversity, teamwork and leadership. Being a liberal, American international university, it focuses on enriching students’ study experience within an international setting, taking into account multiple intercultural aspects. It encourages students to form their own opinions and be considerate with others while taking decisions or working on course projects, as well as developing their individual strengths and professional skills as future international team leaders.

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Two campus experiences in London

As well as the excitement of living in one of the world’s most lively and cosmopolitan cities, London obviously offers spectacular resources and opportunities for learning outside the classroom. However, Richmond courses also bring the life of the city – its people, institutions, politics, problems and history into lectures and course projects. Add to all this a supportive international faculty, flexible curriculum allowing you to explore topics outside your main specialisation, small classes and campuses in two of London’s most beautiful neighbourhoods and you’ll find Richmond a great place to earn a dual undergraduate or a master’s degree recognised in the U.K and U.S.

Richmond Hill Campus

First and second-year students attend our Richmond Hill campus. The campus is set in a splendid six-acre site at the top of Richmond Hill, one of London’s most sought-after areas. An impressive neo-Gothic building constructed in 1843 and a modern five-level library, house classrooms, computer and science laboratories, art and photography studios and an auditorium.

The campus also accommodates student residences, a dining hall, student common room, and faculty and administrative offices. There is also a multipurpose sports court of tennis, volleyball, basketball and mini-soccer (football). After completing two years at our Richmond Hill campus, students move to our campus in the London borough of Kensington for their last two years of study.

Kensington Campus

Third-year, fourth-year and postgraduate students attend our Central London campus in Kensington, one of London’s most beautiful residential areas. Its several buildings within 2 minutes’ walk from the main Atlantic House on St Albans Street have all necessary facilities from house classrooms, pc labs, library, a dining hall and University offices.

The Kensington campus also hosts a number of visiting students from the United States and other countries who spend a semester or a year in London. Students may choose to live in University buildings or in the off-campus housing of their choice. Within easy walking distance are the Royal Albert Hall, famous for its concerts, the Royal Colleges of Music and Art, Imperial College of Science and Technology, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Geological Museum and many cinemas, the iconic Hyde Park and a buzzling high Street with plenty of cafes, restaurants, clubs and department stores.

District and Piccadilly underground links Richmond or Kensington with the rest of the city. Frequent rail service into Victoria, Paddington and Waterloo stations connects you to the rest of the UK and to Europe. Both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports are easily accessible.



Kensington Campus


Richmond Hill Campus

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