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Why Learna?

Whether you want to feel confident in asking for a pay rise/promotion, communicate more efficiently with your team, access a knowledgeable community of professionals, or deepen your understanding of business practices, our EMBA programmes are delivered entirely online and will give mid-level managers exactly what you need!

Affordable Education for All

Value is a core principle at Learna, which is why we have developed programmes with affordability in mind. We do not discriminate based on country of origin, so there is no international surcharge for our courses.

Learn with Experts

Our tutors are selected from a global pool of experts based on suitability rather than location. With both academic and career accolades, your tutor will act as an educator and mentor during your course.

Study Flexibly

Self-directed online learning puts you in control. No fixed timetable means you can log in & learn on the go, at your convenience.

Make Lifelong Connections

Our online nature allows you to seize the opportunity to connect with students based all around the world. The relationships and networks you build here will prove invaluable in helping your career prosper.


Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy! And our programmes are no exception! However, those who are willing to put in the time will reap the largest of rewards. You'll need to commit to a minimum of an hour a day. Our most successful students on average spend 2 hours a day dedicated to their studies and as a result, earn themselves a credential that sends a very clear signal to their market and industry! Here’s what our past students have to say.

Andrea Pentelow

“Learning from peers in your assigned group really widens your potential learning experience. You all grow together through the year and feel like a family too. It's a very supportive environment.”

Christine Manga

“It broadened my knowledge hugely. Being able to do the work at my convenience was fantastic. Doing group work makes you approach topics from various angles - it made me think more laterally.”

Saguna Woochit

“This online course gives a classroom feel and is so interactive that I would like to do my masters then hopefully my PhD online.”

Our Partners

Learna programmes are authored and delivered in collaboration with internationally recognised educational leaders. We are proud of the work that we do with our partners, they help us ensure that each programme is delivered to a high standard and that students have access to the best quality education.


Our Online EMBA Programmes

In conjunction with our collaborative partner, the University of Gibraltar.

Our Executive MBAs are 18 month online programmes for mid-level managers who want to step up! Professional progression requires clarity, vision and the ability to execute consistently on the right strategies. Without a roadmap or guidance, the process can be overwhelming.

Our EMBAs can help you fast track your growth and save you thousands in programme fees. So far our postgraduate courses have helped over 1000 professionals across 150 countries and territories, and we’d be honoured to fast track you too!

Executive MBA in Financial Management - Online

Our Executive MBA in Financial Management offers business leaders and executives a future-proof and challenging programme of study, which will rapidly expand your academic understanding and practice in financial management.

Executive MBA in Marketing Management - Online

Marketing is like a living organism, it never stops evolving. Our Executive MBA in Marketing develops your understanding of marketing in this contemporary and dynamic world - without putting a pause on your career.

Executive MBA in Healthcare Management - Online

Change, development and advancement in healthcare are inevitable and requires independent, conscientious and intuitive leaders. Join our Executive MBA in Healthcare Management and master the complexities of the healthcare business.

Executive MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management - Online

Our EMBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management has been developed for aspiring industry leaders. Combining academic study and real-world business experience to help you develop the skills needed to carve a successful career.

Executive MBA - Online

The global business environment is constantly evolving. Our Executive MBA will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle leadership positions in complex, ever-changing organisations.

Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship - Online

Want to lead in entrepreneurship within an organisation? Our Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed for successful business growth.



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