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The European School of Economics (ESE) is a Private Business School offering Bachelor's Degree, Masters MSc or MBA, short programmes at its centres in London, Rome, Milan, Florence and Madrid and online blended courses.

ESE graduates are among the most competitive business professionals on the market, prepared for leadership roles in international marketing, finance, communication and management. With the ability to individually tailor their course of study, ESE students:

study abroad with ESE centres worldwide;

specialise in cutting-edge business sectors, such as fashion, events, music, sport, art, media and human resources among others;

complete internships, selecting from more than 1500 leading organisations around the world.

A school without borders, the European School of Economics is a new concept in higher education. Combining academic excellence, internationality and a pragmatism, the ESE degree and certificate programmes are designed to prepare a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. The European School of Economics (ESE) is a recognised Educational Institution, accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC).

Educational Philosophy

The European School of Economics has envisioned the birth of a new mankind, for the creation of individuals free from prejudice and fear, and capable of harmonising apparent, age-old antagonisms between economics and ethics, action and contemplation, and financial power and love.

The ESE bachelor, master, MBA, and certificate programmes aim to prepare international entrepreneurs and managers with the cultural awareness, abilities and moral qualities most needed in the world of contemporary business. This is achieved through the unique ESE educational philosophy:

“The Dream is the most real thing there is” - students develop a unique academic and professional pathway through their selected course specialisation, internship placement, and final dissertation

Pragmatism - hands-on experience in contemporary business practice through the comprehensive internship programme

Internationality - student body originating from more than 60 nations, ESE centres around the world, and internships with global organisations.

The European School of Economics is a new concept in higher education. A college of international business, the scope of an ESE education extends beyond a thorough preparation in the principles of economics, management, marketing or finance. The objective of contemporary colleges and universities should be the development of each individual, through a system of vital ideas, for the preparation of a new generation of visionary leaders.

ESE Values

Behind every human achievement, at the origin of every intuition, of every scientific or social conquest, behind the world’s largest financial and industrial corporations, and all that is beautiful, useful, wealthy, there is invariably one man, an individual and his Dream.

Only individuals can transform society. Only individuals can dream. ESE’s mission is to create a new generation of young entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, visionaries, pragmatic dreamers. To achieve such an aim requires more than good programs and good teachers. ESE is a system of vital ideas and prepares its students to be the new cells of a healed humanity, free from conflictual thinking, superstitions, prejudices and obsolete ideas, cultivating in themselves an indomitable passion for greatness.

The life of an organization, the future of a nation, of an entire civilization, depends on the existence of these men and women. The heads of future organizations will be philosophers of action. These people are more precious than gold mines and oil fields. They will bring success and longevity to the enterprises of the world.

We embrace the idea that to forge them, academic excellence has to keep up with developing their individual human potential and that developing intellectual capacities has to go along with creating a true internationality and sound operative skills, both gained in the field, within the leading companies of the world.

The success of a man as of an organization is determined by their philosophy.

Therefore in ESE is clear that real education is not simply the teaching of notions and development of skills but above all the transfer of the unique philosophy of the School, of its ideas and founding principles. ESE provides an approach to business and a wide vision of life through a process of intellectual, artistic, political, ethical and socio-cultural exploration, centred on self-discovery and work on oneself aimed at integrity.

Neither knowledge nor education, wealth nor social standing can pave your way to success but rather your own self-knowledge and integrity.

The evolution of every business, from the local corner shop to the giants of international industry and finance is their conscious transformation into a ‘School of Being’. Their aim and real business objectives will be the evolution of all people directly participating, and stakeholders. Corporations and organizations of the future will be places of aspiration and personal improvement where workers and staff will leave at the end of the day with a greater sense of understanding, happiness and responsibility, and where even the remotest cells of the organization will be taken care of in order to evolve and accelerate their progress.

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This school also offers:

1-year MBA

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Campus Full time Part time 1 year August 2018 United Kingdom London Italy Rome Milan Florence Spain Madrid + 7 more

The ESE MBA takes a distinctive approach to business education and leadership by combining the most current business management theory with best business practices with a special focus on helping students to achieve their dreams and aspirations. [+]

The ESE MBA takes a distinctive approach to business education and leadership by combining the most current business management theory with best business practices with a special focus on helping students to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Ours is not an ordinary MBA… the ESE MBA transforms its graduates into visionary individuals and leaders prepared to live an enriched life and enhanced careers. If you are looking to expand the horizons of what is possible, acquire some thoughts and tools to take on your life’s journey, the first step is to enrol in the ESE MBA.

The aim of the ESE MBA programme is to provide an interdisciplinary and integrative educational programme for individuals seeking to consolidate their managerial achievements to date and prepare for a career in senior management, ultimately at the highest strategic levels.... [-]


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