International Institute of Business


IIB mission

Value Creation for individuals, companies and society through

• relevant and experiential executive education

• applied research and innovation in business management

• tailoring world best management experience into Ukrainian practices

• proactive and client-oriented delivery

IIB Vision

To be a foremost Ukrainian business school, national leader in executive education

IIB’s key advantages

• team of competent faculty with international academic background and substantial experience in consulting and research;

• systematic and integrative approach to portfolio development: IIB is Ukraine’s only business school featuring both MBA programs, internationally recognized professional qualifications and a full range of innovative management development products;

• professional, collegial environment, in which diversity and academic freedom are respected, and in which productive faculty, staff, and students are valued and are motivated to reach their fullest potential;

• learning environment that generates state-of-the-art knowledge, which is necessary for creative, integrative-thinking and problem-solving in a global economy;

• proactive and client-oriented delivery integrating the best management practices, along with latest cutting-edge research and methodologies from prominent Western European and North American schools.

IIB Values

  • Efficiency

We believe in aspiration toward efficiency as a core driving force of market economy.

We aim to increase efficiency of Ukrainian economy through implementation of the world best management experience into business practice.

We ensure value of our products offering efficient solutions for our clients.

  • Innovation

We’re sure that in today’s world to be efficient and competitive means to be innovative.

Rapidly changing environment requires permanent innovations in management. We ensure innovation in our products collecting on-edge world experience and performing continuous research.

  • Expertise

We promote competence and professional focus.

We are aiming to instill world-class professional standards into Ukrainian business.

We realize that for business education to remain high-quality, it has to be responsive to the rapidly changing global business setting, both culturally and technologically. We remain flexible in our delivery and incorporation of significant changes of the business world into the curriculum and day to day professional growth.

  • Integrity

We cultivate an environment of honesty, trust and collaboration in which we hold ourselves to the high ethical standards. We believe integrity is an essential cornerstone for true professional and personal success.

  • Commitment

We are responsible for quality of our products and efficient value creating results of education for our clients.

We adhere and promote social responsibility understanding it as a cornerstone of democracy, market economy and efficient economic development.

  • Synergy

We offer integrated portfolio of products aiming comprehensive and addressed solutions for our clients.

We create a unique atmosphere of collaboration, mutual support and genuine interest in each other’s success.

We utilize all possible synergies in our activities and product portfolio.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

Admissions & Requirements

Students must be fluent in Russian to enroll.