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Established in 1927, the University of Houston empowers students in their pursuit of learning, discovery, leadership, and engagement. Located in a sprawling metropolis, our premier Tier One campus provides students with cutting-edge programs including undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, distance and continuing education. Ranked among the best colleges in America, UHis home to award-winning faculty, innovative research centers, has one of the most diverse student populations in the nation, and alumni who have become international leaders.

At the University of Houston, we prepare students to envision their future, emerge as leaders and launch careers that transform the world.

About Houston

Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city, is bustling with culture and energy and has recently gained recognition as America’s next great global city.

Known as the energy capital of the world, the city is home to 26 Fortune 500 companies, the second most in the nation, and the world's largest medical center — making Houston a land of limitless opportunities for UH students, whether through internships or fieldwork experiences in the real world. The opportunities are so unlimited, that 63% of UH Alumni live and work in the city. Houston also has the fastest growing economy in the country, and the University of Houston plays a vital role by generating $3 billion for the city every year.

Houston has been ranked #1 city for recent college graduates by msnNOW. The survey ranked major cities by a combination of job growth, affordable living, and vibrant 20-something populations. Houston's quality of life and proximity to research partners in business and government also make the city an attractive home for talented professors and their families.

Houston is an entertaining place to live, too. Forbes Magazine took notice of all the culture the city has to offer, recently naming Houston, “America’s Coolest City,” a testament to what Houstonians have known for years. Whether you want to take in a show in the Theater District that boasts more than 12,000 seats, eat at one of the 11,000 restaurants, cheer on a local sports team or anything in between, Houston offers something for everyone.

The UH System

The University of Houston System is a group of ten public institutions of higher learning in the Houston area that share common goals and are governed by a Board of Regents.

The UH System comprises four universities and six multi-institution regional campuses that offer degrees in partnership with the universities. The University of Houston is the largest and most comprehensive institution of the UH System.

Relationships among UHS institutions are collegial and collaborative. Credits transfer easily from one institution to another, and students move freely from one campus' library to another. Each UHS institution has a distinct mission; together, the institutions' missions and programs complement and support one another.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Houston is to offer nationally competitive and internationally recognized opportunities for learning, discovery, and engagement to a diverse population of students in a real-world setting. The University of Houston offers a full range of degree programs at the baccalaureate, master's, doctoral and professional levels and pursues a broad agenda of research and creative activities. As a knowledge resource to the public, the university builds partnerships with other educational institutions, community organizations, government agencies, and the private sector to serve the region and impact the world.


  • National Competitiveness: UH will strengthen its status as a nationally competitive public research university as measured by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Top American Public Research Universities (TARU) and will seek to meet the threshold needed for its entry into Association of American Universities (AAU).
  • Student Success: UH will have a student profile consistent with a nationally competitive public research university by creating an environment in which student success can be ensured.
  • Community Advancement: UH will commit to fulfilling regional and state workforce needs while becoming the primary engine of social, economic, and intellectual development.
  • Athletic Competitiveness: UH will provide a comprehensive educational experience to its students and, within this context, it will seek to build the strongest athletic program possible.
  • Local and National Recognition: UH will be known for its accomplishments locally and nationally.
  • Competitive Resources: UH will build a resource base that enables it to accomplish its mission and realize its vision.

Shared Values

As its primary goal, the University of Houston is dedicated to becoming a nationally recognized institution in the 21st century. The university will anticipate and respond to changing demographics in an increasingly diverse and globally interdependent world. It will use its resources to:

  • Meet the challenges of educating a dynamic mix of nontraditional and traditional students.
  • Promote excellence within the context of basic and applied research and scholarship.
  • Identify and respond to the economic, social and cultural challenges affecting the quality of life in the city of Houston, the state of Texas and the world through its education, research, and service.



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