The faculty and staff of Tallahassee International College recognize that we exist, above all, to provide knowledge and to serve our students. We are dedicated to offering online education of the digital era graduate students who can embrace the information age. Groundbreaking technology in online educational delivery will prepare the next generation of business-oriented individuals to enter the workforce with an overall understanding of international business. We strive for continuous improvement in all of our programs, curricula and delivery modes. This is accomplished through effective teaching and practical applications; technological literacy; research that is relevant to the learning mission of the College, including intellectual contributions that primarily advance practice and enhance disciplinary knowledge. The onset of the communication age brought about the internet with new forms of education at all levels. The online program at TIC will provide to students from all four corners of the world, quality education that will generate needed skills to enter the workforce of any country. The school provides educational opportunities for all students, regardless of their country of origin, socio-economic level, and racial, ethnic, or religious background. It holds a policy of open admission to all qualified students. Each student is a separate and unique individual who is respected as such. One of the objectives for each faculty member is to respect and to enhance the dignity and worth of each student. The services provided by the school are distinguished by their specific ability to meet the needs of students in reaching their particular goals. To this end, each member of the faculty and supporting staff have contributed in the process of student guidance. The school conducts its programs with a conscious focus on the cross-cultural dimensions of learning.

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