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The School of Information Studies (iSchool), established in 1896 and renamed as the Original Information School in 1974, has a long tradition of leading innovation and change. Our ideals and values are the foundation for our success.

The iSchool is a close community of students, faculty and staff nestled into the larger Syracuse University campus. In addition, more than 10,000 alumni around the world engage with current campus and online students through innovative programs and networking events.


Information is one of the most precious commodities today and the iSchool provides interdisciplinary, collaborative experiences to keep students on top of the evolving field of information studies.

Traveling seminars through Europe and Asia give a global perspective. Domestic road trips to Silicon Valley, Chicago, NYC, and more offer insights and connections to major information industries in all sectors of the economy: public, private, and nonprofit.


We take great pride in our renowned faculty members, who make a positive difference in everything that they do. Students and faculty learn from each other through shared intellectual experiences and appropriate curriculum collaboration across the School's degree programs.


The iSchool receives millions of dollars every year in government and corporate sponsored research funding. Funding agencies include the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, US Department of Defense, the Institute for Museum and Library Services, Imagining America, and United Business Media. The school hosts several research centers, which provide a lively environment for the development of innovative research ideas.


The iSchool is a globally recognized leader in advancing knowledge and developing creative, thoughtful, and technically capable leaders in the information field.


The mission of the iSchool is to expand human capabilities by connecting people, information, and technology. The faculty and staff of the iSchool are committed to preparing students to be leaders in the information field, advancing knowledge and using the information to solve problems faced by individuals and organizations. Together, the faculty, staff and students of the iSchool impact research and the information profession through our scholarship, rigorous education opportunities, and commitment to service that advances science, improve professional practice, and contributes both to communities in which we live and more broadly to society.


The culture, curriculum, and decision making at the iSchool are guided by our shared values.

  • Scholarship. We are dedicated to scholarship in all its forms. We draw from the university's vision and dedicate ourselves to being a world-class, student-centered research institution. We promote this aim through discovery, development, application, integration, and active learning.
  • Global Diversity and Inclusion. We are diverse on many dimensions and we embrace our differences. Complex problems require multidimensional analysis and solutions. The school encourages a multiplicity of voices to address important information problems. The school seeks people who respect a diversity of opinion and perspective, and who thrive on the tension of discussion and debate.
  • iSchool of One. We are a unified school. The faculty, staff, and students work together, not as individuals or groups who represent a specific area in which they work or affiliate. We challenge ourselves to benefit from the paradox of a single information field that is manifested in many professional expressions.
  • Quality. We push ourselves to produce curriculum, research, and learning outcomes at the highest possible level of excellence. We strive to enable our students and alumni to create superior solutions that expand human capabilities.
  • Innovation. Information technology provides opportunities to advance the frontiers of what is possible across many areas of human endeavor. We seek to improve society by discovering synergies of information, technology, and people that enable these advances.
  • Integrity. We uphold the highest standards for the ethical use of information and practice in the information professions.



Hinds Hall,343
13210 Syracuse, New York, USA

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