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Smartly is a new education technology company that's out to change how we all learn, while connecting education directly to positive career outcomes.

A mission to change the talent equation

We’re building a new career network powered by superior education. What if we all had access to amazing education and powerful professional networks? What if employers could easily identify and hire amazing candidates? What if we could transform all sides of the talent equation? Finding and developing both our own talent and that of others is the lifeblood for actualizing goals and dreams, and by extension, for advancing innovation and productivity around the world. It changes lives, and the world. We aren’t just looking to change learning, or credentialing, or professional networking or how people find co-workers. We’re out to do all of the above to speed up career advancement and capability-building to capitalize on human potential. We’re starting with the MBA and elite students but over time we’ll expand access to more students, enter different countries and grow the breadth of our courses. Just like Tesla started with sports cars to shift the world of transportation, we’re taking on a premium educational offering to establish our brand and validate our capability. It’s an exciting road ahead. We hope you’ll be part of the journey!

Where Talent Meets Opportunity.

“Smartly is the educational framework of the future.” Michael HornCo-founder,CLAYTON CHRISTENSEN INSTITUTE

Why companies love Smartly.

Elite candidates

Top schools. Amazing work experience. Our curated job seekers are ready to start now.

Speed to hire

Evaluate talent quickly at your desktop or in our mobile app and move from interest to hire - fast.

Team development

Improve your existing teams with our mobile business courses and corporate training solutions.

No-brainer pricing

Amazing education From our free MBA to our affordable EMBA and business certificates, our courses give you marketable skills that accelerate your career. Meaningful connections In our career network, you’ll connect with other learners, fellow alumni and amazing companies actively looking to hire. Your dream job The best companies are here to hire. When they do, they pay us a success fee, which ensures that many of our courses and career services stay free.

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Smartly's Executive MBA Program: Are You Ready for the Future of Education?

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