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Why NFCC? It’s simple because you deserve the best.

You deserve an exceptional education at an affordable cost and you deserve the opportunity to better your future. We invite you to visit our campus in Madison, Florida to find out why NFCC is the right choice for you. Vision: To be our communities first choice for education and cultural enrichment. Mission: An exceptional college dedicated to an individualized and supportive academic atmosphere, accessible education, lifelong learning opportunities, and professional growth for our students and communities.

Individual Attention - NFCC Does That

Get the attention and education you deserve. From the moment you step onto our campus, NFCC friendly faculty and staff give you the individual attention you deserve. Personalized advising, student support programs, and a new Academic Success Center are all in place to help you succeed. At NFCC, you get the best of two worlds - the comfort and closeness of a small campus and the academic excellence and opportunities that equal that of a large university.

Launches Futures - NFCC Does That

NFCC graduates are estimated to make 35% more than someone with a high school diploma alone and for those looking to get a bachelor degree, we can help with that too. The state 2+2 articulation agreement guarantees students completing an A.A. degree at NFCC the opportunity to enroll and earn a bachelor’s degree at one of Florida's 11 state universities (plus you'll save a lot of money during those first two years with NFCC). For those looking for a direct career path, NFCC's Associate of Science degrees and certificate programs offer specialized training and boast high job placement rates following graduation. Whatever your path, NFCC is a great place to learn.

Affordable Tuition - NFCC Does That

College is an investment and that's why we work hard to make NFCC affordable. We are one of the most affordable colleges in Florida and have not increased our tuition in the past three years to assure that you get an exceptional education at a great price. Last year we awarded nearly $230,000 in scholarships and grants, plus our students received another $2.2 million in federal aid. Our resourceful staff will do their best to help you find ways to pay for college; including tuition payment plans, financial literacy workshops, student employment opportunities and assistance completing financial aid and scholarship applications. Making college an affordable possibility is one of the many ways that NFCC invests in your future.

Encourages Leaders - NFCC Does That

NFCC students easily step into leadership roles on campus and in the community. From extracurricular activities to hands-on training, NFCC offers a wealth of opportunities for students to develop leadership skills on and off campus. Just look at some of the ways our students are leaders in our community: Save Our Animal Resources ecology club annually helps St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge track migration patterns of Monarch butterflies and coordinates recycling efforts on campus, Sentinel Service Corps members volunteered over 200 hours to campus and community events last year and NFCC Peer Tutors and learning specialists dedicated approximately 8,000 hours helping their peers succeed academically. Our nursing and EMS students collectively clock thousands of hours at area health care facilities each year volunteering services while gaining valuable hands-on training. Whatever your goals, you'll find your place at NFCC and a supportive college family to be proud of your accomplishments. Get involved. Become a leader. Apply to NFCC today.



North Florida Community College

North Florida Community College
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