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Michigan Technological University prepares students to create the future.

At Michigan Tech, crazy smart students do. They invent, design, code, create, and compete. Their discoveries make humans healthier and technology smarter. Together with researchers, faculty, and industry partners, Huskies create the future through research—here's how:

Print 3-D prosthetic hands from recycled plastic for children in Nicaragua

Build Bluetooth bicycle pedals for an improved mountain bike experience

Develop cleaner, quieter snowmobiles

Test and launch a low-Earth orbit nanosatellite

Track predator-prey on Isle Royale

Our mission to create a just, prosperous, and sustainable world is expressed through our entrepreneurial spirit—equal parts curiosity and grit. It infuses everything we do. The lifeblood for an MTU Husky? Battling the North wind, trudging through 200 inches of snow each winter, and staying late in the lab to discover that one, new piece of the puzzle. It's hard work that fuels us.



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49931 Houghton, Michigan, USA

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