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About Us.

The California Institute of Advanced Management (CiAM) is a nonprofit university dedicated to making lifelong learning opportunities accessible, challenging, and relevant to a diverse student population. Its aim is to facilitate educational access and academic excellence through exceptional management of University operations and resources, innovative delivery systems and student services, and relevant programs that are learner-centered, success-oriented, and responsive to technology.


CIAM Staff, Faculty, and Graduates 2015

Founded on Drucker's Philosophies.

Using the wisdom of Peter F. Drucker for the practice of management, CiAM equips leaders and managers with the tools and disciplines to make socially-responsible decisions, meaningful to a changing business environment by incorporating experiential-learning in both online and classroom settings. Five principles of management meaningful to Peter Drucker were:

  • Establishing measurements of performance
  • Motivating and communicating
  • Setting objectives
  • Organizing
  • Developing people

Our Mission:

Building from the wisdom of Peter F. Drucker, we produce leaders who have a deep understanding of their management responsibilities to achieve personal and societal success. We do this by delivering experiential learning in both traditional classroom and virtual environments.

Our Vision:

CiAM produces leaders who are responsible, globally oriented and immersed in practice.

Our Values:

CiAM values and promotes a culture respecting ethics, integrity, and the fulfillment of duty to our constituents, employees, and society. These values flow directly from the wisdom of Peter Drucker.

A Message From The President:

"The California Institute of Advanced Management (CiAM) has one goal: to give you the opportunity to create your own future in the setting of your choice. To accomplish this we have built our courses and our program around what managers and entrepreneurs need to know to succeed in today’s challenging and competitive environment. Top executives and future employers today understand that today’s essential employees--who Peter F. Drucker, The Father of Modern Management, called “knowledge workers”-- cannot be managed, but must be led. Moreover, this leadership role can only be accomplished by managers who not only have MBAs but also have perspective anchored in experience and in a wide range of disciplines. What you have already learned in life and in college, no matter what your major, and what you have gained from interacting with others in the past, are the doors to opportunity. The CIAM MBA gives you the keys to open these doors by building on your personal world setting.”

- Jennie Ta, MBA, President of CIAM

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