The MoT Executive MBA relies on three major factors that are crucial in today's business environment. There are two kinds of leaders who can truly change the business world: the Entrepreneurs (creating and developing a new enterprise) and the Intrapreneurs (creating and developing new activities within an existing enterprise). The MoT Executive MBA program is particularly designed for these profiles.
Innovation, whether derived from Hi-Tech or from Life Sciences, is a key driver to be competitive. To fully deploy innovation from a business perspective, it is necessary to combine Management and Technology together. The program addresses these key dimensions.
Finally, it recognizes that in a global world, the growing market with the largest potential is China. Consequently, the program also takes place in Peking and Shanghai and has established partnerships with top-ranked institutions, like the University of Peking, in order to enable participants to do business in China. From day one of the program, the learning process is particularly project-oriented to ensure that the various topics are immediately applicable in a global world.

Campus Environment

The University of Lausanne and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale are located close to the Lake of Geneva, facing the Alps. The hub of a metropolitan area of 280,000 people, Lausanne benefits from business, cultural, sports and educational facilities that have attracted an international community. Several multinational firms have their worldwide or European headquarters here or within a 30-minute drive (Nestlé, Logitech, Merck-Serono, Hewlett Packard, Dupont, Medtronic, Motorola to name a few).
The World Trade Organization (WTO), The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), The European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) as well as the International Olympic Committee (IOC), have their headquarters nearby. Foreign students comprise a large portion of the student body, and a varied choice of cultural and sports activities (sailing, skiing, etc.) contribute to an enjoyable and attractive student life.

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Like most Executive MBAs, the "Executive MBA in Management of Technology-based Enterprise", known as the "MoT", provides 360° business management capabilities. [+]

Executive MBA

Like most Executive MBAs, the "Executive MBA in Management of Technology-based Enterprise", known as the "MoT", provides 360° business management capabilities. But in addition, it has also the following goals:

To develop and stimulate entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship competences To ensure success in innovation by fostering a multidisciplinary approach for the conception, production, and commercialization of new products or services To provide insights into the constraints and interactions within the technological, business, social and international environments Audience

University graduates in Business/Humanities on one hand and in Engineering/Natural and Bio/Med Sciences on the other hand; people with professional experience (normally at least 5 years, unless already entrepreneurial), who wish to boost their career potential through a multidisciplinary approach, and who are especially motivated by entrepreneurship and the management of innovation projects.(There is no need for participants to be familiar with technology. The program does not teach technology but rather the process to move a new idea, an innovation towards its financing and commercial deployment.)A large number of participants are from abroad; the age ranges from late 20's to early 50's.... [-]


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