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Linnaeus University

Sweden Teleborg Kalmar September 2018

Why study at Linnaeus University Linnaeus University is a modern university named after Carl Linnaeus – the most famous and world-renowned Swedish scientist of the last few centuries, born in the Småland region where the university is situated. Top reasons to study at Linnaeus University A comprehensive university, offering 40 degree programmes and 500 courses in English, on both bachelor’s and master’s level. Since 2014, we host our own Summer Academy – an international, intercul… [+] tural and interdisciplinary study environment, unique of its kind in Sweden. At Linnaeus University you are enabled to grow as a person. The learning environment is characterized by teaching and research staff in close proximity to students. A non-profit public university, accredited by the Swedish government, with 31,000 students. Strong international profile, with 750 partner universities in more than 60 countries. A large community of international students. Every year, more than 1,600 students from around 60 countries come here to study. A research university, with the right to employ with the right to employ doctorate students. The research covers everything from labour market studies and social security issues to entrepreneurship, bioscience, aquatic ecology, and wood and energy technology. Unique and close collaboration with IKEA – the largest furniture company in the world, founded in Älmhult in Småland. Active student life with buddy programs and friend family-projects to help students engage with both Swedish and other international students, as well as with Swedish families. Highly praised campus environments, positioning Linnaeus University as no 1 and no 2 in terms of campus buildings, campus environment and nice-to-be places in the ISB (International Student Barometer) 2014. At Linnaeus University nature is just around the corner, adding to a high quality of life. Växjö was once declared "The greenest city in Europe" and Kalmar is a charming medieval city, located by the Baltic Sea. This is Linnaeus University There are 34,000 registered students at Linnaeus University Linnaeus University is located in Växjö and Kalmar and offers 150 degree programmes and 2,000 single-subject courses. You can study different subjects within arts and humanities, health and life sciences, the social sciences, the natural sciences, technology, and business and economics. There are also a number of different contract educations, like the headmaster training and police education. Research at Linnaeus University is of high quality, nationally as well as internationally, and covers a wide range of disciplines. Particularly prominent is the research carried out within our cutting-edge research environments – our Linnaeus University Centres. Within these centres, everything from ecology and evolution to discrimination and integration, postcolonialism, intermediality, bioscience, and big data is being studied. With 2,100 employees and more than 34,000 students, we strive to be a modern university, with Småland as our base and the world as our stage. To study and work at Linnaeus University means being part of an environment characterised by knowledge and development. Students acquire new knowledge and learn to have a critical approach. Researchers make discoveries that can change our society. Employees talk of a workplace with both challenges and opportunities. Linnaeus University is a university where knowledge grows. Linnaeus University was established in 2010 through a merger between Växjö University and University of Kalmar. Linnaeus University in numbers Roughly 14,000 full-year students About 2,100 employees 156 professors About 325 doctoral students About 100 degree programmes on first-cycle level About 80 degree programmes on second-cycle level Roughly 900 incoming international students, including exchange students, fee-paying students, and free movers (full-year students) Roughly 190 outgoing exchange students (full-year students) 512 third-country students SEK 1,654 million in total revenues (distribution: 64% education, 8% contract education, 28% research and education at third-cycle level) Vision and basic principles Vision and strategy 2015-2020: A creative knowledge environment in the spirit of Linnaeus Linnaeus University is a modern, international university where we are inspired by Carl Linnaeus, with roots in Småland and the world as our stage. It is the spirit of the scientist, entrepreneur, and pedagogue Linnaeus that makes up the foundation at Linnaeus University. Through curiosity and creativity, Linnaeus paved the way for what was then a new scientific paradigm. In a similar way, Linnaeus University wants to be characterised by boldness and commitment to new scientific ideas. Linnaeus was also an entrepreneur in the modern sense, capable of creating and running projects with various actors in society. Challenging educations and prominent research in combination with societal driving force and global values are the cornerstones which combined make up a creative knowledge environment in the spirit of Linnaeus. Vision Linnaeus University – a creative and international knowledge environment promoting curiosity, creativity, companionship and utility. General goals Linnaeus University stands out through Curious, creative, and skilled students and members of staff Challenging educations with high societal relevance Prominent scientific and artistic research which will benefit societal development Commitment to societal challenges, innovations, and sustainable growth Companionship between people An international and multicultural knowledge environment A creative knowledge environment in the spirit of Linnaeus Challenging educations Prominent research Societal driving force Global values A journey into the future 2015-2020 [-]