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Euncet Business School is a private educational institution under the Polytechnic University of Catalonia - UPC, located in Terrassa and Barcelona.

BS Euncet offer two undergraduate degrees, masters and graduate programs. Offered, mode of delivery of the classroom and blended training activities so that students can combine it with different daily activities.

The programs offered at the school are: Degrees College of Business Administration, Marketing and Digital Communication, Executive MBA, Executive MBI MBI & MBA Full Time, postgraduate Masteres Executive and Executive comprehensive modular training offer to both local and international professionals, everyone in the area of ​​management.

Since its founding in 1980, Euncet demonstrates their teaching quality with the outcome of their students. It offers fully equipped facilities and professional staff ready to transmit their knowledge to all students.

Today the training is offered online Executive in Barcelona, ​​the prestigious MBI-mode Full Time and Executive, together with PHD, PDD, Graduate graduate in management of innovation and new product development, entrepreneurship course.

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Official Master In Management And Business Management Upc - Face Terrassa

Campus Full time 540 hours October 2017 Spain Barcelona

The Master's program in Management and Business Administration is a generalist training program in management and business administration, understood as a global concept of the company and the functioning of the organization. This involves carrying out a sobretodas integration effort areas of business in order to implement those policies and most appropriate to achieve the objectives successful company strategies. [+]

The Official Master in Business Administration and Management UPC - Terrassa Presencial face in Terrassa and lasts for 540 hours. The Master's program in Management and Business Administration is a generalist training program in management and business administration, understood as a global concept of the company and the functioning of the organization. This involves carrying out an integrative effort on all areas of business in order to implement those policies and most appropriate to achieve the objectives successful company strategies. The business world demands professionals with sound knowledge of the various areas of management and, in turn, with personal skills suchas versatility, adaptability, reflection, resolution and creativity. Methodology expository method / master class: Exhibition of theoretical Contender assisted with case studies to illustrate specific sayings. expository / participatory class: Exhibition theoretical content conpreguntas students about such content to facilitate reflection and class participation. Individual or cooperative work: Preparation and presentation of individual or group work, depending on the workload and lavariedad of topics to develop. In the case of group work, practical deliderazgo to organize, develop and present work. Problem-based learning / projects: Conducting group work to develop building projects or research company in whichis necessary coordination of labor and division of tasks between team members and a final presentation. Self study: Solving short problems by students outside the classroom. Learning based on case studies: Solving short problems by students must develop to acquire a working knowledge of the fundamental theoretical contents. Business Game: Simulation business for strategic decisions of the company. face tutorials: solving sessions doubts about the theoretical or practical work on concepts. Distance tutoring: solving sessions doubts about the theoretical or practical work on concepts. Video-based learning: Audiovisual materials of short duration, between 5 and 10 minutes where specific contents of the subjects are displayed or presented cases and exercises with possible solutions. Forum: Space interaction between teachers and students supported by the virtual campus platform that enhances the ability of argumentation and critical and interchangeability communication and synthesis. Master Thesis work: The TFM may be performed in a group, as long as the teams are made up of a maximum of three students. A guardian can not tutorizar more than five groups. The rules of TFM ensures that both the monitoring by the tutor, who must issue a separate opinion paracada student, such as assessment, by the court before which the TFM will defend itself, are individual and autonomous. All information on the system of assessment is contained in the Labour Regulations Master Thesis (University Masters). Discounts and Covenants We advise on the different aid from which you can benefit. We also have agreements with banks that offer very favorable terms to help you in your training. Consultation with our advisory team. Euncet Alumni: Consult special conditions. UPC Alumni: Consult special conditions. Bonus Permit Individual Training (PIF) for employees in general Social Security scheme, can meliorate concurrent working time hours. Flexible Loan: Caixa d'Enginyers with and Banco Santander. Virtual Campus Students will have access to the virtual campus, an effective work and communication platform between students, teachers, management and coordination of curso.Esta tool allows for the documentation of each training session before the start, work in teams, ask teachers , their marks ... Job Opportunities We manage a job with a growing volume of jobs, including employment contracts and collaboration agreements in practice. In this way, we contribute to improving the careers of professionals trained and facilitate the business sector and the selection of the best candidates. Job offers are made known through the virtual campus. Admission requirements Being in possession of a Spanish official university degree or another issued by a higher education institution belonging to another member state of the European Higher Education Area entitling therein for access to master's degree. They may also access the graduates from foreign educational systems to the European Higher Education Area without the DeSUS approval titles, after verification by the University that those acreditanun level of education equivalent to the corresponding Spanish university degrees and entitling the issuing country for access to postgraduate studies. Access by this route does not involve enningún case the approval of the previous title of which is held by the applicant, nor its recognition for purposes other than studying Master's teachings. In case of graduates from foreign educational systems to the European Higher Education Area that do not have approved his foreign qualification, the Commission of the center responsible for the master can request the documentation necessary to carry out verification that the conditions are met specific access to this master, including the approval of the title if you can not determine with certainty that the foreign degree acreditalos access requirements For students taking this master's degree entirely in English equivalent to B2 (FCE, IELTS or TOEFL 61 5) level is required. Such requirements and request in advance at the beginning of the academic year. recipients Or senior technical graduates without work experience who wish to have a thorough working knowledge of business management and numerous fields this abarcay and to facilitate access or return to the labor market in better conditions, both financial and organizational. Student Profile The master is preferably directed at lawyers, engineers, architects, graduates and graduates, and engineers and technical architects: business Studies Business Management Economy Market Research and Techniques Graduates in the field of knowledge engineering and architecture, with specific training in the field of economy and business. However, those students who are not graduates of the above or have not taken official Masters programs including the basics of these qualifications ramasde knowledge required to take a number of additional training to lay the foundation of knowledge in business management. If the students have proven in the field dela business management experience, will be evaluated by the Academic Committee suposible recognition of training supplements depending on the position played and the temporal scope of their business experience. GOALS This is a program that has a mixed vocation, since not only want to enhance and promote the employability of students and their professional development but also promote entrepreneurial spirit and lacapacidad by a strong market orientation in the sense of putting in value potential products and services in their potential markets. Therefore, the Master in Business Administration and Management can resultarde interest to people once the degree wish to further develop their careers in related areas of market-oriented institutions, as well as for those who want to contrast their innovativeness before the market by developing its own business project and thus facilitate their entry into the labor market and for society crearvalor. Agenda SPECIALTY: International Business SUBJECT: Current Socioeconomic Productive activity of every business develops in environments whose influence is decisive for its development. With this course, knowledge of the international economic environment, European and Spanish Elque the company operates is profundizaráen. The course focuses on learning to seek and interpret relevant information from such an environment for better management decision-making, which will give an overview of management in a globalized economic environment. SUBJECT: Marketing and marketing in international environments Marketing is the discipline with which we establish relationships between companies and their customers and their needs. By this course we will answer questions as to whom we sell? What do we sell? Cómovendemos ?, ¿deepen the knowledge of the strategies of the marketing mix: product, price, distribution, trade stocks, communication. Students will be able to develop the Marketing Plan and Marketing of a business in a global environment. SUBJECT: Intellectual Capital and talent management Human talent is the most important asset of a company and its correct selection, management, training and development is crucial for competitiveness. Proper management of human capital skills and their involvement in the organization is key to dealing with solvency the challenges of globalization, constant change and innovation context. In this course practice and training to lead teams will develop. SUBJECT: Management Skills The management skills program is designed taking into account the uniqueness of the job of the manager and the complexity of their functions, tasks, roles and responsibilities. The techniques aprenderánasí as training to be held, will develop the knowledge of organizational behavior, strategic leadership and team leadership. Thus, the student will learn to manage the organization to achieve the goals and objectives, and increase productivity, satisfaction and well-being in the organization. Gestióndel also address the change and innovation. SUBJECT: Financial Management The subject of Financial Management will allow learn to analyze financial statements and deviations, ratios, working capital ... The participantesa burn it to make financial forecasts, diagnoses the economic and financial situation, economic-financial reports and plans acción.Durante the course, the criteria will be developed to developing financial strategies of the company and its impact on profitability, risk and leverage. We will also work how to perform feasibility analysis of investment projects with an international component and methods of financing investment. SUBJECT: Management of Information Technology This program is caused by the impact of ICT in organizations. The participant will learn information systems (ERP, CRM) and learn adiseñar and implement strategies to manage information systems and business intelligence. knowledge to manage Digital Business will be developed. SUBJECT: Business Internationalization The International Business behave interaction conriesgos global markets and currencies other than local markets. Through this course, currency markets and exchange rate hedging operations import / export will be known. PRODUCTION OFPRODUCTS derivatives markets will be studied. SUBJECT: Global Strategic Management The overall strategic management of the vision, mission and strategic objectives. From here, the relevant external factors must be analyzed by analysis PESTEL Model 5 Forces Porter, Strategic Groups. At the same time, they are also determining factors internoso competitive capabilities of the company. From all the strategic analysis can diagnose the strategic position of the company and define the strategy and building your competitive advantage. Participants will learn the main competitive strategies and corporate strategies in a global environment as well as the strategic implementation process. SUBJECT: Business Internationalization Facing Globalization, we delve into the analysis of the factors clavepara the internationalization of the company. theories of international trade and regional integration processes in the selection of the internationalization strategy and ways of penetration of the markets studied. During the course, it would result in the development of a Plan of Internationalization. Master's Thesis Work Master Thesis preferably consists in preparing a business plan or a plan of internationalization, although it may carry out a research project on any of the subjects of the curriculum, but to integrate, so cross, all knowledge. students to choose one of those two options (business plan or plan of internationalization) will be recommended. The work, which can be done in teams of up to three students will be supervised by a doctor professor to guide them. According to the rules of TFM, the evaluation of it will be made individually. Faculty ADRIÀ ROYES Program Director Doctor Studies in Economics from the University of Barcelona (UB) Degree in Business Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) degree in General Economics from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) Professional experience (non-teaching) Founding member of Barcelona Kids Entertainment, specializing in family entertainment spaces. Previously, he has worked as an associate consultant INEO Corporate, consulting Roca Junyent group companies, specializing in strategy, innovation and M & A. He has also been Managing Partner of Horwath Accelera Management, the group Crowe Horwath Spain, specializing in strategy and economic development consulting. Teaching Experience Professor of Strategy and Management of Organizations Theory at UAB. XAVIER Lamote de Grignon Studies PhD in Economics and Organizations DEA in Business Organization from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) Master in Marketing and Sales Management ESIC Economist from the University of Barcelona (UB) Professional experience (non-teaching) Soci-Consultant ACTIVE CONSULTORS & PARTNERS, specialist in Business Strategy and Marketing. Member of the Association of Professional Marketing and the Spanish Association of Academic and Professional Marketing. Teaching experience Professor and lecturer at various universities and schools tantonacionales and international business. AQU certified. MANUEL Guerris Studies Master in Research in Economics and Business from the IQS Ramon Llull Master in Economics and Management from IESE University of Navarra Superior Electric Specialty Industrial Engineer with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) Professional experience (non-teaching) Socio-founder of the Worldwide Starting-up Integral Rehabilitation Systems. BCN CONSULTING NEO partner, strategic consulting in internationalization, innovation and process improvement. Teaching Experience Collaborates with different universities in Spain as professor of yposgrados masters: Pompeu Fabra University, School of Negocis CaixaNova, Centre d'Estudis Financers, Ramon Llull IQS, Universitat de Barcelona ILE. It also has teaching experience in programs and programs in-company executive: Foment del Treball, Agro-food Corporació Guissona, municipalities of Catalunya, IKEA, TV3, Bodegas Torres, IESE and Universitat Pompeu Fabra. JOSÉ VICENTE PESTANA Doctor Studies in Psychology (UB, PhD Prize) Degree in Psychology (Central University of Venezuela, Magna Cum Laude Distinction and first place in the promotion). Title of Spain approved the corresponding studies theatrical performance in the Latin American Center for Creation and Theatrical Research (CELCIT, Caracas) and La Casona (Barcelona) Professional Experience (non-teaching) counselor (people and equipment). Responsible for psychosocial research projects. Member of the Research Group Consolidated PsicoSAO (2014SGR992), OcioGune Research Network, the International Federation for Theatre Research and the World Leisure Organization Teaching Experience Professor of Social Psychology at the UB since 2001. Visiting Professor at the University of Georgia (USA). Teaching accredited by the AQU (Assistant Professor, Reader and Added) JOSEP TORRES Studies Ph.D., University of Extremadura (Extraordinary PhD Prize). Master in securities and derivatives financial markets laUNED. Degree in Actuarial and Financial Sciences from the University of Extremadura (second prize of national limit of university education Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, and Distinguished Alumnus of the University of Extremadura). Diploma in Business Studies from the University of Extremadura. (Non-teaching) Professional Experience Managing partner, director commercial director i area real estate entities, insurance and financial sector. Participation in 6 research projects with companies and / or administrations. He is a member of the Institut de Actuaris Espanyols and the Catalan Association of Accounting and Management (ACCID). He is also author of: 3 chapters in scientific books, 3 articles in scientific journals, 28 papers and communications at international scientific congresses nacionalese. Teaching Experience Collaborates with different universities in Spain as professor of masters and postgraduate courses: University of the Basque Country, University Rey Juan Carlos, University of Santiago de Compostela, Rovira i Virgili University, University of Vigo, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Euncet BS. JORDI PAGÈS PEDROLA Studies Training Master in Business from the University of Barcelona (UB) Degree in Psychology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) Professional experience (non-teaching) Tropos Partner-Consultant consultors, an expert in personal and professional development, and management of people. Trainer, consultant, counselor, coach and mentor. Previously, he has worked as director of Humans Resources. Teaching Experience Professor of matters relating to the development and management of people in both public and private national and multinational companies. JOSEP PEY ROSELL Studies DD IESE Electronic Engineering from the UPC. (Non-teaching) Professional Experience Gerent Director of System Group. Your task as a consultant focusing on strategy, Internationalization, Innovation, Change, Reenfocament, Reflotament and Restructuring expert empresarial.Es Operations and Executive Coach senior management. Previously, he has held throughout his career various responsibilities in positions of management and general management in different sectors. He is the author of the book A systemic vision of the organization in elsiglo XXI and several magazine articles. Teaching Experience Collaborates with different universities in Spain as a teacher and consultant indeveloping strategic, commercial, executive coaching and business change. Develops programs for in-company training and conferences on the strategic business change. MAGDA CAYÓN Studies PhD in Creation, Strategy and Management DEA Efficiency in Business Management Degree in Economics and Business Administration Diploma in Business Studies Teaching experience no Partner-Consultant CCG & S Partners Management and coordination of European projects ENPI-CBCMED Teaching experience program Professor in different masters and degree programs at the University of Barcelona and Autonomous University of Barcelona. OTHER TEACHERS Angel A. Juan Jessica Lingam Clara Selvas Pere Gomes Josep Domenech [-]