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CESMA It is a school of consolidated business, with extensive experience in training executives and business professionals. Among its educational offerings college, masters and specialization courses and professional seminars and all are in a range of areas of expertise: business administration, marketing, communication, finance and control, human resources and new technologies . In addition to a careful training and quality teachers, the center cares about the employability of its students with less experience, offering service practices and other job opportunities.

The Center has two distinct academic areas: in higher education They can be studied Business Double Degree; in development area managers and professionals specialization programs-length patterns master and postgraduate courses and short programs of upgrading and updating is. Also, these programs are designed and tailored to the specific needs of businesses, through our training department for the company.

An important value CESMA has been its ability to establish cooperation agreements with European and American schools and prestigious universities, which allow the exchange of students, the completion of the study abroad and obtain double degree option in some of the given specialties.

True CESMA differentiation is based on two pillars: first, a perfectly defined and known throughout the organization strategic direction and, second, a great agility to correct errors and adapt quickly to changes in demand formation.

A characteristic of all graduate programs, is trying to provide students with a management approach in solving the problems of business management. The aim of the school is that students, besides knowing develop their work from an operational point of view, applying specific methodologies in each area of ​​expertise, be able to design strategies and appropriate policies in each functional area of ​​the company.

Moreover, the programs have practical guidance, as well as providing a conceptual base, focus on the so-called "case methodology”. The student presents cases where you are invited to reflection, to the selection of key factors, ... and you are encouraged to work in groups both inside and outside the classroom. The practical aspect of the teachings also translates into the possibility for students CESMA of internships in different companies. Over the fifteen years CESMA been dedicated to training were signed around 2,000 agreements with companies to facilitate the employment of its students through a highly specialized department.

Data from previous years guarantee the success of this service. Thus, in the field of higher education programs, statistics show that 95% of graduates in less than one year from the end of his term studies, find work. This percentage rises to 97% in the case of graduate students reaching even 100% for some of the specialties.

In order to train specialists in different fields, the Executive Development Area of ​​CESMA, this year organized a series of seminars for managers and professionals and technicians who need to constantly update their knowledge in different areas of both business management. Regardless of these seminars and workshops, CESMA has a Training for Enterprise, responsible for designing and customizing training programs tailored to the specific needs of each organization.

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Masters In Business Administration (MBA)

Campus Part time 1 year April 2018 Spain Madrid

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) from CESMA Business School, whose main objective is to train at the highest level young professionals, so they can learn more advanced business management tools and get to become future leaders business leaders . [+]

Master in Business Administration (MBA) The Master in Business Administration (MBA) from CESMA Business School, whose main objective is to train at the highest level young professionals, so they can learn more advanced business management tools and get to become future leaders business leaders . Upon completion of the program, students increase their professional value, being able to offer that value and increase it in companies and organizations in performing their professional activity. GOALS The main objective of this program is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills that enable them to effectively exercise management functions in companies and institutions. Reasonably, the development of management functions requires knowledge of instruments and systems for planning and overall management of the business as well as for the definition of policies by functional areas. However, this knowledge must be complemented by the development of management skills that encourage capacity for analysis and decision-making, leadership and communication, as well as oriented to creativity and entrepreneurship attitudes. As for the specific objectives we include: Introduce students to the business world, from conceptual knowledge to practice. Acquire and use knowledge and basic management tools all functional areas of the company, sales and marketing, finance, human resources, operations, etc., necessary for business management. Develop and enhance the capabilities of thinking, analysis and synthesis necessary to acquire an overview of the business and the company as an integrated unit. Develop personal and interpersonal skills to support optimal performance of professional activity. Enhance communication and negotiation skills in... [-]