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CESMA It is a school of consolidated business, with extensive experience in training executives and business professionals. Among its educational offerings college, masters and specialization courses and professional seminars and all are in a range of areas of expertise: business administration, marketing, communication, finance and control, human resources and new technologies . In addition to a careful training and quality teachers, the center cares about the employability of its students with less experience, offering service practices and other job opportunities.

The Center has two distinct academic areas: in higher education They can be studied Business Double Degree; in development area managers and professionals specialization programs-length patterns master and postgraduate courses and short programs of upgrading and updating is. Also, these programs are designed and tailored to the specific needs of businesses, through our training department for the company.

An important value CESMA has been its ability to establish cooperation agreements with European and American schools and prestigious universities, which allow the exchange of students, the completion of the study abroad and obtain double degree option in some of the given specialties.

True CESMA differentiation is based on two pillars: first, a perfectly defined and known throughout the organization strategic direction and, second, a great agility to correct errors and adapt quickly to changes in demand formation.

A characteristic of all graduate programs, is trying to provide students with a management approach in solving the problems of business management. The aim of the school is that students, besides knowing develop their work from an operational point of view, applying specific methodologies in each area of ​​expertise, be able to design strategies and appropriate policies in each functional area of ​​the company.

Moreover, the programs have practical guidance, as well as providing a conceptual base, focus on the so-called "case methodology”. The student presents cases where you are invited to reflection, to the selection of key factors, ... and you are encouraged to work in groups both inside and outside the classroom. The practical aspect of the teachings also translates into the possibility for students CESMA of internships in different companies. Over the fifteen years CESMA been dedicated to training were signed around 2,000 agreements with companies to facilitate the employment of its students through a highly specialized department.

Data from previous years guarantee the success of this service. Thus, in the field of higher education programs, statistics show that 95% of graduates in less than one year from the end of his term studies, find work. This percentage rises to 97% in the case of graduate students reaching even 100% for some of the specialties.

In order to train specialists in different fields, the Executive Development Area of ​​CESMA, this year organized a series of seminars for managers and professionals and technicians who need to constantly update their knowledge in different areas of both business management. Regardless of these seminars and workshops, CESMA has a Training for Enterprise, responsible for designing and customizing training programs tailored to the specific needs of each organization.

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Executive Master In Business Management And Marketing

Campus Part time 1 year March 2017 Spain Madrid

In a highly competitive business environment, the key is to learn to adapt to each situation, anticipate and learn from the rest. If you're looking to make a quantum leap in your career, or change of career or become a great professional Marketing and Sales ... [+]

In a highly competitive business environment, the key is to learn to adapt to each situation, anticipate and learn from the rest. If you're looking to make a quantum leap in your career, or change of career or become a great professional of Marketing and Sales, the key is to have the best training and share experiences with top professionals. With the Executive Master in Business Management and Marketing of CESMA Business School you will meet the strategic variables of Marketing, how to understand consumer behavior, the importance of communication in Marketing, CRM applied techniques of planning and media buying, and I put up on the latest concepts and techniques Marketing and e-Business, aware of the importance that is becoming today. In addition, you will learn to organize and lead a sales team, most advanced techniques in negotiation at the highest level, customer loyalty programs and options sales channels, and strategies to achieve the objectives. In Executive Master in Business Management and Marketing of CESMA Business School will form balancing theory and practice, so you'll get the training necessary to apply at work everything learned. Delivered by professionals and managers of leading companies who take daily strategic decisions both in the field of Marketing and the Marketing of the Executive Master in Business Management and Marketing will not leave you indifferent and will make you a professional Gorgeous Marketing and Sales prepared for decision making in a changing environment where anticipation, differentiation and adaptation are key. The set of teachers, students, guest lecturers and alumni make up a strong network of contacts of great value for any professional. Responding to demand from companies that require professionals with not only knowledge but with skills and attitudes of commitment to the organization, CESMA Business School has designed and implemented in this program Module Development of Personal Skills, with the aim of enhancing and promote social and commitment and collaboration in professional activity attitudes. In this module, participants will develop tools that will facilitate the knowledge of self, self-control and self-motivation. In turn, they will be able to identify their skills in relationships with others, mainly through empathy and social skills. As factors of integration in the enterprise, optimization of psychological and social factors within the organization will be promoted. Therefore, we invite you to participate in this quality program will help to increase both your added value as that of the organization in which you work. I hope we can meet in the school and share professional and educational experiences. Program The Master is divided into 5 large areas, within which the different modules that make up the program include: Area I: Business Strategy Area II: Marketing Area III: Business Address Area IV: Personal Skills and directives Area V: Final Project - marketing plan Degree For the title Executive Master in Business Management and Marketing students will continue harnessing the development of the entire course, meet minimum attendance requirements established in the academic standards of the school and overcome the continuous assessment tests required in this program. Upon completion of the master, students must present and defend a Business Plan group or Marketing. Students receive at the beginning of the master of the Programme Guide with all information necessary for the perfect development. On the issues that you may include: Grants of up to 40%. Bag employment practices. Business Seminars INCLUDED Ingl├ęs. 100% Face Madrid. [-]