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The Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation was established in 1977 and has since become a leading educational and research center in Russia the area of public policy. ANE delivers business and educational programs and trains civil servants, entrepreneurs, managers, financiers, and lawyers. ANE’s teaching excellence manifested itself through the successes of over its 100,000 graduates. Among the Academy’s graduates are presidents of the Newly Independent States in the post-soviet area, prime ministers and ministers, famous financiers and leaders of the Russia industrial sector.

Home to future leaders in the public and business sectors in Russia and abroad, today the Academy constitutes a multi-tier research and educational complex that realizes a continuous education model whose framework incorporates higher education and postgraduate training, as well as tailored professional training.

The Academy’s structure has evolved over time to incorporate 15 departments, 3 research institutes, regional branches, as well and multiple research and training centers. ANE’s faculty is formed by prominent Russian academics representing the riches of research interests and rainbow of the most advanced tuition methodologies.

ANE holds membership with several international business education associations, including IAU, AACSB, AMBA, CEEMAN, among others.

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Executive Mba "Euromanagement - MBA For Executives"

Campus Part time 20 months September 2018 Russia Moscow

Program Executive MBA "Euromanagement - MBA for executives" Graduate School of Corporate Management of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANHiGS) accredited by AMBA - Association of MBA's (AMBA). [+]

Program Executive MBA "Euromanagement - MBA for executives" It is aimed at people in senior positions in companies (CEOs and their deputies, directors of departments, senior specialists and / or owners of companies with experience in senior positions at least 5-6 years). In the construction of individual programs and the system of Executive Education programs as a whole, we believe the existing experience of scientific, practical and educational work. Responding to a question on how should look the most high-quality and adequate training of managers, we believe that: There is the concept of "maturity management" of the company that has consistently and inevitably takes a certain stage in its development. Students should be aware of the prospects of the applicability of the knowledge they receive, depending on this factor. Not all "equally useful" for all and forever. Becoming a leader is also a process consistent and can not be considered only within the framework of a fixed level of their own development, as well as the maturity is tied to the company's management as a whole. Excessive (fashionable now) focus on "identity manager" as such, exactly as consideration of "all companies" sharply reduce the efficiency, adequacy and practical oriented education. In each case, the content and learning approaches proposed change to the extent required in accordance with the level of the head and his company. Absolutization both "classical disciplines", exactly as both "urgent problems" or "total individualization of learning" is undesirable because it reduces the overall effectiveness of the training.... [-]

Part time MBA

Mba Euromanagement - Master Of Business Administration

Campus Part time 20 months September 2018 Russia Moscow

The program MBA "Euromanagement - MBA" Graduate School of Corporate Management of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANHiGS) accredited by AMBA - Association of MBA's (AMBA). [+]

"Euromanagement - Master of Business Administration" It is designed for managers and specialists of the Russian enterprises in collaboration with the Business School IESE (Barcelona), who took in 1999 first place in Europe in MBA programs for managers. Our MBA program - a harmonious combination of: methods for solving urgent problems of business management 35 years of experience in the Academy of National Economy in training senior management personnel; advanced European techniques of business education: the Academy of Economics and Management AFW (Germany), IESE Business School University of Navarra (Mr. Barcelona, ​​Spain), Business School of York University ( Toronto, Canada); highly qualified team of teachers and the practice of Russian and international business. For 20 years, the program "Euromanagement" has trained more than 4,500 managers and specialists of large, medium and small businesses. Program "Euromanagement - Master of Business Administration" VSHKU RANHiGS accredited in: AMBA - Association of MBA's (AMBA) - Association AMBA was founded in the UK in 1967 to support and promote the world's MBA programs and to ensure their quality. Association promotes interaction between leading business schools and potential students and programs MBA, graduates of these programs as well as employers. ECBE (European Council for Business Education) is registered in Switzerland, has its headquarters in Belgium and Switzerland. The main objective of the Council - to improve the quality of business education in the world. European Accreditation Council for Business Education ensures the preparation, proper "standard principles of the European MBA". Accreditation programs MVA in ECBE -... [-]