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General Information about the Faculty

Bucharest Business School was established in 2014 as the postgraduate business faculty of Bucharest Academy of Ecnomic Studies and has two major MBA programs: Romanian Canadian MBA and Romanian-French MBA (former INDE).

BBS is responsible for Executive Education projects, Mini MBAs and Entrepreneurial Development Programs of ASE Bucharest. With more than 20 years of international experience in Business Administration our faculty is one of the major players on the Romanian MBA market with 4,000+ graduates in major companies.

For its exceptional international impactc and involvement the Bucharest Business School was awarded with the "3 palmes" award by EDuniversal in 2014. Our Faculty has a long lasting and fruitful collaboration with uOttawa (Telfer School of management) and CNAM Paris.

Romanian teachers were trained in these prestigious foreign universities and are constantly improving their teaching methods offering students educational services on the highest academic standards.

As both of our MBA programs, Romanian-Canadian and Romanian-French (former INDE) were developed with the help of our international partners, they are constantly updated to respect the standards and specificity of the Canadian and French programs.

The international Curricula, rigorous professor selection and evaluation, recent biography and modern teaching methods are the key elements of our double diploma programs.

Rankings & Awards

Even if Bucharest Business School was founded in 2014 as a postgraduate Faculty of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies its 2 MBA programs have more than 20 years of experience and over 5.000 alumni.

The Romanian-Canadian MBA program offers a double diploma form ASE Bucharest and uOttawa (Telfer School of Management). This program is identical with the Canadian one and each year the syllabus is updated to cover the most interesting subjects for the business environment.

The Romanian-French MBA program is developed with CNAM Paris and also offers a double diploma from ASE and the french partner. This program has the classical - in action - form of study and a newly introduced hybrid MBA focused around a modern e-learning platform.

Our partners are AMBA (Association of MBAs) accredited for the MBA programs and offer the highest quality educational services for the North American and West European approaches.

In 2014 Bucharest Business School received the 3 Palmes of Excellence award from edUniversal as a recognition for its international activity, care for the needs of our students and modern curricula.

Bucharest Business School is member of CEEMAN (Central & Eastern Europe Management Development) and, over the last years, its programs are raked as top MBA programs available in Romania.

Both programs are accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education and the diploma issued by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies is accepted in all European, North American countries and more.

Campus & Facilities

The Bucharest Business School is hosted in a newly restored historical building downtown Bucharest with a state of the art earthquake protection system.

The Romanian-Canadian MBA Program haves 2 state of the art exclusive lecture rooms, one exclusive IT lab and 4 study rooms providing students all conditions for an excellent learning experience. The rooms were designed with expertise of the Canadian partners and wit founding from CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency).

The Romanian-French MBA Program has 2 lecture rooms, one IT lab and two individual/study rooms complete with the IT and multimedia support.

All MBA students have access to the BBS library with over 20.000 titles in English and French covering all courses. BBS updates the book collection each year based on the recommendation of the Romanian and foreign tenure professors.

Corporate Partners

With more than 5.000 graduates in major Romanian and multinational companies active on the local market as program ambassadors Bucharest Business School has a great reputation from the 20 years of experience.

The presence of Alumni members in these companies not only gives the BBS a strong advantage over its competition in recruiting future students bu also facilitates collaboration on student practice programs, finding internship positions and organizing mini job fairs.

Being among the first MBA programs available in Romania in the early 90s when the new local business class was defined combined with the stability of the programs over the years were the main pillars on which great relations were build with companies, NGOs, state institutions, professional organizations and representatives from diplomacy.

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Romanian - Canadian MBA Program

Campus Part time 24 months September 2017 Romania Bucharest

The Romanian - Canadian MBA Program is one of the most prestigious programs available in Romania and a truly international MBA. The teaching staff is composed of Canadian and Romanian teachers doubled by successful entrepreneurs and business specialists as guest speakers. [+]

The MBA Program The Romanian - Canadian MBA Program is one of the most prestigious programs available in Romania and a truly international MBA. The teaching staff is composed of Canadian and Romanian teachers doubled by successful entrepreneurs and business specialists as guest speakers. With an international curricula and reading materials no older than 3 years the program brings fresh information from the national and global markets and contributes to the real international MBA experience. The schedule was created with the student’s needs in mind and the importance of their current jobs and career development plans. The lectures are programmed twice a week, on Wednesdays afternoons (6pm to 9pm) and Saturdays (9am to 4:30pm) so they will not interfere so much with business hours. Our campus is located in the center of Bucharest and has all the modern facilities you will expect from an MBA program and more. We take great interest in the opinions and needs of our students and also trying to meet their demands. Each generation contributes to the RoCa MBA experience and we hope that every year comes with something new and brings us closer to our students and partners. Short History Founded in 1993, the Romanian-Canadian MBA Program was the result of a fruitful partnership between governments of the two countries. Having the financial and technical expertise generously offered by the Canadian part and the internal market knowledge and local facilities from the Romanian side the program was ahead of its time and it was soon acknowledged as a competitive and performant MBA. Starting from 2006 till present day the program has been developed by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and the Telfer School of Management form the University of Ottawa. Syllabus Building a strong curriculum is the only way to ensure that the students will be exposed to all the needed information in order to excel and get the most out of the MBA experience. A comprehensive multi-annual study is conducted since the 1st year of our program in order to keep the class package up to date and centered on the real needs of the modern business environment. Classes are grouped into 4 semesters (follow link on each class for the complete syllabus) for the 1st and 2nd year of studies: Managerial Skills and Organizational Behavior The World of the General Manager and Strategic Management Managerial Data Analysis Marketing Management Managerial Micro and Macro Economics International Business Financial and Managerial Accounting Managerial Finance Operation and Supply Chain Management Managing Human Resources Risk, Investments and Corporate Financial Managements Entrepreneurship and Leadership Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsability Strategic and Research Issues in Marketing Legal and Taxation Issues in Business/Project Management Strategic Management of Information Technology Change Management Strategy Formulation and Implementations Business Simulation Final Project Facilities Our campus is located in the center of Bucharest, easy to access by car, public transportation or subway (5 minutes’ walk from Piata Romana station). Parking space is not assured but several private parking lots are available near campus. The classes are being held in a recently reconditioned historical building, the first in Romania to benefit from the revolutionary earthquake-stabilizer technology that isolates the building completely from the earth . The lecture rooms are fully packed with all the technology needed for a complete lecture experience (sound system, climate control system with air refreshing, interactive board, high contrast video-projector, 5 wide angle camera video-conference system, PC, laser printer, high speed Wi-Fi and individual power sockets). Students can also access study rooms for individual or team projects and the IT labs are always available for business simulation and computer related subjects. Because all the reading materials are among the global top rated publications and no older than 3 years the students are invited to access the MBA library where they can read the desired books ore loan them for home study. Strong fresh brewed coffee, tea and cool water are always available during classes. Partners Over the past 20 years strong national and multinational companies active on the Romanian market trusted our program with the training of their specialists and we are pleased to say that none of them was not less than satisfied with the results. As years went by these companies turned into traditional customers, with at least one student in each generation, and now are considered to be our partners. Each year the feedback collected from the students and their companies is carefully analyzed and used as a primary data source for improving both the curricula and the teaching approach. The Romanian-Canadian MBA Program Advantage The Romanian-Canadian MBA Program is unique on the local market, bringing the MBA experience closer to the students thanks to a particular configuration, built on the requirements of the business environment. For both companies and professionals on their way to reach top. possibility to get the MBA while still being able to work is more than a simple preference, it is a requirement. Having a specialist unable to work for 14 weeks/year, 2 years in a row is no longer an option for most of our partner companies and potential students, therefore our MBA program comes with an affordable schedule of afternoon (Wednesday 6pm to 9 pm) and weekend (Saturday 9am to 4:30 pm) classes. Another key advantage of our program is the mixed teaching team composed of international reputed Canadian and Romanian teachers and guest speakers from strong companies and successful entrepreneurs. This approach offers you all the angles on the subject and contributes to the value of the information gathered. The program is built on a highly applicable approach that aims at bringing the student as close as possible to the real life experience. The hands-on approach was received with open arms by our partners and encouraged with their involvement in offering real life consultancy projects for our students. The Alumni is one of our strongest feature, the 1.000+ international network of graduates supports our efforts and contributes gratefully to the experience of our students and their future career development. Our Community MBA Programs are all about networking and building strong multinational communities and the Romanian-Canadian MBA program is no exception. One of the key features of our program is bringing together reputed Romania and Canadian professors, successful entrepreneurs, business specialists, multinational companies, alumni and students. Having a subject explored from so many different point of views can only generate performance and valuable real life experience. Students As a student in our 24 months program your rights and benefits extend far beyond attending classes. The core of the MBA experience is all about team projects, consultancy contracts on real-life organizations, networking sessions and other activities outside the curricula. Our students are permanently encouraged to get involved in as many activities as possible and to get the maximum out of the two years of MBA classes. The international teaching staff, associate professors and consultants are always planning new experiences to test the students in variety and innovative ways and to prepare them for the real thing. Many of our students choose to get involved in challenging projects by offering consultancy in the non-profit sector or for SMEs with high growth potential, in order to test their abilities and present a final paper that simply stands out through its results and social impact. Admission An MBA degree and the knowledge and experience attached to definitely represents a career booster and the decision to enrol in the Romanian-Canadian Program may just be one of the most important decisions in your professional life. Just talk to our graduates and follow their career ascension. Here, at the Romanian-Canadian MBA, are doing our best to constantly bring the program closer to our future students and the results speak from themselves. We are always here for you and will gladly guide you through the documentation stage and the application process. Beyond the formal legal admission procedures, the process of becoming one of our students is simple and logical. Just start by taking contact with us. Visiting the campus, meeting the teachers, attending open classes or training for the admission test are always open options for you and our desire is to make you feel as comfortable as possible with the MBA student experience before joining us. Admission Calendar For the Romanian-Canadian MBA Program the admission session is open from February to September. Files can be submitted during this period and admission test and interviews are scheduled for client convenience. Candidates can schedule 1-to-1 campus visits, participate at free admission test preparation seminars and attend open classes in campus. Evaluation Criteria Each candidate will present a file with the required admission documents that will be evaluated in order to grade the candidates and present them in ordered list based on the scores obtained. The admission file of each candidate will be evaluated by two independent assessors on a system of maximum 60 points. The final score will be the average of the two evaluations and will be summed with the GMAT evaluation/Admission Test of maximum 40 points. The 60 points file evaluation is composed of the following: 10 points - the average of the undergraduate course grades; 10 points - the average grade from the bachelor’s degree; 20 points - work and managerial experience (10 points each); 10 points - motivation; 10 points - two recommendation letters (5 points each). Candidates with a total score under 60 points will fail the evaluation and their application will be discarded. Admission File Accordingly to the Romanian law of education all candidates must meet 3 important formal conditions in order to be eligible for applying for the MBA program: University degree recognized by international law (Romanian or equivalent); At least 3 years of work experience; English proficiency. All foreign degrees must be translated into English/Romanian and pass the validation from the Romanian ministry or educations. If these conditions are met the candidates must prepare a file with the following documents: Filled in application form; Completed personal background sheet; Detailed appendix on work experience; Two confidential recommendation letters in sealed envelopes; Bachelor diploma (notarized copy); Academic transcript (notarized copy); Birth certificate (notarized copy); Marriage certificate is applicable (notarized copy); Health certificate (attesting that the candidate has no contagious disease or illness incompatible with attending classes or the future profession); 4 ID type photos; Proof of admission/registration fee payment; Copy of identity card or passport; CV (Europass format) in English; If the candidate is a Romanian student who studied abroad a certificate from the ministry of education is required. For foreign citizens, after the evaluation of the admission file, a temporary study decisions will be issued by the vice-rector of ASE that will be transmitted to the MBA program. Each file will be transmitted for evaluation and approval to the ministry of education, research and youth at the international relations department, student’s mobility division. [-]

Location address
2-2A Calea Grivitei
010731, 1st District

Bucharest, RO