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Porto Business School is the Business School at the largest Portuguese University, the University of Porto. Its mission is the teaching of graduate courses and advanced executive management training, complementary activities with a permanent involvement in the fields of applied research and business services.

Porto Business School brings together the skills and the experience of the former EGP-UP and ISFEP, an executive training project which was successfully developed within the Economics Faculty.

As a basic resource, Porto Business School has a teaching staff with lengthy experience in teaching and research, from the University of Porto (Economics, Engineering, Law and Psychology and Educational Sciences Faculties), to which two other teaching categories are added: managers with academic training and solid business careers, and teachers from foreign Universities, namely North American ones (Central Florida, Massachusetts, Miami and New Orleans) and European ones (London Business School and the Business Institute, among others). These connections to similar foreign schools, which have existed since 1988 in some cases, ensure a high level of internationalisation in its activities.

Porto Business School

Porto Business School even has the support of a group of companies and other reference organisations with a decisive involvement in the establishment of the School’s management bodies (Board of Directors and Management), and which ensure an effective connection for the School with the Portuguese business world. The involvement of businesses in Porto Business School’s governance model is greatly more extensive than that observed in any other Portuguese Business School.

Porto Business School currently has the following as reference products: an international full-time MBA, The Magellan MBA, and an Executive MBA. Other than these programmes, Porto Business School even offers a set of one year graduate courses, short and mid duration executive programmes, upper management seminars, in-company training programmes and business services (selection and recruitment of qualified workers, and applied research and consultancy activities).

The Values of Porto Business School

  • Doing it well
  • Making a Difference
  • Striving for More
  • Educating for Life


Porto Business School has the mission to improve the quality of management and to promote change in companies and other organizations, by means of advanced training at a post-graduated level, applied research and consultancy. Porto Business School intends seeks to develop a network of knowledge and competences and a support for the actions of leaders and for the competitiveness of companies on global markets.


We aim at being leaders in the executive management training, placing companies and academy side-by-side in an on-going learning process and mutual appreciation one.


Porto Business School is supported by 36 associated bodies. The following are currently Porto Business School’s partners:


Porto Business School


Porto Business School


The MBA programs at Porto Business School are bearers of two international accreditations: AMBA and EPAS.

Porto Business School
This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Portuguese

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The Magellan MBA

Campus Full time October 2017 Portugal Porto

The Magellan MBA is a tailored journey since day one, perfectly paced to provide you with the best amount of hard and soft skills, enlightenment and experiences which will enable you to expand the borders of your career, worldwide. [+]

From Porto to the world Your life changing journey starts here. Sometimes a journey is only the beginning of something greater. A city of entrepreneurs, Porto is Portugal’s second largest city and one of the country’s leading economic and industrial centre. Strongly linked to trade and love of freedom – so much so, that it is called Cidade Invicta (Undefeated City), Porto is known for the charms of its historic centre (UNESCO World Heritage since 1996) but also by its dynamism – the 21st-century Porto is a modern and vibrant city that never stops. Its green spaces and sports grounds, its comprehensive public transport system and its busy culture and nightlife makes it a fun and exciting city, 24 hours a day. Over the last few years, Porto has also become a reference for visitors from all over the world. A real go-to place, Porto was two times elected as ”Best European Destination” by European Consumers Choice, and was considered by The Guardian, in 2015, as one of the 40 hot destinations”. And when it comes to fashion and design, Porto even beats Paris, according to Bloomberg, which has recently declared the city as the Europe’s Hot New Shopping Capital. The Magellan Experience The Magellan MBA is a tailored journey since day one, perfectly paced to provide you with the best amount of hard and soft skills, enlightenment and experiences which will enable you to expand the borders of your career, worldwide. A one-year, intensive, international MBA programme, jointly accredited... [-]


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