On behalf of the Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, the College Advisory Boards and the Students’ Advisory Council, I welcome you to Gulf College, Muscat. We at Gulf College always endeavour to enhance and strengthen the academic knowledge of our students through perseverance, hard work, innovation and creative ideas. We also focus on strengthening the critical thinking skills and analytical ability of our students. This is done through knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing using various sources pertaining to higher education and related to the higher education programmes we deliver. Our perseverance in understanding and delivering the latest internationally recognized higher education programmes has given us a distinctive edge and has enabled us to perform with distinguished quality.

Vision & Mission


Contribute to developing the future direction of higher education in Oman, producing graduates with the ability to think, achieve and excel in research and entrepreneurship.


Offer internationally recognized and innovative academic qualifications that are appropriate to the needs of the students, the job market and meet the international standards.

Academic Faculties

  • Faculty of Foundation Studies
  • Faculty of Business and Management Studies
  • Faculty of Computing Sciences
  • Centre for Postgraduate Studies

Life in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman, with a total area of 309,500 square km, covers various topographies like mountain ranges, dry deserts, and fertile plains. It is located in the heart of three other Arab countries. In the south-west, it shares borders with the Republic of Yemen, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the west, and United Arab Emirates to the north.

The Omani people are very friendly and loving. Arabic is the main language of Oman however, English is spoken frequently. Omanis are quite conservative people and have respect for their privacy and their religion. During the holy month of Ramadhan, all Muslims fast during the hours of daylight. Visitors to the country should remember that eating, drinking and smoking is not allowed in public at this time.

The climate in Muscat is quite pleasant during the winter with temperatures of average 30o C during the day and dropping to around 18o C at night. However, during summer, Muscat is scorching at 45o C - 48o C.
International restaurants are found all over Oman, from fast-food outlets to fusion cooking. Prices range and a three-course meal can be found to suit any budget.

Muscat Airport is 20kms away from Gulf College. There are car rental agencies at the airport and taxis and buses are available.

Programs taught in:

This school also offers:



The MBA aims to offer an innovative, dynamic and flexible programme that critically considers developments in the academic study of Management and the changing contexts o ... [+]


The programme is offered in academic collaboration with Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK:

Master of Business Administration (General) and with pathways in the following areas:

Project Management Finance Marketing Islamic Finance Health Sector Management Mode of Study Part-Time Full-Time Duration of the Programme 2 Years approx. for Part-Time 14 months approx. for Full-Time

Educational Aims of the Programme

To offer an innovative, dynamic and flexible programme that critically considers developments in the academic study of Management and the changing contexts of Management in an international context; To critically explore the demands and supply issues within a global business environment. To advance students’ knowledge of the complexity of understanding the relationship between ideologies and the responsibilities of managers within the workplace. This is in line with Gulf College’s Strategic Plan, which aims to ensure that students have access to high-quality support & guidance that allows them to develop into active autonomous learners and Strengthen employer links and the range of opportunities available for students to gain employability skills both within the curricula and through extra-curricular activities as two of its key priorities. To provide a robust theoretical framework for students to develop an integrated and critically aware understanding of Management; this is provided through clear learning outcomes and assessment criteria, provided for students for each module from the start of the course. To develop in students, a range of intellectual skills reflecting the rigor required at Level 7. These should demonstrate within a graduate a high level of student autonomy and... [-]
Oman Seeb
October 2019
14 - 24 months