About Us

YK Business School (YKBS) was founded in 2002 as a private tertiary education institution, specialized in providing supported distance education at undergraduate and post-graduate levels in the fields of Business, Administration, Management and Law.

Since 2012, YKBS operates from a campus-based institution located in Highlands. The campus comprises of a purpose-built complex designed and conceived to offer quality education to students in a conducive environment and cool climate inherent to the Central Plateau. The classrooms are equipped with modern facilities and the latest interactive methods of learning are also available. Indoor games and a gym with showers have recently been added to be used by students. Sufficient parking spaces and an endemic garden have been created for the welfare of students. The building is equipped with WIFI accessible to students.

YKBS offers popular programs from the Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) and the Regent Business School (RBS), both from South Africa, BPP University and ABE from the UK. In 2013, YKBS started to deliver undergraduate programs on a full-time mode. YKBS is authorized by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) of Mauritius to deliver tertiary programs. The programs offered by YKBS have become very successful due to their affordability, accessibility, and accreditation. Besides, the programs are competitive and their delivery is practical to business persons and industrials alike. It gives an equal opportunity for the growing youth to empower themselves through Business Education at an affordable price.

The success of YKBS programs emanates from core activities directed to satisfy the requirements of the students. Academic support offered to students is conducive to the target market, which is generally working people. The strength of YKBS rests on its ability to provide pastoral care to students on an individual basis.


The mission of YKBS endeavors to create a life-changing educational experience through quality, research and education to individuals and society. YKBS seeks to contribute to the changing educational demands of Mauritius and neighboring countries through learning programs responsive to the needs of students, the Government, and the private sector.


The vision of YKBS is to be recognized as a premier higher education institution that is committed to quality education in a caring environment. YKBS will deliver transformational education and research by nurturing expectations and creating opportunities for people, nationally, regionally and globally.



Belle Terre Road, Highlands, Vacoas-Phoenix
73604 Vacoas-Phoenix, Plaines Wilhems District, Mauritius