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The Business Science Institute is an independent and international institution whose goal is the development of executive education on a global scale. / Pexels

The creation of the Business Science Institute is the result of both an observation and a series of convictions:

The observation:

There is an unmet demand coming from experienced business managers that wish to pursue post-MBA intellectual activities, a demand which major international institutions are struggling to respond to due to the standards related to accreditation and the rush to publish research.

The convictions:

  • Professors of management must respond to the demands of managers and executives using a global perspective,
  • The interaction between managers and researchers is a source of mutual enrichment.
  • Publications of all kinds should be valued.

The strategy:

The strategy of the Business Science Institute is, therefore, to position itself within this niche, and to mobilize international academic resources of the highest quality. This innovative strategy consists of focusing on the essentials of each society of knowledge, i.e. the immaterial and the academic, and of mobilizing available professors on an international scale.


The mission of the Business Science Institute is to promote the professional and personal development of managers and businesses via the mobilization of international academic resources of the highest quality.


Luxembourg City

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L-9615 Luxembourg City, Luxembourg District, Luxembourg

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