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About Us

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification standard in digital marketing and digital selling education. To date, over 47k people in 135 countries have studied with the Digital Marketing Institute, making ours the most widely taught digital certification standard in the world.

The Digital Marketing Institute collaborates with global digital experts to define and develop the skills and qualifications required of today’s digital professionals.

We Transform the Skills of Digital Professionals Globally

At the Digital Marketing Institute, we have made it our mission to transform the skills and knowledge of digital professionals on a global scale. There are three core reasons for this.

The first is to advance the careers of marketers and sellers, the second is to address the digital skills shortage to ensure businesses have a capable and agile workforce. The final reason is to provide educators with professional certifications that can nurture future generations. We’re as passionate as we are ambitious, and the journey has only just begun.

  • 47K Alumni Members Worldwide
  • 92 Employees
  • $30M In Funding


Our Story

  • Company founded by Ian Dodson & Anthony Quigley.
  • First classroom training of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.
  • Launched the Postgraduate in Digital Marketing.
  • First educational partner signed in South Africa and the Middle East.
  • Quality assurance from the Scottish Qualifications Authority and mapped to the European Qualifications Framework.
  • Formation of the Industry Advisory Council.
  • Signed with first university license partner.
  • Digital Diagnostic tool developed and launched into the marketplace.
  • Expanded our offering into the B2B market.
  • Partner with Pearson VUE to allow access to global testing services.
  • Customized social selling programme designed and rolled out to IBM.
  • Signed a government contract to provide digital programmes for workforce development.
  • Opened new offices in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Received funding from Spectrum equity of €26 million euros.
  • Launched myDMI platform into the marketplace and opened office in Dallas, Texas.

Growth & Funding

In 2017, the Digital Marketing Institute received a €26 million investment led by Spectrum Equity, a prominent growth equity firm. The aim of the investment is to:

  • Fuel development of our professional learning and certification programmes.
  • Accelerate our international expansion.
  • Facilitate further scaling of our business with our licence and corporate partners globally.


Get in the Game

Certification for Digital Marketing and Sales Professionals

Digital marketing is the most exciting game in the world right now. Accessible to everyone, empowering everyone. We transform careers with digital marketing courses that set the global standard. Get new thinking, tools, and tactics. Become a Member. Connect to other digital players and white-hot opportunities. Stay relevant. Play to win.

What New Powers Will I Have?

You’ve already got some skills. And vision. Maybe you want to turbo-charge your career. Or set off on a fresh adventure. Around here, one size does not fit all. Choose a rock-solid foundation or the powers of specialization. We have course options that meet you where you’re at and take you to thrilling new places.

We Have a True Industry Cred. In fact, We’re the Global Authority

That’s because our people come from the industry and work with the industry. We answer industry wants and needs to create sharper, more relevant courses and Certification that is recognized across the globe. DMI is not just transforming lives and careers, we’re raising standards for everyone, everywhere.

DMI Certification means everyone can see what you’re capable of and what opportunities you can slot right into – or go create. With 47k members and global advisory Champions of razor-sharp industry experts guiding our curriculum and more, we're right at the edge of big, new and clever. Join Us.

Global Champions of Change

What do you do when you want to set global industry standards? You tune into the global industry. That's why we created the Digital Marketing Institute Industry Advisory Champions. They are the industry. And they help us create courses which answer industry needs.

These Champions include great people who work with some of the world's biggest and most influential digital brands, as well as educators, employers, recruitment specialists, and policymakers. These people know the industry.



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