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There are many places where it can be studied well. But there is only one Zittau / Görlitz. Influenced by regional integration in the beautiful landscapes in the border triangle between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic expects students an exceptional, unique and world-class educational institution. &nbsp No tuition fees, low cost of living, family atmosphere, intensive care. Plus an ultra-modern facilities and numerous contacts with regional, national and international companies - these are ideal conditions for an efficient and practical degree. And quite possibly the reasons why the majority of our students completing their studies within the prescribed period. Then they expect great career prospects.The high placement rate of our graduates - not least a result of the excellent quality of our teaching and research. &nbsp In addition, offer modern laboratories and lecture halls, the new campus in Zittau and Görlitz's campus right on the Neisse study conditions, the students look elsewhere in vain. &nbsp A study at the Hochschule Zittau / Görlitz. That means studying under the best conditions for teaching and research, with more than 3,800 students, 130 professors and over 100 research staff. &nbsp&nbsp Our contacts. International and Worldwide. &nbsp The Hochschule Zittau / Görlitz is a truly international educational institution.Among a total of 115 universities in 38 countries, there are high-school partnerships. From South Africa to the United States, from Brazil to Britain to Russia. This gets the word "a springboard into the world " a tangible dimension. &nbsp In addition, we can point to a number of international collaborations with industry partners, to internationally recognized degrees and our international network of the Neisse University. Study at the Hochschule Zittau / Görlitz - that means studying in the wake of globalization.

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Part time MBA

University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Goerlitz

"Integrated Sustainability Management - QUAR" is an expression of the policy of the University of Zittau / Görlitz, new market- and application-oriented courses ... [+]

MBA Integrated

Sustainability Management - QUAR

The accredited MBA course

"Integrated Sustainability Management - QUAR" is the expression of Zittau / Görlitz University's policy of creating new market- and application-oriented courses.

The degree program enables graduates to meet the needs of the present day, which are characterized by globalization, a scarcity of resources and a growing competition. Sustainability management is a challenging cross-section task that requires systematic processes, adaptive structures, and efficient internal and external communication. The four named ones illustrate the areas of concern that an entrepreneurial sustainability management from our point of view encompasses:... [-]

Germany Zittau
October 2019
5 semesters
Online & Campus Combined