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Touro College was founded in New York City in 1970 by Dr. Bernard Lander as a Liberal Arts college. Since the 1970’s, the expansion of the college has reached California, Nevada, Israel, Russia, and Germany.

In 2001, Dr. Lander asked Sara Nachama to work together and establish Touro College in Berlin. The decision to choose Germany’s capital as the new campus for Touro College was based on the college’s profound Jewish history and the unification of communities in Berlin. In the Fall Semester 2003, Touro Berlin opened with a class of 18 students studying the Bachelors in International Business program which eventually became the Bachelors in Business Management degree.

In 2005, Dr. Lander was inspired by a visit to the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and wanted to set up a Holocaust Institute at Touro. The Lander Institute for Communication and Tolerance was established on the Touro College Berlin campus in 2006. In the fall semester 2007, the department welcomed its teaching staff for the Masters in Holocaust Communication program. The MBA program was introduced shortly after in 2010 and the Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology was established in 2013.

At Touro College Berlin, we aim to bridge the gap between American and German academic systems and create a multicultural environment that is conducive to learning.

Mission Statement

Touro College is an independent institution dedicated to transmit and perpetuate the Jewish heritage, as well as to serve the general community in keeping with their commitment to intellectual inquiry, the transmission of knowledge, social justice, and service to society.

Touro College Berlin offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business management, psychology, and Holocaust studies. These programs serve diverse components of the Touro community and the larger society, especially those who have been underserved in the past. Touro Berlin is a college where students are prepared for the professional world and are given the courage and tools needed to embark on a successful career.

We strive to provide the unique opportunity for an international education entirely in the English language on our picturesque Berlin campus. At Touro, our mission and vision are driven by our international, American, and Jewish values. We embrace students from all over the globe and strive to provide high-quality learning.

Our History – Campus “Am Rupenhorn”

Our campus is situated in the charming Charlottenburg district of Berlin. Touro College Berlin was established in 2003 in a historic Bauhaus villa with a profound history. The home of our campus originally belonged to the Lindemann family and was designed by German architect Bruno Paul. When the Nazis seized power in the 1930’s, the Lindemann home at Am Rupenhorn became the official residence of Hanns Kerrl, the Reichskirchsminister (The Reich’s Church Minister). When the war ended in 1945, the house was handed over to Allied Forces and was used as a learning center for the British Military in the years following the war. Eventually, it was handed back to the Berlin government and was used as a pedagogical and educational center in the 1950’s. The campus was acquired by Touro College in 2003 with a class of just 18 students in the first Bachelors in Business program.

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Touro College Berlin

The MBA program aims to provide students with a concrete foundation of essential business theories and real-world management skills. ... [+]

The MBA program aims to provide students with a concrete foundation of essential business theories and real-world management skills. Graduates will form the expertise needed to pursue a career in strategic planning, finance, sales, or marketing. Through this varied program, students will gain the opportunity to develop global perspectives on team management and core concepts of international business.

Key Information Program Start Date: Fall and spring semesters Duration: 18 months Location: Campus am Rupenhorn Fees: For 3 to 12 credits (1-4 courses) the per credit fee is €375 Entry Requirements

Minimum 3.0 GPA in American Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Transcripts must show successful completion of following 9 prerequisite courses:... [-]

Germany Berlin
October 2019
18 months