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Coburg University is a public university financed by Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts. As its English translation “University of Applied Sciences and Arts” suggests, a Hochschule is characterized by practice-related teaching and research as well as a strong practical bias. Its educational philosophy is designed to enable its students to apply their theoretical knowledge and methodological know-how to solving concrete problems in their professional careers. During their studies the students at Coburg University are systematically trained to develop those skills. To make sure that students never lose sight of the practical relevance of what they are learning, both full-time and part-time faculty are required to have gained ample experience in leading positions of business and administration.

With the exception of art-related programs, the standard length of bachelor’s degree programs is seven semesters, one of which is, as a rule, in an internship.

The practice-oriented approach to teaching is demonstrated by

  • a required internship
  • the small size of classes allowing individual attention to be given to students
  • lab and field work, simulation games, project-centered education, and field trips
  • the faculty’s wide range of practical experience

A few numbers


  • 6 academic departments
  • 1 Academic Center for Sciences and Humanities
  • 5 scientific institutions

Academic Programs

  • 20 bachelor’s programs, including 8 dual programs
  • 16 master’s programs, including 2 international master’s programs
  • 97 international partner universities


  • 5,000 students (50 % female, 50 % male)
  • 100 scholarship recipients
  • 900 graduates (per year)


  • 120 professors
  • 2 endowed professorships
  • 500 staff members in teaching, research and administration

Practical experience while studying


As recent studies on the career of university graduates show, only those who have combined theory with practice while studying are prepared for a positive start in their career.

At the Coburg University all undergraduate programs include a required internship. Project work – oftentimes across disciplinary boundaries – is part of student life. And seminars and projects with companies and social institutions are common components of our programs of study.

The Coburg University is in intensive contact with professionals. In addition, all professors must have worked for several years in their field before being appointed to the university. The professors’ practical experience benefits the students, especially in their projects and theses, in which they must solve problems with a high degree of practical relevance.

The big picture

At the very core of science and education are curiosity and the joy of exploration. The wider the field of vision, the more there is to discover: The Coburg University is doing its part to ensure that students can develop to their full potential. The Academic Center for Sciences and Humanities offers a wide range of lectures and seminars in various academic fields, such as philosophy, history, natural and human sciences, and languages. Experts and periodically report on their fields. Learning about culture – and learning through culture itself – is something our students do in a variety of initiatives. These include the cultural offering “Caution Feeling”, the university choir, the cabaret group and the debating society.

Interdisciplinary and individual - the Coburg way


The demands of studying are increasing: Young people are expected to begin studying earlier, to acquire a great deal of knowledge in a short time and to develop their social skills. In our opinion, this is only possible in an integrated model. Groups of students from a variety of programs cooperate to complete interdisciplinary projects that are integrated into the programs of study, thereby honing their soft skills, such as communication and teamwork. They learn to recognize what is important in solving problems and to use their knowledge effectively.

At the same time, the individual support of students is becoming more and more important. This is because access to higher education is now very diverse. Students come to the university with different strengths and weaknesses: one has completed a vocational education program without academic preparation in secondary school, another has a foundation of theoretical knowledge but little practical experience. To compensate for this, we offer our students comprehensive individual counseling services. This interdisciplinary program with the individual attention it provides to students is the cornerstone of „The Coburg Way“. This project has been fully funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research over several years.

Family friendly University


"As humans, we need family-friendliness." This aspect of our mission statement is reflected in the certificate "Family Friendly University". As one of the first universities in Germany, in 2007 Coburg University received the basic certificate from berufundfamilie gGmbH, an initiative of the Hertie Foundation. A re-audit took place in 2014.

Students, teachers and employees are equally involved in the auditing process. The topic "Compatibility of family and studies or work" is a central concern of Coburg University. By improving the conditions, students and university staff who take on family responsibilities are equally supported. Family friendliness is not only aimed at families with children. Rather it also includes the increasing proportion of families who assume responsibility for the care of relatives. Students and staff receive support in the Family Office of the university.

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  • English

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MBA Financial Management

Campus Full time 4 semesters October 2017 Germany Coburg

The MBA program Financial Management is a general management program with a specification on the fundamental principles of finance, accounting and budgetary control. The following areas are examined: the role of money and financial markets, financial analysis, [+]

Profile The MBA program Financial Management is a general management program with a specification on the fundamental principles of finance, accounting and budgetary control. The following areas are examined: the role of money and financial markets, financial analysis, the function of investment markets and decision-making techniques (including behavioral and information management tools) necessary for effective management of a company´s resources. The goal of the program is to provide students with the set of skills required for a CFO position. The growing number of German “hidden champions” – small and midsized companies, often family owned – with increasingly international business and their corresponding opportunities and problems is a further element of the program. In addition to the theoretical and practical contents of the program relating to financial tasks of companies, strong emphasis is given to the development of student’s social competencies and intercultural skills. As the program is internationally oriented, it is especially open for foreign students; in the current class we have 27 different nationalities. German language skills are not required at the beginning of the program. In the first academic year, all classes are held in English; in the second year some electives might be also in German. German language classes are offered at various levels of proficiency or those with none or minor German language abilities. In order to fully exploit all potential opportunities for the internship in the third semester, it is strongly recommended to improve German language skills during the first year. Program Contents Core Subjects... [-]


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