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The International Wine Institute (ISV) is a private business school that offers high-quality wine-focused courses in Montpellier's heart in Southern France. Our courses are aimed at young graduates or professional retraining who wish to be trained for management, marketing, communication, and tourism in the wine and spirit industry. The educational content puts a strong emphasis on the recommendations from these professionals: versatility, practical exercises that are relevant to the wine industry, fluency in English, and also excellent presentation skills. For this reason, the classes are taught in English, and that tutorials often include wine tasting workshops, wine waiting training, French business etiquette, and presentations from industry professionals. Our wine school is constantly innovating its pedagogical concepts: theoretical modules are backed up by training or testimony from a professional.

Furthermore, we believe in integrated work experience with learning programs, so we offer internships in companies for a minimum duration of five months. By working within a company, every student will be able to increase their employability and will be considered as a future collaborator.



205 rue de l’Acropole,
34000 Montpellier

34000 Montpellier, Occitanie, France

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