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De Vinci Higher Education is a highly reputed private institution of higher education located in Paris. De Vinci is made up of three schools that award high-quality, accredited degrees: EMLV (Business School), ESILV (Engineering School) and IIM (Digital School).

The unique range of subjects taught on this campus creates a stimulating interdisciplinary and intercultural atmosphere. Schools have developed a transversal educational approach which blends the different specialisations, allowing students to work in multidisciplinary teams (managers, engineers, designers), whilst progressing in their studies and gaining digital knowledge.

De Vinci Higher Education is based on shared values such as hybridation, professionalisation, internationalization, social awareness, sports and culture.
More than 7 500 students, all unique, all focused on the successful completion of their studies and on their professional lives.

The Campus

Located in the heart of the largest business district in Europe, the De Vinci schools are emphasized on professionalization, and their main objective is the successful professional integration of the students.

The modern campus is located near the Grande Arche in the heart of Europe’s largest business district - La Défense. Located in bustling downtown, the De Vinci Campus is unique in providing a close connection to the corporate world. The campus is surrounded by many attractions including modern sculptures, shopping malls, cinemas, cafés, and restaurants. Buildings are safe and highly secured. The Campus is above all an optimal place for learning for its combination of modern technological resources (online courses, databases, wifi) and traditional lecture halls and classrooms in addition to access the learning center, the FabLab, sports halls, restaurants, and numerous recreational areas.



Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci

12 avenue Léonard de Vinci, Courbevoie
92400 Paris, Île-de-France, France
+33 1 41 16 70 86

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