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Varna University of Management

MBA Bulgaria Varna October 2018

Varna University of Management (VUM) is an international business school located in Europe, Bulgaria. Students from over 40 countries receive excellent education in Business and Marketing, IT, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts. VUM offers Bachelor's and Master's double-degree programmes, taught entirely in English, in cooperation with universities in countries such as the UK (Cardiff Met), Switzerland (BHMS), the Netherlands (Stenden University).… [+] Students study the synchronized curriculum as in the partnering institutions and have to meet up the same high standards in examinations. They graduate with degrees from both the partnering universities and VUM. VUM maintains excellent connections with businesses and boasts a long-standing success of placing its students with top employers in USA, Australia, the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, just to name a few. VUM in Global Rankings - VUM holds the 1st place among 1061 HEI worldwide for Students Mobility, according to the prestigious U-Multirank ranks - VUM is proud to be awarded 2nd pace among more than 1300 HEI in the world by U-Multirank, ranked for International Orientation, Knowledge Transfer and Teaching and Learning. - VUM has been granted 3 Palmes of Excellence – Excellent Business School with reinforcing international influence – by the Palme of Excellence classification for Eastern Europe. - The university is ranked 13th in Eastern Europe for its MBA degree by - The university is ranked 47th in the world for its International Hospitality and Tourism Management (MSc) degree by - The number of publications by VUM faculty and students has earned the University ranking in the top 300 among the business schools worldwide, according to the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). [-]

VUZF University

Bulgaria Sofia October 2018

VUZF UNIVERSITY IN BRIEF VUZF University is a private institution of higher education, located in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia city. It is the first private university specialized in the area of finance, insurance, management and marketing in Republic of Bulgaria. In the past five years, it strongly focused its education program on finance, innovation, business and entrepreneurship studies. The university was founded by Resolution of the National Assembly dated 25.07.2002 (… [+] Prom. in the “State Newspaper” issue 75/02.08.2002) for the training of students in a Bachelor’s degree economic specialization and welcomed its first students in the 2002/2003 academic year, whereas it started its master programs in 2007/2008 academic year and its PhDs program in 2016/2017 academic year. The study programs in the bachelor and master programs are offered in regular, part-time and distant learning forms. The PhD programs are offered in regular, part-time forms and also in the form of individual preparation. For the last 15 years VUZF managed to establish itself as one of the best Bulgarian universities in the field of Business and Economics. The last edition of the Bulgarian University Ranking System in 2016 ranked VUZF in top 5 in the professional field of Economics out of 26 Universities in this field. VUZF has one of the highest accreditation assessments in Bulgaria and obtained accreditation from the British Accreditation Council in 2013. VUZF is the only Bulgarian University, working in partnership and offering joint bachelor and master programs with the University of Sheffield, (rated in the Top 100 universities in the world). VUZF’s mission is to prepare highly qualified specialists in finance, business and entrepreneurship to develop theoretical and practical knowledge in accordance with the needs of the contemporary practice. The academic policy of the university is aimed at incorporating the best educational practices in Europe. On the one hand, its main purpose is to provide high quality studies and career success of students by maintaining a very good cooperation with the business community. About 90 per cent of the university graduates start work in the field of the acquired major in the private financial sector, as well as in business ventures. Very often, VUZF University’s students start their own business. To help them, the university provides free consultancy services relating to training in various majors, as well as opportunities for professional and personal development. On the other hand, VUZF University offers high level training, commensurate with the leading universities in Europe. Evidence and one of the main priorities in the development policy of VUZF is the implementation of cooperation with foreign universities within different bachelor, master and post-graduate programs. VUZF University partners with 20 + universities in Europe under ERASMUS, and has a solid cooperation with leading European and world universities. The lecturers have an important contribution for the high quality of the study programs the university offers. The faculty members are among the most outstanding researchers in the country, with extensive training and practical experience. Many of the lecturers have also a good standing in the professional society as CEOs of companies, managers in the corporate sector, and heads of state authorities (for example former ministers, chairs of financial regulators, members of the national parliament). Find more about VUZF University on the website: [-]

National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts - NATFA

Bulgaria Sofia October 2018

The mission of NATFA “Kr. Sarafov” is to: develop as a leading modern scientific, educational, social and cultural institution offering a wide spectrum of specialities and programs with theoretical and applied as well as applied science focus in the field of stage and screen arts, theatre and film critical studies; train highly qualified specialists adaptable to the dynamically changing cultural and social needs; build in students the knowledge and skills tha… [+] t will ensure their successful professional fulfilment; develop students’ creative gifts, analytical and communication skills, to encourage their critical thinking and broaden their cultural horizons; confirm in its educational activity the principles of tolerance, dialogue, cooperation, activity and initiative. Mission The mission, goals and objectives of the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts are formulated based on its educational philosophy, organizational characteristics and specifics. The mission of NATFA “Kr. Sarafov” is to: develop as a leading modern scientific, educational, social and cultural institution offering a wide spectrum of specialities and programs with theoretical and applied as well as applied science focus in the field of stage and screen arts, theatre and film critical studies; train highly qualified specialists adaptable to the dynamically changing cultural and social needs; build in students the knowledge and skills that will ensure their successful professional fulfilment; develop students’ creative gifts, analytical and communication skills, to encourage their critical thinking and broaden their cultural horizons; confirm in its educational activity the principles of tolerance, dialogue, cooperation, activity and initiative. Goals: To fulfil its mission and in line with its specifics, the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts has the following goals: develop and further strengthen in the contemporary competitive environment its position as an authoritative, modern state-funded higher school and an unique creative, cultural and scientific center for the training of professionals in the field of stage and screen arts, theatre and film critical studies; continue and intensify the policy of cooperation, exchange and interaction with Bulgarian and foreign higher schools and institutions with similar scope of activity; maintain and enhance its prestige as a national and international center of continuing education, post-graduate training and retraining in the educational fields and specialities developed in the Academy; maintain and improve its activity as a center for improvement of the pedagogical qualification and methodological training of heads of creative academies and semi-professional and amateur art groups and formations. Objectives: NATFA “Krastyo Sarafov” pursues its mission and goals through meeting objectives which govern the educational, creative, organizational and public activity of the Academy: train students, doctorants and specialization students under programs meeting the modern educational requirements, the advanced technologies and achievements in the field of stage and screen arts, science and culture, economy and social life; strengthen and develop the main, service and auxiliary departments, services and units towards expanding and enriching the existing training and creative and scientific fields, the technical staff and the material resources with a view to improving the quality of educational services; put in place favourable conditions and the necessary organization for the creative and research activity of professors, doctorants, specialization students and undergraduates and graduates, as well as in the fundamental and applied fields in the area of stage and screen arts, theatre and film critical studies and humanitaristics; expand the activities related to the early identification of talented children and young people, for the work in NATFA’s schools and providing training for their further development and education; further improve the competition principle and the system of consultations for candidate students and entry exams towards most effective selection of candidates for the different specialities; expand the interdisciplinary focus of education; ensure a balance of theory and practice, of fundamental knowledge and forms of practical training, of special and general skills; optimize and apply effectively the academic quality of education standards and the evaluation criteria for the different subjects, specialities and educational and qualification degrees; receive full feedback from students, doctorants and specialization students about the quality of the knowledge and skills taught, the level of their mastering and the criteria for their assessment; owing to its specifics, NATFA “Kr. Sarafov” can work towards attainment of the national priorities and targets in the field of higher education, as well as in the field of Bulgarian culture, as set out in the Law for Protection and Development of Culture. The mission, goals and objectives of the Academy are aligned with the values of higher education and public’s expectations. With its work, the Academy contributes to the fulfilment of significant national and regional tasks in the field of art, science and culture. [-]


Bulgaria Varna October 2018

Medical studies without NC and without waiting time With Medi-Connect   Would you like to study medicine or pharmacy without NC (Numberus clausus)? Medi-Connect specializes in the secure placement of study places abroad. Your benefits at a glance: Study without NC (Numberus clausus) Study without waiting Wish study place regardless of the Abitur grade Studying at renowned medical faculties abroad Study in English All-round support … [+] by MediConnect On request, Medi-Connect offers comprehensive additional services to make your entry into the medical studies and pharmacy studies in Bulgaria as easy and comfortable as possible. Our promise: you will get your desired university place without delay , regardless of the final grade and no NC. We will be at your service 24 hours a day by phone. In addition, we will be pleased to meet with you to prepare for the return, which will make it easier for you to get back to Germany in the future. Medi-Connect Varna Intermed Group Ltd Sofia BG is a subsidiary of the INTERMED GROUP Group headquartered in Sofia, with branches in every city in Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv, Pleven, Varna and Stara Zagora), where medical faculties are established. We are a German Bulgarian-based company and have successfully supervised students from Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Kuwait, Israel, Greece, Spain and Italy since 2004. As specialists in the field of medical studies in Bulgaria, we look after several hundred clients every year in the same study subjects and the same Bulgarian Medical Universities. We represent exclusively the interests of our clients / students. Our services are serious, professional and individually tailored to your needs. We take care of our students during their complete study period and ensure that you pass your semester examinations without delay and successfully. We achieve this by being on-site 365 days a year and maintaining the best connections and contacts with the relevant university professors. Our motto: Successful students and happy parents are customers of MediConnect. [-]

Balkan Heritage Field School

Bulgaria Sofia October 2018

The Balkan Heritage Field SchoolBalkan Heritage Field School (BHFS, started in 2003) is a program of the Balkan Heritage Foundation (Bulgarian public, non-profit, non-governmental organization) for practical education in the field of archeology, history and art history of South-Eastern Europe, as well as documentation, conservation and restoration of historic artifacts and monuments, taught in English, currently in three Balkan countries: Bulgaria, Montenegro and Republic… [+] of Macedonia. The Program has involved a number of academic and research institutions, museums and heritage specialists from Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, USA, Canada, Germany and Japan. Three universities award academic credits to students who participate in the BHFS projects: New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria; Queen's University, Canada and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension, through Institute for Field Research, USA. Participants who are not interested in academic credits are not expected neither to pay any tuition fee nor to take part in any activities related to academic curriculum (exams, academic reports etc.). Since 2003 the BHFS has implemented 85 field school projects/courses (with durations ranging from 1 to 8 weeks) attended by more than 1500 students from 55 countries. Our Mission The BHFS is not only a school but also a platform for social solidarity in benefit of cultural heritage. Based on this, our students, heritage specialists, institutions and local communities interact and help each other to achieve positive outcomes for all involved and for the cultural heritage of South Eastern Europe. What are the benefits for everyone? BHFS students – Education & Experience & Opportunity to work with professionals in a real ongoing cultural heritage project & New friends and contacts. Heritage specialists (archaeologists, conservators etc.) and institutions (museums, institutes) involved with the BHFS – Additional Funding & Support for their work to study and preserve cultural heritage sites/monuments/artifacts. Local communities, where the BHFS projects/courses take place – New incomes & New jobs & New perspective and view over the local heritage & Increased promotion of the local tourist potential & Intercultural experience for locals. Considering this, we are always happy to inform each participant in any of our projects that joining the BHFS s/he becomes not only a student, but also: a Volunteer in either a scientific research or a conservation-restoration project; a Sponsor of the local economic growth; a Benefactor to the local cultural heritage. [-]

Technical University of Varna

Bulgaria Varna October 2018

Technical University of Varna was established in 1962 by a decree of the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria and a decree of the National Assembly. The new university should provide engineers for shipbuilding, transport, machinery, electricity and communications technology needed for industrial complexes in chemistry, shipbuilding and ship repair, engine building, transport, electrical engineering, electronics and communications developing in northeastern Bulgaria. Initially,… [+] the university was established under the name of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Institute (Technical University of Varna) with three faculties: Mechanical, Electrical and shipbuilding. The first intake of students at the Technical University of Varna is in the school year 1963/64 on the following specialties: Internal combustion engines, Marine engines and machinery, Shipbuilding, Engine building technology, Electrical machinery and apparatus, Radio engineering, Telecommunication equipment, Automation and remote control and Automation of production. The establishment of the Technical University of Varna practically rebuilt the Technical Department at the State University "St. Cyril Slav" Varna, which had officially opened its doors on August 18, 1945. The Technical Faculty had the following departments: Machinebuilding, Shipbuilding, Electrical engineering, Construction and architecture as well as Industrial chemistry. With the changes in the social and political life in Bulgaria during this period, the faculty and the university underwent major reforms. In 1958 the last shipbuilding engineers, educated at the Technical Faculty graduated. The first lecturers in Varna Technical University had taught students at the Technical School or were its alumni. Therefore it is believed that MEI-Varna is the successor of the Engineering Faculty of the State University of Varna. During the years of its existence, Varna Technical University from a small institute preparing engineers of regional importance, became the Technical University of national importance conducting the training of students in 23 majors. For 40 years of activity of the Technical University of Varna 28,976 graduates have been certified in the field of Engineering, Natural Science, Mathematics and Computing, Social, Economic and Legal Sciences and Teaching Technical science and technology. Our Mission MISSION, GOALS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE ACTIVITY OF TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF VARNA, BASED ON THESE PRIORITIES YHE UNIVERSITY BUILDS ITS EDUCATIONAL POLICIES DIRECTED TO THE NEEDS OF SOCIETY AT NATIONAL AND REGIONAL LEV Mission Technical University of Varna is a state educational institution which has taken the challenge and responsibility to serve the needs of society for training and development in a period of global technological and cultural changes. Our mission is to be a factor in the development of the intellectual potential of Bulgaria, to support the process of sustainable development and contribute to the attainment of new standards of communication between nations. Based on a close partnership with industry, intensive research activities, close cooperation with European universities, using the achievements and traditions of the university to provide the training of market-oriented engineering professionals from all educational qualifications and degrees for the Bulgarian and world economy in the sphere of: Shipbuilding and shipping Engineering and engineering technology Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Automation Communications and Computer Engineering Energetics Industrial Management Ecology and art and technology for protection of the environment and the sea. Technical University of Varna is the only Bulgarian civil state university which, given its geographical position, performs the specific mission to integrate into an overall process the preparation of graduates and performance of research related to shipbuilding and marine technology, shipping and water transport, ecology, techniques and technologies for the protection of sea area. To achieve this mission the Technical University of Varna counts on: the competence, enthusiasm and faith of its staff and students in the advancement of society through knowledge and shared values - a reputation established over nearly half a century old presence in the spiritual and economic life of Varna and Bulgaria; the cooperation with state and local institutions and business organizations; expanding partnerships with universities and research institutions from Bulgaria, the EU and beyond. Long-term goals Approval of the Technical University of Varna as a modern university implementing lifelong learning Approval of the Technical University of Varna as innovation and technology center serving the industry of the country and the Black Sea region; Achievement and strengthening its international position in the field of education and research Resurgence of the policy of the University of continuity in training and development of its academic members Improving university management for efficient use of financial resources (cost effectiveness) Maintenance and improvement of the quality of the learning process for highly skilled and market-oriented specialists. Strategy The strategy of TU-VARNA for the implementation of its mission and goals includes: diversification of educational products in a horizontal aspect (through the development of programs in various fields of science) and in a vertical aspect (to acquire educational qualifications of Specialist ("professional bachelor"), Bachelor, Master and Doctor ) diversification of forms of education - regular, extramural, evening and remote learning development and maintenance of the unique specialties for the country, giving significant strategic advantage in the differentiation and development of unique technologies and production geographical market development by attracting foreign students changing the University from an educational institution which provides education “for life" into an institution conducting lifelong education through the development of educational services in the field of " life long learning". the introduction of new forms and methods of training, activating self-training and practical training of students, including applications in the educational process of distance learning based on web-based training and examination ("E-learning") and the use of global local area networks and the Internet establishing long-term partnerships for scientific services for industry establishment of permanent integration links with Bulgarian and European universities through participation in joint projects conversion of the Technical University of Varna into an international scientific congress center in the Black Sea region. Harmonization of the strategy and objectives of the TU-Varna with the national and regional strategic objectives A key priority facing the Technical University of Varna after the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union is harmonizing the parameters of the study and research at the University with the trends in EU higher education through: development of a three-tier system of education (Bachelor, Master, PhD) management and total use of the system of credit transfer, ensuring mobility of students; mobility of training and research work of lecturers, students and postgraduates establishment of a system for managing the quality of teaching and research as a guarantor for sustainable development. The synchronization of the mission and goals of the Technical University - Varna with the national and regional strategic objectives consists in: preparation of wide-profile experts in Engineering and Technology having interdisciplinary knowledge and ensuring the development of the national economy preparation of highly qualified specialists in the sphere of marine industry, providing the development of shipbuilding, ship repair, port operation, shipping operation, chemical and energy industries training of highly qualified specialists in the sphere of ecology of marine environment and equipment and technology for the protection of marine environment from pollution training of specialists in industrial management, able to competently manage industrial organizations in the field of shipbuilding and maritime transport, mechanical engineering, electronics and communication strategic development of research in the field of computer technology, electronics, communications, materials science, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, transportation and other fields of science and technology training of specialists with higher education, meeting the needs of the North East region of Bulgaria of wideprofile specialists in the field of agriculture with knowledge and skills in the areas of "Engineering and Technology" and "Crop and livestock." The analysis of the above facts shows that the Technical University of Varna has a precisely formulated and communicated mission, strategy, aims and tasks and the conducted education policy and research in the 60-year period from its establishment to the present moment fully comply with the adopted and announced program documents. [-]

HRC Academy

Bulgaria Sofia March 2016

Welcome to HRC Culinary Academy The premier culinary school in Bulgaria! The HRC Academy offers 2-year program in Culinary Arts and 3-semester program in F&B Management, developed by educational and industry leaders. The program is completely taught in English by international Chef instructors. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment in our kitchen laboratories, demo theater, wine cellar and teaching restaurant Talents. During the study program,… [+] students have a chance to experience Bulgaria, Western Europe and the USA all at once!! Our paid internships around the world take place at some of the finest hotels and restaurants to prepare students for a truly international career as a Chef. The education in HRC Culinary Academy is recognized by the American Culinary Federation Accrediting Commission as meeting the international standards for two-year culinary education. Our scholarship program provides scholarship up to EUR 1.000 per year and helps support your studies. Applications are accepted year-round and students from all corners of the world may apply. Next academic start dates are March and September 2016. We look forward inviting you to our culinary school in Sofia, Bulgaria so you can experience how we "educate with dignity and excellence". [-]

University Of Ruse

Bulgaria Ruse October 2018

UNIVERSITY OF RUSE “ANGEL KANCHEV” (UR) is an autonomous state-funded higher educational institution which comprises of 8 faculties offering undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programmes in the areas of: Social, Economic and Law studies; Technical Studies; Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics; Educational Studies, Teacher Training and Development; Agriculture and Healthcare to around 10,000 students and doctoral degree students. The teaching staff consists of ove… [+] r 500 highly qualified full-time lecturers, of whom 46 professors, 168 associate professors and 331 PhD lecturers. UR is the only Bulgarian university - member of the Danube Rectors’ Conference and is a regular member of the European University Association, Visegrad University Association, Balkan University Association and other international organizations. UR is intensively involved in EC international cooperation programmes: Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, Interreg, etc. It ranks among the first three Bulgarian universities with respect to the number of implemented international projects, student and staff mobility and financial contribution from international projects. It has more than 200 bilateral agreements signed with 28 European countries. The German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Ruse. Studies at the University of Ruse are supported by up-to-date academic facilities - renovated premises on the campus, new specialized library, computer resources, intranet and internet, copying and printing services. For the interested students the University of Ruse provides periods of mobility for teaching or internship in European universities and business organizations. More information about the University can be seen at: [-]

European Polytechnical University

MBA Bulgaria Pernik October 2018

Dear prospective students, Dear parents, Dear prospective employers, We have created and implemented an educational “experience” for our students, a combination of the most successful European and American practices in higher education. We, the Board of Trustees, are aware that apart from being a challenge, this is a great responsibility we have taken to you – students, parents, professors and business leaders. The success of any venture depends on the human facto… [+] r. The Board of Trustees is a guarantor for the successful experience of our students by offering academic excellence while providing high quality and affordable lifestyle. EPU is focused on pragmatic business oriented education. Our strategy involves constant communication and interaction with leading companies, where our students practice and gain experience and recognition. We encourage innovation and pragmatism. “Do your best” is our appeal to you. This slogan is not just a phrase. We strive for excellence in education. This is the philosophy of the university. We are demanding to our students and at the same time we help them achieve their goals. We involve in this philosophy all our students, professors and university staff. We expect our students to become the next generation of successful professionals and business leaders. I wish all our students to have the best experience with us! President of EPU Toshko KRASTEV EPU’s Mission The European Polytechnical University is a multinational centre of interaction between contemporary tuition, scientific research activities and innovations, and academic and business co-operation. The University personalizes the relationship with its students and doctoral students, complies with their individual abilities and preferences and prepares them for professional realization in the market environment of the dynamically changing world.The University adheres to the philosophy of sustainable development and its priority values are: The University adheres to the philosophy of sustainable development and its priority values are: 1. European traditions and standards combined with American pragmatism of higher education; 2. Development of the academic science within the profile of the University, oriented towards practices and needs of the international and Bulgarian business; 3. International character of higher education as a means of achievement and maintenance of high quality; 4. International academic staff of scientists and developers from foreign universities and international academies; 5. Teaching of contemporary academic contents, harmonized with the European and American context; 6. Tuition in avant-garde professional environment and assessment of the students by contemporary methods; 7. Development of the personal qualities of the students and PhD students in order to achieve the maximum of their intellectual potential; 8. Encouragement of students’ initiative, development of habits for continuous self-improvement and skills for self-learning, acquiring 'portable' knowledge, key competencies and skills. [-]

Institut de la Francophonie pour l'Administration et la Gestion

Bulgaria Sofia October 2018

The Francophone Institute for Administration and Management (IFAG) is an institution of higher education in economics and management, a French center of excellence with an international vocation. It is an institute of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), created in 1996 at the request of the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria. Located in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, IFAG is open to all young Francophones in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, and other… [+] regions of the Francophone world. Its mission is to train future senior executives in economics and management in order to contribute to the development of countries in the region, and more generally, the countries of the Francophone world. Proposed for the 2014-2015 academic year courses: 1. Master Law, Economics, Management, Specialty Business Administration, degree from the University of Nantes, France; 2. Master of Management Sciences, Specialty Public Management, Golf European Public Management, diploma from the University of Liège, Belgium; 3. Master of Management Sciences, Specialty Public Management, Golf Management of public institutions, degree from the University of Liège, Belgium; 4. Master Law, Economics, management, social and cultural specialty Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship course cultural projects, diploma from the Université Lumière Lyon II, France; 5. Master Law, Economics, management, social and cultural specialty Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship courses in social and solidarity economy degree from the Université Lumière Lyon II, France; 6. Master Sustainable Territorial Development, Management specialty tourism and leisure degree from the University of Corsica Pasquale Paoli, France and Cadi Ayyad of Marrakech, Morocco University. Au fil du temps, l'IFAG est devenu un repère de l'enseignement francophone en économie et gestion à forte valeur ajoutée. Les atouts de l'IFAG: - diplômes reconnus au niveau international; - corps professoral d'exception, réunissant des professeurs et des professionnels de l'espace francophone; - gratuité des études, dont le coût équivalent à celui des grandes écoles internationales, est subventionné par l'AUF; - insertion rapide des diplômés de l'IFAG dans le monde du travail; - excellente évolution de carrière dans des entreprises d'envergure internationale; - intégration dans un réseau professionnel des alumni de l'IFAG, favorable aux contacts personnels et institutionnels; - insertion dans un contexte d'enseignement et de travail international et multiculturel. [-]