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In the world's current job market, a graduate of São Luís is different than those who study or graduate from another institution. This is because the political-pedagogical proposal of São Luís contemplates the development of technical skills and also human. Because of this, São Luís will prepare better for the world of work and increase your chances of employability, promotion and salary increase. This is only possible because in São Luís you have a staff of specialist teachers, teachers and doctors working in the gym, but also have extensive experience in their fields, not to mention that teachers incorporate and translate into their teaching philosophy more humanized of São Luís. In addition, São Luís is pioneering positive and significant concepts according to the MEC. It also has adequate facilities, fair price and excellent service, which provides those who have studied at São Luís a more welcoming environment, after all, to São Luís University's College of Sergipana family. Mission: "Developing the society through quality services related to education and culture." Vision: "To become, by 2020, one of the three largest faculties of Sergipe, recognized for the quality of education, services, and human relationships, with an emphasis on inclusion, entrepreneurship, and employability"

Values and principles:

The St. Louis School of France is guided by the following values and principles:

    • Tolerance
    • Work
    • Humbleness
    • Ethics
    • Responsibility
    • Respect
    • Self consciousness



Faculdade São Luís
R. Laranjeiras, 1838 - Getúlio Vargas,

49055-380 Aracaju, State of Sergipe, Brazil

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