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IESE Business School

MBA Spain Barcelona USA New York Brazil São Paulo Madrid Germany Munich September 2017 + 5 more

For over fifty years, IESE, the graduate business school of the University of Navarra, has been at the forefront of management education, developing and inspiring business leaders who strive to make a deep, positive and lasting impact on the people, companies and society they serve.     IESE’s success is built on a humanistic approach to business and leadership, complemented by a world class faculty producing ground-breaking research; the global scope of its programs, fac… [+] ulty, students and campuses; a practical and relevant teaching methodology; and a growing alumni network of 38,000 professionals world-wide prepared to take on today’s challenges and lead business into the future.   Inherent in everything IESE does is a focus on people – on the personal and professional development of every individual partaking in the IESE experience – as the primary driver of positive change and impact on business and society.     Outstanding Faculty & Cutting-Edge Research Over 100 full-time professors and around 70 external collaborators who represent almost 30 countries and hold Ph.Ds. from the top business schools in the world form IESE’s faculty. Their dedication to teaching, the impact of their research and their experience working with companies around the world are central to IESE’s continued success in providing excellence in management education.     Humanistic View of Companies and Leadership For IESE, sustainable and long-term global prosperity can be achieved through a humanistic approach to business. This helps business leaders to influence companies and society positively, shaping the world for future generations. IESE strives to ensure that professionalism, integrity and a respect for others, are at the core of everything it does.     Global Scope of Programs Every IESE program provides a global experience. Participants and faculty come from all over the world and the classes themselves are infused with the reality of the globalised economy providing a very strong international and cross cultural perpective. Furthermore, IESE brings this experience to locations across five continents and has an active Alumni community spread all over the world.     Active Learning Methodologies IESE’s primary teaching tool, the case method, helps business leaders to develop a practical framework for effective decision-making, with insights and direct applicability for resolving business problems on the job. IESE is one of the largest producers of business cases enabling it to build and maintain strong links with industry. Other active learning tools are also used in IESE programs.     Alumni Network IESE’s alumni are an international community of more than 40,000 business and nonprofit professionals and entrepreneurs spanning over 100 countries. Every year the Alumni Association organizes hundreds of education sessions and reunions, creating links, enabling networking and making IESE an ongoing and valuable experience. [-]

ISM - International School of Management

EMBA MBA France Paris USA New York China Shanghai India Delhi Brazil São Paulo South Africa Cape Town September 2017 + 9 more

The mission of the International School of Management is to provide business professionals with a strong and knowledgeable foundation in international business to further their careers. The School provides a program of rigorous academic coursework, support for intellectual contribution, and in-depth exposure to current multicultural business practices. Candidates come here to master and apply the principles of management in the field of international business. Our focus is… [+] on quality and institutional leadership in management education. In a rapidly evolving and highly competitive world, cross-cultural knowledge and international perspective are essential attributes for modern managers and today’s business leaders. The International School of Management is one of the world’s most innovative executive education communities. From MBA to doctoral degrees, ISM faculty, students, and alumni come together from the four corners of the globe to facilitate knowledge sharing, learning, and networking in ways that produce professional value and life-enhancing results. Based in Paris and New York, with seminar programs hosted in leading emerging markets, the School’s business experience and reputation for academic excellence empower individuals and enhance their ability to succeed in today’s multinational environment. ISM is dedicated to redefining executive education by providing students with comprehensive and demanding executive education programs led by leading international professors and practitioners. Students are engaged in interactive learning that is characterized by small and intimate classes, flexibility, and choice. ISM’s international student body provides an invaluable lifetime resource of personal and professional relationships, contacts and knowledge across geographical boundaries and business sectors. [-]

FIA – Fundação Instituto de Administração

EMBA MBA Brazil São Paulo March 2018

Launched in 1980, the Future Studies Program supports both public and private organizations in improving their planning processes to better forecast and deal with changes in their business environment and implement opportunities for the construction of their desired future. PROFUTURO is responsible for the premium international MBA programs in Brazil. Our team works with the highest international standard in providing MBAs and short duration programs, as well as in-company… [+] courses, designed to meet each individual company’s needs. The extensive background in research, contributes significantly to companies with consulting knowledge backed by advanced prospective methodologies adequate to the specific characteristics and conditions they face. Profuturo Programs: International Executive MBA – Brazil’s most dynamic and experienced group of executive students creating and implementing international corporate strategy. Highly regarded and market reference within senior executives. International seminars to China, India, Europe and the USA are included as an integral part of the program. International MBA – A truly multicultural MBA taught in English and offered in Full-time and Part time formats. Currently, averaging 13 nationalities in the classroom, our culturally aware and diverse students focus on enhancing and exchanging knowledge, experiences and business models from all over the world, benefitted with an International study trip to the USA and the opportunity to develop a consulting project in renowned Brazilian organizations. Americas MBA – Offered in association with top business schools from Canada, USA and Mexico, the program initially covers core business management concepts in Brazil. In the second part of the program up to 15 experienced executives from the most dynamic economies of the Americas join for a week in each country immersed in each school’s specialty, to exchange and critically analyze business models and best practices. Additionally, mixed groups of 4-6 students from all schools work on a real-life consulting project for an international company in one of the four countries, presenting the final results to the client organization at the end of the third and final semester of the course. Strategic Consulting and Research Executive Education – Open enrollment and In-company Leadership for the Future Strategic management and Planning Profuturo Seminars International and domestic leadership seminars Specialization Courses In-company Courses [-]


Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

International Affairs The International Affairs Office of Ibmec/Rio manages quarterly, semestrial and yearly programs for students wishing to study at Ibmec/Rio and facilitates studying abroad for our own students. The Ibmec International Affairs Office covers around fifty agreements with partner Business Schools and universities in more than ten countries. About Ibmec With over 45 years of experience, Ibmec is one of Brazil’s top business schools. Our undergraduate c… [+] ourses have earned the highest marks by the Brazilian Ministry of Education. Our mission is to develop students as protagonists in a world without frontiers. Ibmec has over 50 different partnerships with non-Brazilian Institutes, receiving and sending around 300 students per year on our exchange programs. Our portfolio consists of Undergraduate, Graduate, Master and Extension courses. The excellence of our teaching reaches across the country through Ibmec Online and serves partner organizations in Brazil and abroad, through Ibmec In Company. We are distinguished from other institutions as we present a teaching methodology with DNA strongly supported by business, a faculty composed of masters and doctors with market experience, as well as agreements with several leading institutions that provide international experience to students. About Brazil Brazil is home to one of the world’s most diverse culture resulting in richness of flavours through music, food and literature. Due to its wide territorial extension, Brazil has climates for all tastes. The average annual temperature is 35°C in the North and 20°C in the South of the country. When visiting us be amazed by the warmth of Brazilian people. Enjoy our beautiful beaches and landscapes, in contrast to the bustling nightlife. Units We operate in three major Brazilian cities - Brasília, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro – each with its own units. We offer graduate courses in units of DeVry Group Brazil, located in major cities in the Northeast region: Fortaleza, João Pessoa, Recife, Salvador and São Luís. Furthermore, our teaching excellence spreads throughout the country with online courses. We have a strong international presence since we established partnerships with the best institutions in the world – a list that expands every year. Contact If your home university does not have an exchange agreement signed with Ibmec and you want to come here to study, please contact us. [-]


Brazil São Paulo Argentina Buenos Aires March 2018

About ISPED The South American Institute for Research and Development - ISPED is a Brazilian company, headquartered in São Paulo / SP represented in several cities of the country through partnerships with preparatory courses and other companies in the educational sector. The institution seeks more flexible access to educational and professional experiences in other countries, as well as support from the first contact to the issuance and validation of the peerage. Transforming … [+] students into skilled professionals in our country is the main objective of ISPED that seeks to keep informed about the global marketplace, especially through new opportunities that the institutions of South America provide. The courses offered seek to meet the requirements of countries of origin, the Brazilian standards and especially the expectations of our students. MISSION Offer culture and professional development, as well as international experience provided by renowned institutions. VISION Increase the supply of courses and be recognized as a modern and globalized company in the world. VALUES Integrity, Respect and opportunities to the labor market and those who come to us for the purpose of improvement and innovative experiences; Responsible and Sustainable active in parallel to an international agreement which has economic growth as the main objective; Innovative Management with Open to new members and certain professional and defined purposes; Ambitious and Company caters to students, partners and insured so that all have growth as a goal to be achieved; Credit the relationship between professionals as necessary premise for creating networking and advanced development of our country. About the Universidad Autónoma de Asunción UAA - Universidad Autónoma de Asunción originated in 1978 through the creation of the School of Business Administration (ESAE), with the initial objective of training human resources for existing businesses in Paraguay. With the passing of time and thanks to the image of seriousness and demand transmitted by UAA to obtain a quality education and affordable to its population, ESAE expanded its physical and academic infrastructure, increasing its offer courses to other areas such as in Social Sciences, Law, Humanities, Policy, Health and Technology. From the year 1991 the Bank through Decree No. 11615 of the Ministry of his country of Education was converted to university, further expanding its list of existing courses also going to provide its students Postgraduate Lato Sensu courses and Stricto sensu. Currently, the UAA has more than 125 agreements worldwide, being the only country recognized in the USA by ACBSP - Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs. In addition to this recognition, the UAA also has great international prestige, being considered in 2015 by the QS TOP UNIVERSITIES one of the top 3 universities in Paraguay and listed among the most suitable in Latin America. To accomplish all this responsibility, UAA's mission is to continue offering a quality service, with adequate physical resources expressly university education and specialized human resources in their respective activities, thus maintaining its recognition of better educational infrastructure of Paraguay. About the University of Morón UM is a private institution that since 1960 is dedicated to teaching in the academic field. Currently, it has 26,000 square meters of educational infrastructure, 6,000 m² for laboratories and modern your library facilities. For their classrooms have passed more than 50,000 graduates from one of the 10 existing faculties, including the Faculty of Medicine. Professionals working in the institution are selected carefully according to their track record and experience, so that quality education and respect prevail over all existing careers at the University. The University stands out for the big picture that remains in its current management. An institution with broad disciplinary diversity and authentic democratic spirit that is characterized within a different concept from other private universities in Argentina, which provides a modern view according to the needs and demands of their community and society, as well as its expansion in the international education scene. School of Medicine Its objectives are focused on vocational training in the field of science and art of medicine, which aims to understand the structure of the human being, health promotion, prevention and cure of diseases. The School of Medicine uses for the consummation of its purpose, a solid scientific, technical and humanistic, with the presence of the principal investigators, a highly qualified faculty and laboratories equipped with the latest technology in the world. The institution is considered one of the world's best medical universities, as its Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Domingo Liotta, is recognized worldwide as the creator of the artificial heart. Moreover, it is important to note that A has the highest rate of approvals for residency tests in Argentina, with numbers higher than 70% of its graduates. Currently the ONE is responsible for the health of four million inhabitants, through visits made by his students, therefore, the institution with the greatest social responsibility of the country in regard to public health. With these assets, ensures encourage future doctors and other professionals to acquire and build knowledge to strengthen the theoretical foundations necessary for the practice of reputable medicine and the spirit of inquiry. About the National University of Cordoba The UNC - National University of Cordoba began his career in Argentina in the mid-seventeenth century when started its activities under the name Colegio Máximo, where his students, who in majority were religious city of Cordoba, received philosophy and theology classes . It is precisely through the birth of UNC that Argentina began its history in education. Through this institution, which for over 400 years provides its educational services, the entire city of Cordoba can evolve and see, from this institution, alumni turn presidents. Currently, UNC is the oldest institution of Argentina and way more than 110,000 students from different locations through the 250 undergraduate and graduate programs offered and recognized worldwide. Every year, more than 1,500 research projects linked directly to her, as well as 13 colleges, 100 research centers, 25 libraries and 16 museums. law School The Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, UNC is the oldest part of the city, next to the first building of the University, the Colegio Nacional de Monserrat and also the other buildings of the time. [-]

The Photography Institute

Australia Australia Online New Zealand New Zealand Online USA USA Online United Kingdom UK Online Canada Canada Online Japan Japan Online Ireland Ireland Online Singapore Singapore Online Switzerland Switzerland Online Germany Germany Online Austria Austria Online France France Online Brazil Brazil Online Portugal Portugal Online Netherlands Netherlands Online Italy Italy Online United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Online Malaysia Malaysia Online Philippines Philippines Online Hong Kong Hong Kong Online Indonesia Indonesia Online Spain Spain Online Argentina Argentina Online Mexico Mexico Online Chile Chile Online Belgium Belgium Online January 2018 + 47 more

The Institute The Photography Institute offers you the most advanced and comprehensive online solution to learning available today. We offer the most thorough home study course in photography using the very latest online learning techniques. Our commitment to providing the highest quality training program has resulted in unique teaching and student support systems, which produce unparalleled results. Online education has quickly become the preferred method of study… [+] for people around the world, who are looking for additional skills to enable them to make more money, start successful careers, turn a favourite interest into something more rewarding or accomplish a personal quest for self improvement. Learn in your own time, in your own home and at your own pace. Distance learning programs have been available from a variety of providers for some time, although it is the interaction and immediacy of the web, which has revolutionised modern study methodology. Our commitment to providing the highest quality training program has resulted in unique teaching and student support systems, which produce unparalleled results. Our students consistently produce higher quality work and achieve higher levels of proficiency, in a shorter period of time, than other teaching methods can provide. The continuing achievements of our students and the professional recognition and external validation of our programs is a testimony to the high quality of our courses. The Professional Photography Course offers you, the most advanced alternative to a conventional classroom, for the training of photography. We offer the most thorough online course in photography that is available anywhere in the world, using the very latest online learning techniques. Our course brings you everything you need to achieve the success you desire. Although some conventional schools run photographic correspondence courses as a sideline, we have specialised in teaching photography solely online. The days of corresponding via video or audiotapes, CD's or DVD's or paperwork through the mail is over. Our methodology gives the student fast access to his or her tutor via a specially developed platform, enabling a student - teacher relationship that is as close to sharing a conventional classroom as possible. Discover your true potential now by taking the next step - enrol today and take your photography to another level. The Photography Institute, your partner to a better and brighter future. [-]

Manchester Business School, South America Centre

MBA Brazil São Paulo United Kingdom Manchester March 2018

Manchester Business School was founded in 1965 and is one of the UK’s first business schools. In 2015, we celebrated our 50th anniversary. We became the largest business and management school in the UK in 2004 when we merged with the The Victoria University of Manchester's School of Accounting and Finance, UMIST's School of Management and the Programme in Research in Science and Technology. We are a full-service business school, providing industry-focused education t… [+] o undergraduates, postgraduates and executives across the globe. Original Thinking Applied is at the heart of what we do - turning theory into practice across all our activity, through our programmes, consultancy and research. We inform, inspire and engage with the business community through our corporate engagement activities and we work to support communities through our social responsibility agenda. Rankings and accreditation Alliance Manchester Business School continues to receive a number of rankings and accreditations from numerous awarding boards - not only in the UK but from all over the world. Ranking The 2016 Financial Times survey ranks our MBA 7th in the UK, 14th in Europe and 38th in the world. According to the FT, MBA students can expect a 96% salary increase three years after graduation. Alliance MBS is also placed at 12th in the world for career progress. We are ranked 6th in the world, outside the US, by business title Forbes. The Forbes rating uses return on investment (ROI) as its main measure, combined with feedback gathered from Alliance MBS' global alumni community. We are ranked 2nd in the UK for research power, and 4th for depth and breadth of research (REF 2014). Bloomberg Business Week ranked Alliance MBS at 19th in the world and 9th in the alumni survey. Accreditation Alliance MBS is part of a small and select group of institutions worldwide that is accredited by all three major bodies - AACSB International, AMBA and EQUIS. Location Wherever you are based, our expertise is never far away. We are the only UK business school with a presence in six global hubs. All of our centres have strong links with the local business community and we also have a global network of over 50,000 alumni, spread across 169 countries. [-]

Grupo IOE

Spain Barcelona Madrid Murcia Valencia Colombia Bogotá Mexico Mexico City Peru Lima Brazil São Paulo September 2017 + 8 more

EEO GROUP adds 5 prestigious Spanish and Latin American companies dedicated to training managers and others. Total We subsidized training about 3,500 companiesIn addition to others, including multinationals they are known, being SUI group leaders in Spain, By total companies that receive our services. Our job is to subsidized training adapted to the needs of our customers, so besides having near 400 teachers and such a diverse and practical training adapted to the demand,… [+] we work with a team of about 50 professionals dedicated to the development of new thematic training and qualifications, and especially adapting training just what you need. The values we highlight our organization are the humility and discipline, Therefore we listen very closely, where appropriate, their need for training is very special to us soon. We MAINTAIN AND GROW SECURITIES GROUP SUI The commitment and loyalty to the company and the customer. Continuous improvement of the quality, effectiveness and efficiency. Improved professionalism based on continuous learning. Professional initiative and resolution. Innovation Integrity, responsibility and trust in them, based on open, honest and clear communication. All from respect, tolerance and understanding. Construction of a company and its team based on positive attitude, improving the working environment and human quality. Work and the value of effort and the importance of Reconciling this with personal life. Peer collaboration, professional team. With humility, guarantee future forged in the discipline. MISSION The main purpose of Initiatives Company is the transmission of knowledge, skills and attitudes through training programs for workers and companies in Spain. All this in order to the expectations of our customers, some of the best companies in Spain, and professional development of people who make up the staff of IOE Group. VIEW The projection of our future image is to be a great ally of businesses, students, and workers in the mission that they get a good job training, so that our customers get the best performance as improvement competitiveness. [-]

Roberto Miranda Educação Corporativa

MBA Brazil São Paulo

The school Built on a foundation of over 40 years of consulting activities, the Graduate School Roberto Miranda Corporate Education had its DNA shaped by customer demand for effective results in behavior, technical skills and talents of their teams. While traditional schools were paid for their certificates, Roberto Miranda was sued to deliver content capable of promoting significant changes in many different global corporations. This movement, over the years,… [+] honed a school full of effective learning systems able to bring about real change in the life and success of the students and the companies where they work. Learning Systems Preparation modules To ensure that the contents of the programs offered can only deal with issues and advanced topics, the School offers preparatory modules for entry into key disciplines, so that there is a prior equalization of knowledge among students in class. The preparatory modules can be eliminated by those who demonstrate a minimum level of knowledge required for entry in each discipline through tests online or in-person. Pre-Works For some classes is required prior to completion of works that help to align the issues to be addressed, benefiting the learning process. FIT - Introduction to Learning Sheet Each class is an introduction to learning record that is available in the virtual environment and can be downloaded directly to your Ipad students. The chip, also called the introduction to the topic form, aims to instruct students on what are the issues to be addressed in class (inputs), which recommended bibliography, which the purpose of the school to teach this matter and what expects the student after class (outputs). Learning Sedimentation exercise To ensure that what was given in the room is sedimented as effective learning, teachers prepare unique exercises for the MBA School, involving from research, to the development of a Business Plan. The Leading Group - Advanced Study Group The Leading Group is the group of advanced studies of Roberto Miranda Corporate Education. taught modules exclusively in a foreign language on current affairs of the world market. This group is accessible to all students and work under mentorship of international teachers. Videos, audio podcasts and other activities available on the site are the basis for roundtables groups formed by students is interested to go beyond. Menthoring Students have at their disposal, mentors who provide guidance for business, life and career. Meetings by appointment and exclusive attention to your success. [-]

Grupo Tiradentes

MBA Brazil Aracaju March 2018

ARE YOU PREPARED? In the world's current job market, a graduate of São Luís is different than those who study or graduate from another institution. This is because the political-pedagogical proposal of São Luís contemplates the development of technical skills and also human. Because of this, São Luís will prepare better for the world of work and increase your chances of employability, promotion and salary increase. This is only possible because in São Luís you has a s… [+] taff of specialist teachers, teachers and doctors working in the gym, but also have extensive experience in their fields, not to mention that teachers incorporate and translate into their teaching philosophy more humanized of São Luís. In addition, São Luís is pioneering positive and significant concepts according to the MEC. It also has adequate facilities, fair price and excellent service, which provides those who have studied at São Luís a more welcoming environment, after all, to São Luís University's College of Sergipana family. Mission: "Developing the society through quality services related to education and culture." Vision: "To become, by 2020, one of the three largest faculties of Sergipe, recognized for the quality of education, services and human relationships, with an emphasis on inclusion, entrepreneurship and employability" Values ​​and principles: The St. Louis School of France is guided by the following values ​​and principles:      Tolerance      Work      Humbleness      Ethics      Responsibility      Respect      Self consciousness [-]


Brazil Criciúma August 2016

The University - general information Mission Unesc’s mission is "to educate through teaching, research and extension programs, in order to promote the quality and sustainability of our environment". Future vision We strive to always be recognized as a University with excellence in professional training and excellence in teaching professional ethics to our citizens. While building scientific and technological knowledge we are forever committed to the social and e… [+] nvironmental aspects of our mission. History In a plenary session on June 17th, 1997, the State Board of Education approved the transformation of Unifacri (Union of Colleges of Criciúma) into Unesc. As a mission, Unesc has defined: "promoting regional development to improve the environmental quality of life", having Fucri as its maintainer. Management The management promoted by the rector of Unesc, Gildo Volpato - elected in 2009 by the academic community - has two principles: (1) excellence in teaching, research and extension programs, and (2) shared management that is participatory and decentralized. Research Unesc believes that the research itself is a dimension of the University and the institution loses its meaning without it. Five major areas are encompassed in the research developed at Unesc: Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, Math and Earth Sciences, Humanities and Applied Social Sciences. Extension Programs Permanent projects develop extension activities for Unesc ‘s Academic Departments. These stimulate the academics and ensure that the institution remains relevant to the current market demands of our community. In addition to sports and cultural activities, Unesc offers 16 extension courses. CAP Harboring CAP Elementary and High School students within the university complex, provides these students access to the vast infrastructure of our institution. Additionally, exposing these students to a healthy variety of culture, sports and science. Among the many resources available to these students, they also have free access to Unesc's library, laboratories and the entire sports complex. IPARQUE In UNESC’s communitarian world, there is space for innovation that benefits people. In this world, focused on social upwardness there is room for encouragement of research and knowledge, for multi-faceted ideas, for intelligence that makes life better. In UNESC’s communitarian way of thinking there is a special place for the word integration. Integration that means bringing people together, adding and sharing. The Iparque begins with these values: innovation, incentive, ideas, intelligence and integration to ward community service. In the Iparque, UNESC maintains four different institutes and a business program which comprise several innovation areas. These institutes and the incubator support and integrate projects installed within the Iparque. i-pat: Environmental Technological Research Institute i-dt: Institute of Engineering and Technology i-ali: Food Institute i-pese: Applied Socio-Economic Research Institute unesc: Institute of Technological Ideas and Business Agency The Agency of Development, Innovation and Technology Transference (Aditt) promotes the link between the University and the potential demands of society. It seeks to raise funds and transfer technology for regional and sustainable development of the institution. Undergraduate courses Well -planned subjects, highly qualified professors, structured classrooms and laboratories are the components that make our courses so well respected by the Ministry of Education (MEC). Currently, in our university there are 36 undergraduate courses and 8 technological courses. All of them emphasize excellence in higher education. They are: Undergraduate Courses Accounting Administration Architecture and Urbanism Biological Sciences Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Science Dentistry Design – Bachelor Design – emphasis on Product Design Economy Engineering Surveying Environmental Engineering Secretarial Studies Foreign Trade Administration Geography History Modern Languages - Portuguese and English Modern Languages - Portuguese and Spanish Law Materials Science Mathematics Medicine Nursing Nutrition Pedagogy – Degree Pharmacy Physical Education Physiotherapy Production Engineering Psychology Sociology Visual Arts Technological Courses Industrial Area: Food Technology Ceramic Technology Ceramic and Glass Technology Technology in Fashion Design (partnership between UNESC/Senai) Management Area: Technology in Business Management Technology in Marketing Management Technology in Human Resource Management Technology in Management Processes Graduate Studies Since 1980, we have offered over 150 courses and since that time about 4000 students have earned their degree. Currently there are 6 courses offered in Law, 8 courses in Education, 5 courses in Business Management, 5 courses in Engineering and 5 in Health. In 2002, the University created its first Master in Environmental Sciences, which is recommended by the Coordination of Improvement of Higher Level Personnel (Capes). In 2004, two other Master’s programs which are recommended by Capes: Education and Health Sciences. In 2006, Capes approved the Ph.D. in Health Sciences in biomedicine. Agreements The International Relations Office plans, coordinates, directs and monitors the actions of partnerships and cooperation agreements with foreign educational institutions and organizations. It also offers international opportunities, exchange programs, internships and scholarships. As well, it offers a host family program and Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture courses for international students. Environment Unesc believes in the proper disposal of solid waste in our university environment. We focus on selective collection, recycling and composting, through the Education Program and Environmental Management. Our intention is to be a leader and a beacon to promote environmental awareness. [-]

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Sao Paulo

Brazil São Paulo March 2018

A new home for colour, style energy and Paulista fashion. We have our intuition to thank for identifying São Paulo as home for the first campus in Brazil in 2005, at a time when this great country had just started its climb up the world economic hit parade. Brazil great reserves of natural resources combined with its determination to build on its own cultural values have projected this nation onto the planetary scale of the countries of the future. Appreciation … [+] for Italian creativity in both fashion and design has prepared a fertile terrain for us to train professionals who are in great demand among Brazil leading businesses in these fields. IED São Paulo very presence contributes to positioning this metropolis as Latin America fashion capital and to Brazilian design’s emancipation from foreign cultural influences. In addition, our didactic model has enabled us to draw up educational plans for developing a series of production sectors in several of this amazing nation states. [-]

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Rio de Janeiro

Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

A city on the constant lookout for something new. Rio de Janeiro has always been the summary of everything that is Brazil. It is the point where cultural diversities converge, and the theatre where all the country leading cultural movements and events stage their débuts. Rio is home to the samba and the bossa nova, to Brazil modern architecture and contemporary art, to concrete poetry and the neo-realist “Cinema Novo” movement. The city rich plastic creativity, inve… [+] ntive capacity, fascinating colour schemes and “re-invented” materials are a genuine sign of Brazil multiple identities. This is a spontaneous and non-academic form of design in practice, a sort of crossdiscipline where fashion, graphic and product design meet in search of an evolution of forms and experiences. Within the boundaries of Rio Genius Loci, IED will focus its teaching programs to take in not only Design, Fashion, Communication and Visual Arts, but also the innovative principles of sustainable architecture and of strategic and service design. [-]

Universidade de Caxias do Sul

Brazil Caxias do Sul March 2018

Universidade de Caxias do Sul - UCS is a Brazilian higher education institution characterized for being an institution that belongs to the community. Its activities cover directly the Northeastern region of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which is located in the southernmost part of the country. It is part of Fundação Universidade de Caxias do Sul, which is an affiliate member of "Consórcio das Universidades Comunitárias Gaúchas" - COMUNG (an association joining community high… [+] er education institutions in the state of Rio Grande do Sul); a member of "Associação Brasileira das Universidades Comunitárias" - ABRUC (an association joining community higher education institutions in Brazil) ; of the "Conselho de Reitores das Universidades Brasileiras" - CRUB (the Council of Presidents of Brazilian Universities); and to the "Fórum das Instituições de Ensino Superior Gaúchas" (Forum of Higher Education Institution in Rio Grande do Sul). Internationally, UCS is a member of the "Associação das Universidades de Língua Portuguesa" - AULP (Association of Portuguese-speaking Universities); the "Organização Universitária Interamericana" - OUI; and the "Red Latinoamericana de Cooperación Universitaria" - RLCU (Latin-American Network for University Cooperation), among other. Founded in 1967, Universidade de Caxias do Sul is the oldest university in the region. It was built upon a collective effort of the community and it is still run according to the commitment and engagement of different segments of society who believe in higher education as a source for social development. They are represented in the board of directors of the supporting Foundation by public authorities - from city, state and federal level - and by entities representing civil society groups. Mission and Guiding Principles The mission and guiding principles that guide the action of Universidade de Caxias do Sul in its different fields of activity result from a broad participatory process involving all the academic community beaconing the action plans of the institution for the next ten years, thus ensuring its own and unique identity. Focus Knowledge Vision To be essential to the sustainable development in terms of knowledge. Mission To produce, systematize and socialize knowledge with quality and relevance to sustainable development. Principles Respect for People - People will always be valued and respected as individuals and citizens. Social Responsibility - The common asset will be the criterion guiding the actions of the University. Institutional Eligibility - UCS will seek a permanent qualification of its staff, structure; organizational processes as well programs and actions. Prevalence of Institutional Interest - The institutional interests should superimpose the individual ones, ensuring the coexistence in diversity. Innovation - The quest for scientific innovation, technological and cultural cooperation should guide the actions of the institution. Local and Global Inclusion - The University will seek a simultaneous participation in the local, regional, national and international plans. Democratic Management - The University will promote the democratic experience by seeking the participation of the academic community in the planning and management processes. Commitment to the Environment - The University should promote and take part in actions that contribute to sustainable development with the ultimate goal of preserving life. Autonomy - The University will preserve the necessary educational and scientific, administrative, disciplinary and financial and asset management autonomy to ensure the fulfillment of its mission. Sustainability - The University will seek economic, social and environmental sustainability through an efficient and effective management. [-]


Brazil Florianópolis Tubarão March 2018

Unisul is a Community University with the mission to promote education at all levels and modalities to form fully and lifelong, competent citizens, committed to the development of Science, Technology and Innovation, contributing to the improvement of life in society. - 3 Campuses, 7 University Units and 77 Online Learning Centers - In over 50 years, Unisul has trained more than 150,000 professionals, with more than 50,000 projects and participation in the development… [+] of Santa Catarina; - 30,000 students currently enrolled; - 100 graduate students in different areas; - 42 Post-graduate courses (lato sensu) and MBAs; - 6 Graduate courses (stricto sensu): 4 Masters and 2 PhDs - Research and Innovation: 4,000 beneficiaries, 230 ongoing projects and 95 research groups and lines - Extension: it shows the active social role in the communities where it is established. There are about 180,000 community services, in several areas, in dozens of projects and programs. - 89 international agreements; 23 countries on all continents UNISUL GLOBAL UNISUL`s International Relations Office gathers all the international programs available at the University, in addition to being an entrepreneurial of alliances and partnerships, global networking, and internationalization of undergraduate and graduate students. There is an International Center, a benchmark in programs offered to foreign students and formal study of the Portuguese language, and an Exchange Office that works to create opportunities for academic exchange programs. INTERNATIONAL CENTER It aims to promote interaction between Brazilian teachers and students with foreigners on the University campus, to stimulate the multiculturalism, ensuring opportunities for academic integration between Brazilian and foreign communities. Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture for Foreigners - Intensive and extensive courses, targeting foreigners who wish to learn the Portuguese language and get to know the Brazilian culture. There is an option of a Blended Program that combines virtual teaching of Portuguese, through Unisul Virtual platform PLUS classroom teaching. Therefore, students get a chance to experience the Language, Culture and Business in Brazil. Customized Programs – Programs specially designed for Foreign Universities, focusing on different areas of teaching, in accordance to the project chosen by each institution, including Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture Studies, sightseeing attractions, and field trips. Courses in English language - Courses taught in English, with a focus on Business, Global Economy, Consumer Goods, Tourism, Environment, Marketing, aimed at international students, and also to undergraduate, graduate students and all Unisul community. [-]


Brazil Sorocaba March 2018

The Sorocaba Engineering School (FACENS) is the first higher education institution of the sector founded in Sorocaba. Maintained by the Sorocaba Cultural Association for Technological Renovation (ACRTS), it is considered to be a nonprofit and philanthropic Federal Organization certified by the National Welfare Council. Subsequently, it offers numerous grants to students who have socio-economic needs. The organization also invests all of its profits in the College, making… [+] FACENS an educational center that is growing constantly. It currently offers eight courses: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer, Mechatronics, Chemistry, Production Engineering and Technology in Digital Gaming, as well as graduate courses and specializations. Its level of education is recognized throughout the job market, generating extremely high percentages of graduate employability (average of 94% over the past eight years). FACENS has outstanding professional and academic faculty as well as a great infrastructure, supported by well-equipped and technologically advanced labs. These are decisive factors for the recognition of the educational programs the College develops, and, more specifically, for the quality of professionals who graduate here. Mission and Goals The Sorocaba Engineering College (FACENS) mission is: "To be a model for innovation and to graduate trained citizens who are happy, responsible, entrepreneurial, and capable of creating technological solutions that transform society." Goals FACENS programs aim to: Stimulate cultural creation and development of a scientific spirit and reflective thinking; Train graduates in different fields of knowledge, who are qualified to enter the professional sectors and participate in the development of Brazilian society, helping it to continue to grow; Encourage research work and scientific research aimed at the development of science and technology and the creation and dissemination of culture, and thus develop the understanding of man and the environment; Promote the dissemination of cultural, scientific and technical knowledge that compose the heritage of mankind, and to communicate knowledge through teaching, publications or other forms of communication; Encourage the desire for constant cultural and professional development and provide opportunity for achieving it, integrating attainments from each generation in a systematic intellectual structure of knowledge; Foster awareness of problems of the current times, particularly national and regional ones, provide specialized services to the community and establish a reciprocal relationship with it; Promote broader interaction by opening participation to the general population, aiming to disseminate the achievements and benefits that result from cultural creation, and scientific and technological research generated in the institution. [-]

Dialogo - study in Brazil

Brazil Salvador March 2018

Diálogo Brasil is one of the first schools of educational exchange in Brazil. Founded in 1989 in Salvador da Bahia, it is a reference in teaching and training of acculturation Portuguese for foreigners. Tailor made programs for individuals, companies, universities and institutions worldwide. That's 26 years of experience and quality in teaching Portuguese and Brazilian culture. The school is located on the 3rd best beach of the World, Porto da Barra Beach, in Barra neighborhood, … [+] elected in 2007 by the British Newspaper The Guardian. It consists of a big and beautiful 2 story-house with: - Nine air-conditioned classrooms provided with-sound- audio equipments - kitchen for gastronomy classes - Saloom for Samba dancing, Capoeira and yoga classes - Large outdoor green area for chating and smoking - Free internet and WiFi, coffee and tea Methodology of Diálogo Courses The strongest feature of the programs of Diálogo Brasil is a lot of talk in classroom training as well as the integration of cultural activities, following the principles of the Communicative Approach to Intercultural and language teaching. Classes are taught in Portuguese and they are carefully prepared for each level. In a nice way, games, music, videos and other teaching aids are used to develop skills in listening and speaking, which prepare students to perform different tasks in real-life situations. The school has developed teaching modules for all levels: “Falo Português I, II and III” . These modules cover the situations, grammatical structures and vocabulary necessary to a foreigner who is in Brazil. Why Salvador da Bahia? Salvador is also known as Brazil's capital of happiness due to its countless popular outdoor parties, including its street carnival. The city has the largest carnival of the World. The first colonial capital of Brazil, the city is one of the oldest in the Americas. [-]

Universidade Vale do Rio Verde (UNINCOR)

Brazil Belo Horizonte March 2018

Historic Founded in 1965, UNINCOR started as a Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters and in 1975 passed the Higher Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts Three Hearts - INCOR. The first courses were created in late 1967 by Opinion 263/67 and began operating in early 1968. From then on, with the creation of new courses and the recognition of the quality of those who were already taught in the institution, the INCOR has established itself as an important institution… [+] of the South School of Mines. Faithful to the laws of his sponsor, he established himself as a true house training, always putting himself at the service of the entire regional community. As a direct consequence of their community vocation, on September 7, 1990, the former Foundation Tricordiana changed its name to Community Foundation Tricordiana of Education, in order to promote continuous education through teaching, research and extension. With the demand for new programs and expansion of the institute in 1998, it established the University Vale do Rio Verde - UNINCOR, based in Three Hearts. Gradually implemented the campuses of Caxambu and São Gonçalo do Sapucaí and Betim units, Belo Horizonte, Itaguara, Ibirité and Para de Minas, all located in the State of Minas Gerais. Since 2013 the University has been undergoing a phase of restructuring which extended and strengthened the concept of higher education institution. Currently, in addition to the headquarters in Three Hearts, in southern Minas Gerais, UNINCOR has campuses in Para de Minas, Belo Horizonte and Betim expanding the possibilities for those seeking access to higher education. With the partnership and the interest of the Educational Group which took over the institution, the University has received major investments and improvements for students, faculty and staff. The results are in the inscriptions of past selection processes that have shown an increase of 50% in demand for students who want to enter the classroom courses, distance education and graduate. The range of university courses is a major differential. There are more than 20 options in the areas of health, exact, human, social and environmental. To facilitate access by interested parties, the university, from the first period, it offers grants and financing options that best fit the needs of students. In addition to the Financial Aid - FIES the institution has agreements with municipalities and businesses, selective process bags - UNINCOR Action, indicates Friend Friend, Prouni, Educa More Brazil, I want to Exchange and Credit Pravaler. The university received last year by the Brazilian Association of Maintainers of Higher Education, the institution Socially Responsible Seal, developed by social actions. It also has courses with highly relevant awards in the educational field, as the Seal 3 Stars of Editora Abril. In recent evaluations of the Ministry of Education, the Para Pedagogy courses of Mines, Education, Nursing and Medicine Three Veterinary Hearts and Betim of Directors obtained excellent grades, exceeding the required by the MEC. Mission Promote and disseminate knowledge responsibly in their areas of expertise, training professionals of high quality, fit for the labor market and committed to life, ethics, society and the environment. [-]

Universidade José do Rosário Vellano (UNIFENAS)

Brazil Alfenas March 2018

The UNIFENAS The University José do Rosário Vellano - UNIFENAS, conceived and founded by Professor Edson Antonio Velano, began its history in May 22, 1972, when the first courses were allowed. The International College of Alfenas Region in 1988, now called University of Alfenas - UNIFENAS recognized by Decree 605/88 of 13/12/1988 the Ministry of Education - MEC, published in the Federal Official Gazette on 15/12 / 1988 (page 24456). In 1993, the Bank began to expand w… [+] ith the implementation of other campuses. Today, the UNIFENAS is present in Alfenas, Belo Horizonte, Campo Belo, Divinópolis and Varginha. It offers undergraduate, lato postgraduate courses and sensu (master recognized by CAPES / MEC), residency in various specialties and extension courses in classroom methods and distance. There are five campuses with specially designed and equipped with advanced technology facilities, allied to human resources, put UNIFENAS in a prominent position in the Brazilian educational scenario. In Alfenas, the University Hospital of Alzira Velano UNIFENAS, opened in 1992, it is a center of life, working in care, teaching and research. Certified Teaching Hospital by the Ministries of Health and Education, performs on average 30 000 procedures per month, serving patients in Alfenas and other cities in the region, an estimated population of almost one million inhabitants. It is a regional reference in pregnancy risk, trauma, neurosurgery, neonatal intensive care, hemodialysis, speech. You have Bank of Ocular Tissues and performs capture and corneal transplant surgery The Alzira Velano is a hospital complex which comprises of clinics, institutes and clinics. The Center for Teaching and Health Care Community - CEASC - Faculty of Medicine UNIFENAS in Belo Horizonte, is facing the clinical care of patients at the level of Secondary Health Care - in specialties médicas- which expands and diversifies environments teaching and learning of academic Among its agencies to support the teaching, research and extension, stand-still Dental Clinics; Physiotherapy clinics; Clinical Psychology; Clinical speech therapy; Pro-Smile Center (for treatment of patients with craniofacial deformities and cleft lip and injuries, as well as eye implants, nose and ear); Eye Institute; Centers of Legal Assistance and Judicial; Junior companies; Veterinary and Farms Experimental hospital. All this, with a faculty well qualified through strict sense graduate (masters and doctorate) and differentiated teaching methodologies contribute effectively to the building of knowledge professionals graduating from UNIFENAS. Believing that all knowledge should bring benefits to society, the institution has become an important generator of jobs for the state of Minas Gerais. Thus, UNIFENAS, throughout its existence, founded on Community interest of the actions and projects, a correct articulation between teaching, research and extension, follow its trajectory, committed to its social mission, promoting science, technology, health, humanism, competence and commitment. UNIFENAS. Knowledge for life! [-]

Universidade Cândido Mendes (UCAM)

Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

The Candido Mendes University's sponsor the Brazilian Society of Education, the oldest private institution of higher education in the country, founded in 1902 by Count Candido Mendes de Almeida, along with the Trade Academy of Rio de Janeiro. In 1919 it was created the School of Political Science and Economics of Rio de Janeiro, the first high school of economics in Brazil. The Academy becomes, in the 50s, the Trade Technical School Candido Mendes, dedicated exclusively… [+] to high school. In the same decade, Candido Mendes de Almeida Junior creates the Faculty of Law Candido Mendes, based in Carmo Convent, the Praça XV de Novembro, establishing a standard of excellence in the area of ​​legal sciences and being pioneer in forensic practice teaching. In the 60s, the current rector, Candido Mendes, inaugurates the University Research Institute of Rio de Janeiro - IUPERJ dedicated to post-graduate studies, master and, later, a doctorate in Political Science and Sociology. The quality of teaching and research program developed in IUPERJ has national and international recognition. In the 1970s, the then Faculty Candido Mendes Ipanema expands and develops programs of technical and scientific training and business administration courses, which give rise to the campuses of Campos dos Goytacazes and Nova Friburgo. Also in Ipanema, the Cultural Center was created Candido Mendes, who became the reference point of the Carioca culture and pioneered a number of initiatives in the areas of cinema, theater, visual arts, poetry, video and extension education. From 1997, the year in which the Candido Mendes is accredited by presidential decree, as a university specializing in Humanities and Social Sciences Applied, new courses and campuses are created, including the units of the Tijuca Center (Pius X) Padre Miguel, Jacarepagua and Meier, in addition to Niterói and Araruama, state of Rio de Janeiro, and Vitória, Espírito Santo. In 2001, the Institute of Humanities arises, integrating teaching, research and extension, with extensive scientific research program. Adds two centers of studies and graduate courses in the forms of bachelor and undergraduate, and graduate in Social Sciences, History, Literature, Photography, Art and Culture, Tourism and International Relations. The Candido Mendes University stands out from its peers because it is an institution historically committed to excellence in research activities and graduate, holding centers and research institutes, seven master's programs and two doctoral, as well as dozens of courses sensu post-graduation. Publishes six journals. The institution opened, starting in 2011, new campuses in different regions of Rio de Janeiro, for example, units of Santa Cruz and Bangu, in the West Zone, and the unity of Penha located in the north of the city. Spread over a total of 15 units with 21 undergraduate and many others in the sequential and technological terms, the activities of the Candido Mendes University, supported by more than a century of tradition and excellence, which has established itself as a national and international reference in Science Humanities and Social, together more than 20,000 students and 1,000 teachers and researchers. [-]

Universidade Iguaçu (UNIG)

Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

The institution The Iguaçu UNIVERSITY - UNIG was created from the maturity of the faculties of Nova Iguaçu Unified by MEC Ordinance No. 1318, of September 16, 1993, published in the Official Gazette of 09.20.93, section I, p. 14017. Its sponsor the Higher Education Association of Nova Iguaçu - SESNI, nonprofit, philanthropic nature, with headquarters in the city of Nova Iguaçu - State of Rio de Janeiro. The UNIG integrates presently five campuses, namely: … [+] I campus Nova Iguaçu Campus II Teaching Clinic Campus III Vocational Training Centre Dr. Paulo Machado Fróes Campus V Itaperuna It is based in the Campus I, through which it interacts, in the social, economic, cultural and political with the Lowlands and the northern state of Rio de Janeiro, leading technology and fundamental knowledge for the progress of these regions to the State and for the country. Starting its activities in 1970, the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Nova Iguaçu, offered the first tertiary education unit of the Baixada Fluminense. This pioneering occurred with the implementation of Arts courses (Qualifications: Portuguese-Literature and Portuguese-English), Mathematics, Physics, Life Sciences, recognized in 1974. In 1976, the Faculty of Education was also recognized contributing significantly to basic education in the region. Four years later, in 1974, with almost all of the initial courses already recognized, was the implementation of the Law School, legitimate aspiration of iguaçuana community. Aware of its responsibility and attentive to improving the quality of education, after the consolidation of units in operation, SESNI again plead new courses: Medicine in 1976, and Dentistry and the Course of Technology in Data Processing in 1988 and 1989, respectively. All courses offered by UNIG emerged identifying the characteristics of the region, being observed market demands regarding identified professional profiles. The creation of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Nova Iguaçu was a decisive step in addressing the serious health problems of the local population, in view of the lack of medical care and poor sanitation conditions identified in this region. The UNIG Teaching Clinic makes up significantly, the history of health in the region. Throughout its existence, and to promote significant changes in the surrounding region, UNIG has transformed itself in a continuous process of administrative, pedagogical and technological improvement. Strive for quality education and other services offered, pursuing excellence, it is a principle that has, over the decades of its existence, and inspiring their decisions. Cause development in the state, noting demands in their area of ​​competence, innovating in line with progress of this arising, it is the focus of actions for this guideline. The decision to expand its activities to the municipalities of São João de Meriti and Itaperuna, consolidated in 1996, demand for the fruit of the municipalities, offering six seven undergraduate courses, respectively, brought to the state under the driving force of progress in community before restricted to the city of Nova Iguaçu. In 1997, it included new graduate courses to those already offered: Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Education and Physiotherapy. The implementation process of new courses, as well as the expansion of existing ones to other municipalities, has been continuously accompanied by actions in order to ensure and increase the quality of services offered. As a university, the UNIG's mission is to generate scientific and technological progress in the country and serve the community directly, drawing on the resources and means available. This mission requires an agile and flexible administrative model, capable of capturing and translating the expectations of society, particularly the dynamics of the market, which involves professional training. Therefore, the UNIG has a modern administrative structure, where the Dean is assisted by three Pro-Rectors, namely: Academic Dean - PROAC Administrative Dean - PROAD In setting their policies and priorities, UNIG search the revitalization and improvement of undergraduate education, promoting research as a creative agent and renewal of knowledge and encouraging graduate, broad and strict sense, in an integrated manner to courses programs extension. Manage continued expansion of this University represents a great challenge. Expand, growing in quality, adapt to society's characteristics in which UNIG is inserted, and also strive for generating new technologies, disseminating and renewing scientific knowledge implies significantly greater challenge. Overcoming this challenge has been the keynote of the administration UNIG, in line with the sponsor organization, Higher Education Association of Nova Iguaçu - SESNI. [-]

Faculdade de Ciências Gerenciais Padre Arnaldo Janssen (FAJANSSEN)

Brazil Belo Horizonte March 2018

The Faculty Arnold Janssen was established in 2001 by the Congregation of the Divine Word. And he was born with the strength of an international congregation which operates in 67 countries on five continents. Values, quality and competence to work in education have been inherited from a century-old institution which, not coincidentally, is worthy of the success of their students in the labor market. The Law and Administration courses offered by the Faculty Arnold Janssen… [+] provide a solid humanistic education, uniting the wisdom and tradition in education to the demands of the modern market. Even with a few years of operation, the Faculty Arnold Janssen has become a reference in higher education. Proof of this are the results obtained by bachelors in Business Administration and Law on the evidence from the National Survey of Student Performance (ENADE). Students of Law Course also shone in recent examinations of the Order of Lawyers of Brazil (OAB-MG), gaining a prominent position among the higher education institutions in the state. The faculty of the School Arnaldo consists of masters and doctors of recognized academic expertise and extensive professional experience in the market. [-]

Universidade do Vale do Sapucaí (UNIVÁS)

Brazil Pouso Alegre March 2018

WORDS BY DEAN - BARROS CARLOS Laraia Desire, initially, thank and praise God, in his mercy, has given me the grace of life and power, completed seventy, assuming be here with my colleagues, the mission we have been granted. That this mission, which now begins, God is always present and that his Holy Spirit enlighten us and give us the wisdom and humility to serve well to responsibility, austerity, dedication and zeal to our University of Sapucai Valley. On this occasion,… [+] I pay my respects to all who preceded me in the management of this institution and who gave their invaluable contribution to its construction from the very beginning, when a group of envisioned dreamers and come true the creation of the first courses that gave rise to our University . Over the years, each of who spent gave his decisive contribution, and, step by step, with perseverance, idealism and self-sacrifice, were protagonists of our history. Honor and revere the past is more than a duty, but an absolute necessity, because only then can we live this grounded the experiences and the obtained achievements, of which we are heirs. The greatest legacy bequeathed to us is the commitment to the community in which we operate to offer a quality education to all who come here seeking knowledge to build their futures. This commitment we will not compromise, it make our flag and the raison d'être of our work. A word of thanks to Professor Benedito Afonso Pinto June for accepting the invitation to be together in this mission. His recognized experience as a teacher and academic administrator will be extremely useful, and I am absolutely sure that he will be next to me in the decisions that we have to take, with wise counsel, his weight and his undeniable love for this University. Manifesto also thank the teacher Andrea Domingues Antonio Homer Teachers Toledo Rock and William Newton Carrozza, who promptly welcomed more than an invitation, my call to make up the front line of our administration, occupying the functions of pro rectors. We will share the moments of joy and difficulties. It is possible that we come across in with adversities, harsh winds and raging waves. We may hear the songs of mermaid with intentions to make us sink. But do not let us shoot the obstacles, if any, is to be faced and overcome. The academic community and society expect us to hard work, commitment, integrity, prudence and dedication and this is the least we can offer in exchange for the trust in us is deposited. We were elected under the aegis of "integration". We intend to make our integrated work and in harmony with the Higher Education Foundation of Sapucai Valley, which, through its president and executive board, has shown a Herculean effort to reverse an economic uncomfortable situation without giving back his eyes and their actions to the most pressing needs of our University. We want to propose a real integration between the Central Unit and Unit Fatima, as well as between the various courses that make up our institution so that it ceases to be fragmented into isolated compartments, but that the various sectors have to dialogue and complete a real sense of the university. That the foundations of the university, teaching, research and extension are intertwined and are fulfilled in the pursuit of the objectives to be achieved. But what paths to follow so that this integration actually takes place? I prefer the answer is given by the Spanish poet Antonio Machado: "Caminante, no hay ways, se hace camino al andar" - Walker, there is no path, the path is made by walking. Employees and teachers, the most sincere thanks for the vote of confidence in us deposited. You, the dedication of each of the enthusiasm of all to continue starring in our history, depends on the success of our endeavor. We are together in the same boat and only will take you to a safe harbor if we are aware of the responsibility of each to do their part, with boldness, love of work, ethics and respect for the community to deliver up their children to our care. My dear, students! You are the reason for all this. The objective of this University is to provide them an education that responds to their desire for social mobility and inclusion in an increasingly competitive labor market. Remembering Paulo Freire, we want to offer them a transformative education, which make them face their problems critically and reflectively. You should not be content to be a mere supporting this process, but active participants of our university, proud to wear and stamping on their shirts the name of UNIVAS. The enthusiasm and excitement of the young people are the key ingredients to leave no fading, the teachers and leaders, dedication and courage to face everyday difficulties. Allow us to share their dreams and ideals, awakening our ideals and dreams perhaps asleep. Let us be infected by the youth of you. To my dear wife and my children Marilda Carlos Alexander, Ana Claudia, Ana Carla and Mauricio, my daughters Ana Luiza and Lidiane, my in-laws Marcelo and Everton, my gratitude for the constant encouragement and unconditional support. Às minhas netinhas Ana Giulia, Ana Clara e Isabela Maria, obrigado por fazerem mais alegres e barulhentos os meus setenta anos. It is the warmth of home, the living with the family, which replenish the energy to every morning of a new day, we are ready to work. I extend my honor and my thanks to the families of my direct reports, the pro-rectors, which should, over the next four years to exercise the gift of tolerance for our absences. Anyway, I want to thank all of those who honored us with their presence and tell them to wait for us-based management work, transparency, the principles of ethics, compliance with legislation and regulations and respect the dignity of all who make up the our beloved University of Sapucai Valley. God is always with us and that allows us to be sowers of peace and harmony among all. Thank you. HISTORIC The University of Sapucai Valley (UNIVAS) is maintained by the Higher Education Foundation Vale do Sapucai (FUVS). It was founded on September 3, 1965, and throughout its existence has trained more than 10,000 professionals. It provides education in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, always aiming at harmonizing the production of knowledge and development of skills of their students with the current demands of the labor market. Altogether there are 16 undergraduate courses, 33 Graduate Lato Sensu courses (specialization and MBA), 03 Master's and 01 PhD. UNIVAS is located in the city of Pouso Alegre, in southern Minas Gerais, on the banks of two major highways of the country, the Fernão Dias Highway (BR-381) and Highway Juscelino Kubitschek (BR-459), strategic area of ​​access to three major centers of production and consumption country (São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro). The city is still one of the best quality indexes of life in Brazil. It is an industrial, commercial and educational center and is close to the Hidrominerais Resorts, Circuito das Malhas and Electronics Valley. A great advantage of the education offered by UNIVAS in healthcare is to have a university hospital. The Hospital das Clinicas Samuel Libânio (HCSL) is a reference to 54 municipalities in the south of Minas Gerais and serves an estimated population of over 2 million and 600 thousand people. UNIVAS. Excellence in Teaching. Training for Life. [-]

Universidade Braz Cubas (UBC)

Brazil Mogi das Cruzes March 2018

Born in 1940 in the city of Mogi das Cruzes, Braz Cubas, which started its activities with a small preparatory course, currently has about 20,000 students, between classroom and distance education modalities. Over 75 years in the market, the institution has undergone several transformations, housing, including gym courses, mid-level trade, until it reached the Faculty of Law in 1965. Higher education, stimulated by education policy, has grown throughout the country… [+] and Braz Cubas, meeting the demands and needs of the market, continued to grow, both in physical space and social, until in 1985, the Federal Board of Education recognizes the then Federation of Colleges Braz Cubas as University. The important news came to value the Mogi das Cruzes region and reward a long career of good service to the Brazilian education, forming competent professionals and skilled labor market. Mission Valuing people, awakening talents through a different learning today to develop the human being for tomorrow. Vision Be recognized as a teaching institution focused on learning. Values Citizenship, humanization, wisdom, humility and transparency. [-]

Universidade Metropolitana de Santos (UNIMES)

Brazil Santos March 2018

The CEUBAN - Center Unified Bandeirante began its activities on June 20, 1968, under its former name of Civil Society of Physical Education Santos. • In April 1969, it was created its first faculty - Faculty of Physical Education, which worked on the premises of the Brazil Football Club. Currently, the Faculty of Physical Education - FEFIS is installed on Campus II (Av. Cons. Nébias, 536); • From 1972, it began operating the College of Education and Human Sciences "Pro… [+] f. Laertes de Carvalho "offering courses in Pedagogy and Social Studies. In the same year, he started the School of Business and Administrative Sciences of Santos, with courses in Business Administration and Business Administration with emphasis in International Trade, the first such course in the country; • In 1976, the institution created the School of Dentistry of Santos, offering the course of Dentistry and expertise in the areas of prosthesis, endodontics, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. The Faculty of Dentistry, today, offers specialized courses in 12 areas, and rely on various types of clinics for dental care to the community, reaching an average of 500 procedures per day; • In the 80s, the UNIMES began to study Economics (86), within the administrative and academic structure of the Faculty of Administrative and Commercial Sciences. Even in 1986, made changes in the organizational structure, establishing the merger of the School of Business and Administrative Sciences of Santos with the Faculty of Economics. This coalition appears the School of Accounting; • In 1992 began offering another pioneering course in the region, the course Marketing. In 1996, he established the course in Business Administration with emphasis in Transport and Logistics. This year also started the School of Engineering and Technological Sciences, offering the Food Engineering courses, Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Production Engineering (Chemistry); • Also in 1996, started the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, as well as the first University Hospital of Veterinary Medicine (HOVET), which currently operates on the premises of Campus IV Morro da Nova Cintra; • In 1997, it inaugurated its School of Law. In the same year (97), the institution began the activities of the Health Sciences Faculty at the School of Medicine. Medicine has become a generator core of knowledge, seeking to integrate teaching, research and continuing medical education in the region. Consolidating its operations in the field of health, in 2001, it was created the Nursing course that was offered from 2002. In the post-graduate course, in addition to specialized courses that are targeted especially for the health sector, the Bank also started to offer courses in knowledge of new courses that were consolidated. In addition, UNIMES has a Master's degree (strictly speaking graduate) in Philosophy of Law and Diffuse and Collective Rights offered by the Law School. [-]

Centro Universitário Facex (UNIFACEX)

Brazil Natal March 2018

The institutional mission shows that the University Center FACEX will be committed to the intellectual quality of the training of their students with the quality of care to the needs, desires and expectations of society, forming competent and capable professionals to find creative solutions to local problems , regional and national. This institutional commitment is strongly anchored in philosophical principles and ethical and educational beliefs that guide their actions,… [+] among which we highlight: aware of its social responsibility, committed to the values ​​of justice, equality and fraternity; permanent role in the rescue of citizenship - in the formation of the citizen, be ethical and political, conscious of their rights and duties, able to intervene in the socio-economic development process of the community in which it operates, with an integrated view of society and the world; unifying action, open to all knowledge, critical, creative and competent, able to contribute to the development of the state and the region in which it operates. commitment results in the continued pursuit of high academic and scientific performance of your community; willingness to form partnerships and alliances with other institutions, aiming to develop integration programs with a view to training and development of human values; equal conditions of access and permanence in the institution; freedom to learn, teach, research and publish culture, thought, art and knowledge; pluralism of ideas and pedagogical conceptions; respect for freedom and appreciation for tolerance; standard quality assurance and linkage between academic training, work and social practices. [-]

Universidade Presidente Antônio Carlos (UNIPAC)

Brazil Juiz de Fora March 2018

The UNIPAC- University President Antonio Carlos began its activities in the city of Barbacena, in 1965, and its founder Professor Boniface Andrada. The UNIPAC-JF Campus II member of the University President Antonio Carlos- UNIPAC has its origin in 1996 with the creation of the School of Accounting at Dr. José Rua Cesario 175 in District of Juiz de Fora Steps registering strong demand. Two years later, he installed the first of Juiz de Fora speech therapy course, given … [+] the expectation of juizforana educational community and have significant demand because of the absence of progress in the city and region. In 2000 it was built new building in the neighborhood farms Bethania with modern laboratories and special facilities needed for learning their academic areas of Humanities, Physical and Health. Thus, in accordance with its expansion plan were created several courses in line with the Juiz de Fora needs and regional surroundings, becoming the integral Campus, University President Antonio Carlos, keeping the Faculty of Humanities and Science with courses administration, Accounting and Mass Communication Qualification: Journalism and Tourism; the Institute of Juiz de Fora Education with Higher Normal Course Faculty of Health Sciences with Biomedicine courses, Physical Education, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Veterinary Medicine, Biological Sciences; Faculty of Medicine at the School of Medicine; Faculty of Law and Social Sciences with the Law Course and the Institute of Technology and Sequential Studies of Juiz de Fora with Technology courses in Environment, Technology in Marketing Management Technology in Business Informatics and Technology in Safety. Over the years, after completing your goals and having absorbed the demand in Juiz de Fora, some courses were eliminated, thus expanding the number of places for the existing ones. Being in its 16th year of existence currently has approximately 230 teachers, including doctors, teachers and experts fully meet the MEC determinations and develop their teaching activities in several of the institution's courses according to their mission which is: "Reach for middle of Education, Research and Extension, knowledge of Philosophy of Science, Technology and Techniques in general, to contribute to and influence the development of social areas in the region of Minas Gerais and Brazil, as also train professionals for the community. " [-]

Universidade Santa Úrsula (USU)

Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

Mission USU's mission, to educate for freedom, for autonomy inspired by Christian values, through human and ethical formation, attentive to the realities and complexities of today's world, rooted in the charism of St Angela, as the Served motto (will serve). Principles • dissociation of teaching, research and extension, as stipulated in the Federal Constitution, as well as the training of professional staff of higher education, research and extension and the domain o… [+] f human knowledge the form of the Law of Guidelines and Bases of National Education. • served - "serve" is the university placed at the service of the human being, the family, society and the church, providing this service to its raison d'etre. • FREEDOM construction and autonomy in the dissemination of knowledge. • RESPECT to all instances of organized society. Values • QUALITY in service delivery and commitment to the production, conservation and communication of knowledge and the training of competent and committed social workers. • ETHICS applied in all relationships, a pluralistic environment where the debate is an instrument of democratic life. • Respect for human diversity, cultural and nature preservation and dissemination of Brazilian culture. • COMMITMENT the university community with the institution. • Innovation and creativity subordinated to ethics. • Dialogue with participatory management, dynamic and transparent committed to better working conditions and quality of life. • Sustainability, efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness in the development of institutional activities with financial stability and managerial capacity of the institution. • ISONOMY the treatment given to the Institution Units. • Planning and continuous evaluation of university life. [-]

Centro Universitário do Rio Grande do Norte (UNI-RN)

Brazil Natal March 2018

The University Center of Rio Grande do Norte (UNI-RN) is to sponsor the League of Rio Grande do Norte Education. Nonprofit, dedicated exclusively for educational purposes, the Education League was created on July 23, 1911, with the founding poet Henry Castriciano de Souza, educator and writer of great merit. The first Statute of the League has defined its main objective: "... assist pubic powers at all when it relates to education and education. " In order to offer female… [+] education, the League set up the Domestic School Christmas, on 1 September 1914. Formed on the model of Ecoles ménagère of Switzerland, Christmas Domestic School represents a milestone in the spread of the new role of women in the home and in society, and, over time, adapted to changes in society and turned into modern establishment of kindergarten, elementary and secondary education. In order to provide these levels of education, too, the male, the Teaching League created the Educational Complex Henry Castriciano, mixed school, installed on March 15, 1987. The League of Rio Grande do Norte Teaching turned, then, for the provision of higher education. Thus, on April 28, 1997, by ministerial order, signed by President Ozório Bezerra Dantas, was created to Natal's School for the Development of Rio Grande do Norte (FARN). Representing the Education League, the Noilde Ramalho teacher invited Professor Daladier Person Cunha Lima to structure the pedagogical project of the newly established college. Thus, with the director Professor Daladier, the FARN was officially installed on February 25, 1999. Initially offered four undergraduate courses. Currently, UNI-RN offers 15 undergraduate courses, ten bachelors: Administration, Architecture and Urban Planning, Accounting, Law, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Psychology, Information Systems and Physical Education; degrees in Computer Science and Physical Education; as well as technologists in Business Management and Computer Networks. Also they are in operation, with great success and expansion character, 40 sensu post-graduation courses in the areas of Business Management, Accounting, Law, Engineering, Information Technology, Environment, Health and Human Services. [-]

Centro Universitário Salesiano de São Paulo (UNISAL)

Brazil São Paulo March 2018

The UNISAL is an academic community of teachers, students and administrative staff, which promotes carefully, critical and purposeful development of the human person and the cultural heritage of society through research, teaching, higher and continuing training and various services offered to local communities. Christian inspiration, the Catholic nature and Salesian identity of UNISAL assume a vision of the world and the human being rooted and in harmony with the Gospel… [+] and a reasoned pedagogy on the values ​​of the Preventive System lived by Don Bosco. This implies, in particular: a commitment to unity and communion with the Church; a decided option for young people; an academic community with a clear Salesian identity; a Christian and Salesian oriented cultural project and educational and pastoral approach. The integration of knowledge, dialogue between faith and reason, the continual search for truth, ethics training, the spirit of freedom in love, mutual respect and promotion of human rights characterize and enliven the UNISAL as a center of knowledge that gives taste for study and research and promotes the acquisition of true wisdom of life. [-]