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4 Part Time MBA Programs in Marketing Studies Marketing 2024



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Part Time MBA Programs in Marketing Studies Marketing

A part-time Master of Business Administration is a degree often sought by students who wish to further their careers with advanced education. A part-time program is useful for those who need to complete the degree at a slower pace while also managing other responsibilities.

What is a part-time MBA in Marketing? An MBA can be pursued in any number of specialties and pursued in many different forms. An MBA specializing in marketing is a program focused on branding, advertising and consumer relations. Given today’s marketplace, emphasis might be placed on online marketing and the use of social networking in sales, promotions and customer acquisition. In addition to e-marketing topics, coursework may include classes such as buyer behavior, international marketing or consumer research.

Many people pursue a part-time MBA in Marketing because of its benefits for career growth. Students can expect to learn skills such as management, market analysis and consumer relations. These can be helpful both in the workforce and the real world.

The cost of an MBA in Marketing varies widely across institutions. Most part-time programs will take two to four years to complete. Students are advised to do thorough research before selecting a program.

An MBA in Marketing demonstrates an individual’s competency at the executive level. This degree also has the advantage of being valuable in most industries. Candidates with an MBA in Marketing frequently find themselves qualified for positions such as marketing director, sales manager or public relations specialist. Nonprofits, government agencies and commercial companies all employ marketing professionals to help with their organizational goals.

Part-time Master of Business Administration in Marketing degrees are offered online and as traditional degrees at a variety of institutions nationwide. Online options can be particularly helpful to students who need to pursue the degree part-time. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.