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10 Part Time MBA Programs in Economic Studies 2024



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Part Time MBA Programs in Economic Studies

For busy professionals, a part-time MBA program can provide the flexibility to earn an advanced degree while working. Part-time programs typically take more time to complete than full-time programs, as they require much of the same coursework to be completed in order to graduate but with fewer courses taken per term.

What is a part time MBA in Economic Studies? A part-time MBA in Economic Studies is an advanced degree in the field of economics. Programs combine economic concepts with knowledge of business administration to more fully understand the core workings of organizations. Courses often include topics such as statistics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, business strategy, and marketing.

Graduates with a part-time MBA in Economic Studies will typically have a variety of skills and knowledge useful in the real world, including the ability to think strategically. Understanding and applying business processes and a strong grasp of mathematical concepts can prepare graduates to address the core needs of a company.

Costs for part-time MBA programs can vary widely, as format, location, and length of study all contribute to the total cost. Prospective students should research program costs and consider their own finances to make sure they can afford to attend.

A part-time MBA in Economic Studies often lends itself to a variety of roles, making them valuable and highly sought-after employees. Positions such as accountant, financial analyst, stockbroker, economist, and statistician make full use of graduates’ skills. The broad knowledge gained in an economic studies MBA can be useful in large and small organizations, both public and private.

Part-time MBA programs in economic studies are usually available around the world in both in-person and online formats. Depending on a student’s schedule, programs may be available during the day or night. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.