As the world changes, the workforce's needs change with it. As a result, yesterday’s job market looks very different than tomorrow’s. Wondering which jobs offer the brightest future and what employers can do to keep up with demand? Here’s a closer look at LinkedIn's new report on new jobs Down Under, Emerging Jobs: Australia.

The Top Five

Given our increasingly techno-centric society, it’s hardly a surprise that tech roles top the list of emerging jobs. After analyzing data across all of its members, LinkedIn identified the following as the top five emerging jobs: customer success manager; data scientist; full stack engineer; cyber security specialist; and experience designer.

Beyond the Tech World

It’s important to note, however, that demand for these jobs transcends the tech industry. Anthony Salcito, worldwide vice-president for public sector education at Microsoft, said, “There was a time when if you needed a data scientist there were limited jobs and so the vacancies got filled. Now every organization needs data scientists. Law firms are an example.”

Skills Over Job Titles

The report also points out that a talent shortage requires HR to be creative when it comes to filling these position. At a time when “perfect candidate[s]” are few and far between, hiring for skills with on-the-job training opportunities is a recommended strategy.

To that end, the value of soft skills -- including adaptability, culture fit, collaboration, leadership, growth potential, and prioritization -- should not be overlooked. A go-to tactic hiring managers rely on when vetting candidates for these attributes is behavioral interview questions, such as “Tell me about the time when...”

“A Competitive Sport”

Emerging Jobs: Australia also stresses that understanding the competitive nature of hiring is essential for employers looking to come out ahead.

“You need to clearly articulate why candidates would want to join your organization, whether it’s programs that cater to wellness, flexibility, mobility or interesting data sets in the case of data scientists and make sure this is reflected in your employer brand. And bonus points if you have a rockstar CEO who lives and breathes your purpose or has a relevant career path that you can use as a talent magnet,” it concludes.

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