Earlier this month, the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (GSB) hosted the first African MBA World Summit in which international business students worked with local South African businesses. 

The three-day summit allowed 100 MBA students to partner with 30 local entrepreneurs to collaborate on practical solutions to business problems. 

In an article in South Africa's IOL Business Report, Raymond Ledwaba, local organizer of the summit said, "This is the first time the MBA World Summit has been hosted on African soil. As Africa has four of the fastest growing economies in the world, the Summit is a platform to explore the endless opportunities that abound on the continent. It is an opportunity for participants to collaborate with other institutions and tackle key social challenges faced in Africa and other emerging markets around the world."

International business students hailed from 39 business schools, including the University of Pretoria's Gordon Institute of Business Science, Columbia Business School, Dartmouth College's Tuck Business School, Harvard Business School, the International University of Japan, and London Business School.

Ledwaba said, "The program was designed and will be managed by the GSB Solution Space-Philippi, giving the Summit and stakeholders the opportunity to track the real impact made in these businesses and communities. The entrepreneurs are already part of the GSB Solution Space’s Venture Incubation Programme (VIP). The VIP is a keystone initiative that is designed to help entrepreneurial teams to test and validate their business models." 

His hope? That the summit would become a space for "global networking and collaboration."

He said, "We have selected MBAs who are not only excellent in their practical experience, and academic background, but who are people who want to change something in life, who really want to have impact. Regardless of where we all come from around the world, we all share similar desires, fears, aspirations and anxieties. We actually have more similarities than differences."

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