Emirates Airlines is the number one desired company to work for among millennial business students in the UAE, according to a recent survey by the Swedish research company Universum Global.

The firm surveyed 21,860 students and recent graduates from 80 universities in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Lebanon as part of its greater efforts to understand the career goals of Generations Y and Z.

Business students in the UAE highlighted work-life balance as a key thing they look for in a job. 

In an article in The National, Claudia Tattanelli, chairman of the strategic board for Universum, said, "What does this mean for companies? To become attractive, employers should offer empowerment opportunities, possibilities for interns and new joiners to express their ideas and contribute to the final result as well as reverse mentoring initiatives.”

Those surveyed ranked Google second, followed by Apple, Etihad Airways, Dubai Airports, and Dubai-based real-estate company Emaar Properties.

The list isn't much different for IT students in the UAE, who ranked Google as their number one choice of employer. Interestingly, women in STEM in the UAE wanted to work most for Emaar in contrast to all STEM students who highlighted Dubai Electric and Water Authority, Masdar and Emirates Airlines as desirable employers.  

The survey also found changes in priorities for Gen Z compared to millennials. Gen Z values more innovation and respectful environments, whereas millennials prefer a dynamic work environment that recognizes performance.

Both generations use social media tools like Instagram more than LinkedIn and Facebook to interact with potential employers.