Looking for a great place to do business? Consider Norway.

Despite the harsh climate, most Norwegians enjoy their jobs more than their European peers.

So says a new report from the National Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI). The report shows that 94 percent of the workforce in Norway is satisfied with their work, compared to 86 percent of workers in the EU.

What makes Norwegians happy? They feel that they have a voice in workplace decisions and changes. Ninety percent report having self-determination and a degree of autonomy in their work.

While long workdays are common in Norway, the Norwegian work week is just 35 hours on average. There is also wide latitude when it comes to flexible working hours.

In an article on Science Nordic, Cecilie Aagestad at STAMI said, “Perhaps many are working more the first days of the week and taking Fridays off.”

The STAMI survey also revealed that 90 percent of Norwegian workers are satisfied with the balance between their work lives and their private lives.  They also have more on-the-job opportunities for professional development and less fears of losing their jobs within six months than other Europeans.

Not surprisingly, those in Norway who have more education report being happier at work.

While many in Norway are happy with their work situations, eight percent of the population report that their work situation is “fatiguing” or “problematic.” They say their pay is too low and they lack opportunities for development. Many have minimal education and are under the age of 35.