Nov 1, 2017 at 3:19pm ET By Pauline Curtet

As part of its Global Talent Survey, Swedish research company Universum Global asked more than 8,000 students from nearly 30 UAE universities about their career goals. Topping the list of ideal employers for business students? Emirates. Here’s a closer look at these and other findings, as recently reported by The National.

Leading the Pack

The world’s fourth-largest airline and largest operator of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s, Emirates skyrocketed from seventh place in 2016 to surpass Google and claim the top spot as the most desired UAE-based employer for business and commerce students. Google, Apple, Dubai-based real estate company Emaar Properties, and Etihad Airways rounded out the top five. (For engineering and IT students, meanwhile, Googled held onto the top spot, followed by Emaar, Apple, Microsoft and Emirates.)

Concludes Claudia Tattanelli, chairwoman of Universum’s strategic advisory board, “This clearly proves how UAE is a real emerging market where many organizations, both nationals and multinationals, are engaging in a true war for talent in order to secure the best and the brightest...One of the unique and interesting aspects about the UAE’s ranking tables compared to other countries is the near equal presence of national and regional firms versus international firms fighting it out for places within the top 10.”

Career Preferences

The survey also reveals that Emirati business students have different career preferences than non-Emirati business students. Management and strategy consulting and finance jobs were preferred by the former, while the latter expressed more interest in banking and finance jobs.

Lastly, the findings indicate increased reliance on social media channels by business students while researching prospective employers. Continues Tattanelli, “This renders it even more important for companies to have a well-defined, multi-channel digital strategy that can cut through the noise that currently exist on many platforms and utilize such platforms as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat more effectively to enhance their attractiveness among their key target groups.”

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Pauline Curtet is a professional journalist living in the beautiful city of Munich, Germany. She travels across Europe to cover news stories and keeps a strong interest in education news throughout the world.

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