India Sees Surge in Student Mobility
June 15, 2016

Students in India are increasingly mobile, and a new report from New Delhi indicates that Indian students are driving international education around the world. The study reveals some interesting trends and shows which destinations are growing in popularity with Indian students. Let's take a closer look at the data and see why universities and business schools around the world should attract this growing cohort of students.

China Announces Crack-Down on EMBA Corruption
June 8, 2016
In the US, potential business students expect to complete standardized tests and prepare for interviews, but in China, these types of entrance requirements have been at the discretion of individual programs. Now, the Chinese government plans to implement some changes and regulations to the process o...

Business Students Prefer Specialization in MBAs
June 1, 2016
Pursuing an MBA takes dedication and commitment, but according to a new study, the most recent cohort of business students are even more focused than their predecessors. Current MBA students are more likely than past students to concentrate on a single industry or job function, and this single-minde...

South Africa Offers Residency to International Graduates
May 25, 2016
Many countries don't just want international students to study at their universities. They want them to stay on after graduation and contribute to economic and social development. But how can countries encourage international students to remain once they've earned a degree? South Africa is tackling ...

Global Accreditors Reimagine the Future of Business Education
May 18, 2016
Education and the business world are changing, and an MBA isn't always a sure-fire ticket to success. Though many business schools still offer indispensable training and credentials, it can be difficult for students (and schools) to identify which skills and information are most necessary for the fu...

Where in the World is Czechia?
May 11, 2016
What's in a name? While Shakespeare may not regard them highly, for companies and countries, names can hold a lot of meaning. One European country has announced a change in moniker and the new name is already causing a stir. Read on to find out which country is mixing it up and what the new name wil...

South African Universities to Get in on Internationalization
May 4, 2016
At last month’s Research and Innovation Dialogue in Johannesburg, South African policymakers revealed plans to trim down on immigration regulations-related bureaucracy and facility the path to enrollment of international students as its universities. What can we expect to see moving forward? L...

How Do Business Schools Fare in Student Mobility?
April 20, 2016
New, user-driven, multidimensional, international higher education ranking tool U-Multirank’s recently released findings shed light on the state of global student mobility. Leading the pack when it comes to international exchange? Business schools. Let’s examine the findings, along with ...

How are Female MBAs Using Technology to Change the Business World?
April 13, 2016
More women are earning MBAs than ever before, but female graduates still find it difficult to break through the glass ceilings of the traditional business world. But instead of raging against the machine, female MBAs are forging new paths in emerging sectors and steering the businesses towards a bri...

Are Asian Women Better Planners When it Comes to Education?
April 6, 2016
When it comes to the field of business education, the answer to the title question is “yes,” according to recent data from the Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS) as reported by Times Higher Education. Let’s take a closer look at the state of women in business education ...


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