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The MBA Law degree is growing in importance, as it is important for business leaders and managers to have a fundamental understanding of law. Also, in the daily operations of business, the role of an attorney is equally important due to the global economy and policy making. An MBA Law degree is designed for competent and hard-working individuals interested in both topics of business and law and seek future career opportunities in business development, investments, banking institutions, law firms, corporate counsel offices, and business policy analysis.

The MBA Law degree requires commitment as it usually takes four years to complete, versus five years to complete the two degrees separately. In an MBA Law program, students will examine issues in corporate finance, organizational behavior, strategic management, taxation, constitutional law, and legislation, among many other subjects. Most MBA Law programs will require a comprehensive thesis or final project for the degrees to be awarded.

Take a look below at the MBA Law programs and you may find the education that will help you reach your goals!

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