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120 MBA Programs in Business Studies Business Administration International Business Administration 2024



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MBA Programs in Business Studies Business Administration International Business Administration

A Master of Business Administration is a graduate degree earned by students who have shown a mastery of business studies. This type of degree is one of the most popular and notable around the world. This advanced academic program often takes two or three years to complete.

What is an MBA in International Business Administration? The study of business and the way corporations can operate across the globe is what makes this subject unique from other MBA programs. This field often explores business and finance with an emphasis on global relations at a more intense level than an undergraduate degree. Courses in this type of program may include human resource management, policy-making, operations management, ethics, marketing and organization.

Students studying at this academic level may gain a multitude of beneficial traits that can be used in personal and professional environments, including strong negotiation and communication skills. These students often evaluate data and business policies, which can help them hone impressive analytical skills as well.

The cost of earning an MBA often depends on a multitude of factors. Programs with more required courses usually cost more than shorter programs, although the type of university or location of the school can raise or lower the overall tuition. Prospective students should research and compare the cost of different programs to make an informed decision.

Careers in international business administration are numerous and can span a variety of industries. Graduates with an MBA are often more easily hired in leadership positions over others with only an undergraduate degree. Many graduates have gone on to work as economists, financial analysts, marketing managers, human resource managers, trade specialists, stock brokers and public relations specialists.

If you are considering study options to earn a degree in international business, explore the numerous opportunities around the world. Many schools offer study-abroad programs or have online courses so you may study from home. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.