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29 MBA Programs in Human Resource Management 2023


What is an MBA in Human Resource Management?

Many MBA students choose to focus on a sharply defined niche within the study of business administration, and human resources is increasingly becoming one of the more sought-after offshoots. The relationship between employees, employers, managers and the workspace is at the core of the study of human resources.

Core Courses

If you're considering getting an MBA in Human Resources, it's important to check out the core courses offered by your chosen university. Generally, these include subjects such as: Organizational Leadership and Management, Talent Acquisition, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Relations and Labor Law, Training and Development, Performance Management, Conflict Resolution, Strategic HR Planning, Diversity and Inclusion Management.

You might also find topics like Recruiting Analytics or Analytics for Human Resource Managers, Workplace Ethics and Organizational Change Management available in some programs. Bear in mind that course offerings may vary from one school to another - so do your research before signing up!

Career Outlook

Having an MBA in HR comes with plenty of career prospects. Human Resources is becoming increasingly important within companies, and so there's a growing need for professionals who are well-versed in this field. An MBA in HR can open the door to many roles, including executive recruitment, organizational development, legal compliance, and employee benefits management.

There's also the potential to work as a consultant and help organizations develop their workforce and human resources practices. And with the right credentials and experience, those with an MBA in HR can take on high-level positions such as Director of Human Resources or Chief Human Resources Officer.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for an MBA in Human Resource Management can vary from school to school. Generally, most universities will require the submission of a completed application form alongside official transcripts, letters of recommendation and a personal statement outlining your academic and professional goals.

Most schools also require applicants to have achieved a minimum undergraduate GPA, taken the GMAT or GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and possess a certain number of years of professional experience. Additionally, some universities may also require applicants to submit letters of reference from past employers or teachers.

Can I get an online MBA in Human Resources?

Yes, there are plenty of online human resources programs. Online MBAs in Human Resources benefit from the convenience and flexibility of studying online. Students can access lectures, course materials, as well as peer-to-peer collaboration tools while having the ability to work around their schedule. Additionally, many of these programs allow students to connect with faculty and industry experts through webinars or chat rooms to guide their studies.

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