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MBA Programs in Business Studies Business Management

A Master of Business Administration is an advanced degree awarded to individuals who pursue a higher education in business management. Operations, accounting, finance and marketing are generally covered in the MBA curriculum.

What is an MBA in Business Management? Courses offered within this program generally aim to develop students’ understanding of the global business world and how managers, directors and business owners make executive decisions. A strong emphasis may be placed on leadership and business development, and instructors may strive to empower students to think on their feet and to develop effective solutions to time-sensitive issues with little information. Studies can include strategic marketing, project management, business processes, strategic management, innovation and cross-cultural leadership.

MBA alumni often walk away with many admirable traits and skills, such as strong analytical and leadership skills, proficiencies that will serve them well in any position in life. Additionally, graduates usually demonstrate initiative, discipline and a systematic understanding of global economies.

The cost of an MBA in Business Management can vary greatly from university to university. Because the price is largely dependent on location and the duration of the program, students should do their research before applying to a program.

Common roles for holders of this master's degree include financial analyst, business analyst, accountant, banker, data analyst and CEO. Some less common but just as lucrative positions may include marketing manager, risk manager, stock broker, sales executive, operational researcher and sustainability consultant. The great thing about a degree in business is that it can pave the way for many exciting careers across multiple industries and sectors.

The application requirements for an MBA program will vary depending on the program. Generally, you will need an undergraduate degree with good average grades. Some programs might require a GRE or GMAT score, while others may also ask for work experience in the field of business.

Many universities offer a business management program, and where a student decides to go to school all depends on their location, budget and schedule. Online MBA programs are an available and convenient choice for those who work and who have families to care for. If you’re ready to get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.