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Zurich Elite Business School

Zurich Elite Business School

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ZEBS Philosophy

The first forms of business education were theoretical seminars. US business schools were the first institutions to incorporate case studies into their curricula and thus link management education to real-life business. The US case study model has been adopted by virtually all business schools around the world.

However, in their MBA programs, business schools fall short of achieving direct application of gained knowledge into companies. There is a separating wall between business schools and companies. On the contrary, the Zurich Elite Business school tears down this wall and connects its program to companies. Additionally, the ZEBS offers unique personal coaching. Carefully selected coaches with extensive professional and personal backgrounds accompany students throughout the program. Their advice and insight help students to unfold their professional potential and to develop their personalities based on their own goals and needs.

In short, ZEBS stands for personalization of business education.

ZEBS Vision

Our vision is to become the most practical and applied Business School worldwide, offering highly customized business education. We also aim to become the 1st Business School worldwide, which manages to close effectively the gap between academia and industry via industry-linked business education and On-the-Job as well as Off-the-Job real-world and job-related skills development programs.

ZEBS Mission Statement

Zurich Elite Business School (ZEBS), a world-leading Management Boutique based in Zurich, Switzerland, is committed to providing customized and innovative world-class business education in order to help students achieve excellence in their academic and professional careers and companies to develop and strengthen their valuable asset: people.

Our aim is also to focus on underrepresented students from many different backgrounds who can`t afford common high tuition fees and give them access to high-quality education regardless of their wealth, ethnic origin, race, and education status.

We provide our students and corporate clients with highly individualized and innovative business programs and strive to ensure that companies achieve innovation, value enhancement, and thus sustainable competitive advantage through our customized programs and services.

Zurich Elite Business School offers Swiss world-class, internationally accredited Bachelor-, MBA/ExecMBA, and DBA/Ph.D. degrees and highly customized Executive Corporate Programs. ZEBS, also known to be one of the most practical and applied Business Schools in Europe with a strong focus on industrial partnerships within the Swiss, German, and Austrian industries was recently ranked 4th among the Top 25 Business Schools in Europe.

ZEBS has been extremely successful in providing top European corporations with its graduates. 95% of ZEBS graduates receive a job directly after graduating from ZEBS (top 20 worldwide). On average they receive 4-5 job offers in different industry sectors upon graduation or have been successful in building their own start-ups.

ZEBS seeks to educate and foster a global community whose core values facilitate not only outstanding performance in business but also in ethical business practices. Thus our objective is to improve the economic and living conditions of diverse populations around the world by steering business and public policy leaders toward identifying and implementing innovative ideas for creating broad-based prosperity.

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Fairness
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Modesty
  • Decency
  • Creativity
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility


  • Zürich

    Europaallee,41, 8004, Zürich

    • Zürich

      Europaallee,41, 8004, Zürich