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At West Liberty University (WLU), the road to employability begins with a sense of belonging and community. Located near Wheeling, West Virginia, at the heart of a vibrant metropolitan tri-state area, this university believes when students — from near or far — are accepted with open arms, they develop the confidence to succeed. The process begins by providing a welcoming sense of a home. The Rollie Williams International Center ensures this by organizing weekly activities and events that provide cultural enrichment to facilitate adjustment and integration within the campus community.

Representing 32 countries, students can choose from more than 70 accredited undergraduate majors and graduate programs online and on campus. However, campus life is a winner for obvious reasons.

“Involvement is the key to getting the most from your college experience. There is something for everyone, whether interests are social, religious, special, professional, departmental, or honorary.” The University provides many opportunities to become involved in campus life with more than 50 active organizations.

WLU’s total college experience entails 24/7 access to the Student Success Center, where students evolve into key members of the WLU community, engaging in programs and services that help them realize their potential and their passion. In the Centre for Arts and Education, a multi-faceted hands-on learning laboratory, they explore the arts, creativity, and technology.

The E. Kent and Barbara Culler Robinson Writing Center teaches them to author their discoveries, improving their skills in written communication — essential for those looking to spearhead organizational growth. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree and the MBA program perfectly complement this goal.

Equally popular choices for those keen on experiencing the Appalachian culture with WLU include the BA in Community Education, BS in Psychology, BS in Biology, BA in Biology, MS in Biology, MA in Biology – Zoo Science, and the MA in Education.

West Liberty University is a forward-looking, four-year public university steeped in a rich heritage as West Virginia’s oldest institution of higher education. Established as West Liberty Academy in 1837 (26 years before the state was admitted to the Union), it was created to respond to the need for higher educational opportunities west of the Appalachian Ridge. The institution is named for the town in which it is located. West Liberty was named in the late 18th Century as the westernmost point of the new liberty provided through the Declaration of Independence.

Mission Statement

West Liberty University, established in 1837, was the first institution of higher education in West Virginia. Today, we are a dynamic, inclusive, student-centered community that cultivates scholarly exploration, experiential learning, creative expression, and global citizenship.

WLU is a public university committed to providing students with a comprehensive education from undergraduate to advanced degrees while serving as the region’s leading advocate for the arts, education, research, and economic opportunity.

Vision Statement

WLU aspires to be a model of innovative, inclusive, and transformational education accessible to all that positively impacts society.


The college application requirements of West Liberty University are by the Undergraduate Institutional Policies of the Higher Education Policy Commission.

In addition to these college application requirements, there may be special requirements for admission into programs such as Dental Hygiene, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Nursing, Music, Teacher Education, Regents Bachelor of Arts Programs, BLA, BAS, and Graduate Studies.

Scholarships and Funding

West Liberty University Scholarships

The West Liberty University Scholars Program was established to attract top academic students. Students entering as first-time freshmen may qualify for one of three designations within the Scholars Program. In addition to receiving a four-year academic scholarship, students receive other benefits under this program.

Outside Scholarships

Each year, West Liberty University accepts countless dollars in outside scholarship funding awarded to our students.

West Virginia Scholarships and Grants

West Virginia offers more than $100 million each year in financial aid for college. By clicking the link below, students can find all of the state-sponsored financial aid programs available. State funds are available to students who are just starting their postsecondary endeavors and students who are looking to make a career change and need a new credential.

Discover West Lib Scholarship

Please attend one of our Campus Visitation Days and have a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship to attend West Liberty University. Visiting campus allows you to see the campus through a student’s eyes, meet and talk with faculty and staff, experience all WLU has to offer, and have a chance to win $1,000.


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