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South Gate Creative Writing School

South Gate Creative Writing School

South Gate Creative Writing School


South Gate Creative Writing School

South Gate Creative Writing School offers aspiring authors a Degree of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, while providing a practical education in the art and business of storytelling for modern media.

Master popular genres while developing your unique voice, along with a small, supportive and diverse group of peers. Study in Denmark or online, and learn the skills to become a working writer.

It's practical. You’ll read, watch, analyze, and practice writing for various media, including popular and literary fiction, plays and film, children’s literature, young adult, and game narrative.

This highly personal creative writing program means that you’ll receive a hand-crafted education tailored to the times and adapted to your level, needs, and interests.

Theme Driven Semesters

The program is organized into eight semesters, each focusing on one genre or trend. You will learn about its history, evolution, and craft, and then practice writing it or work on your own text.

Industry Spanning

Courses and electives are designed to provide access to current industry trends and moneymakers. You will have the environment and freedom to experiment, expand, and adapt your skills to the opportunities you seek.

Course Structure

Each week at South Gate Creative Writing School, you’ll have 5 to 6 classes focused on creative writing and the business of creative writing, and all related by the semester's overarching genre or trend.

Learn More!

Students are invited to visit our website now, look around, and get in touch with us by phone, email or social media. We love to meet fellow artists and talk about how to help achieve your dreams.


  • Aalborg

    Østerågade 25, 2tv, 9000, Aalborg


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