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Seton Hall University M.B.A. in Marketing
Seton Hall University

M.B.A. in Marketing

South Orange, USA

5 Years


Full time

30 May 2024*

Jul 2024

USD 1,520 / per credit


* for U.S. Applicants | April 30 for International Applicants


Marketing tops many lists of the best-paying and most in-demand careers, and it's no wonder—marketing pros are responsible for much of a business's reputation and commercial success.

Our program prepares you to become a marketing leader and also provides a comprehensive general business education. We blend a strong core curriculum with electives that let you map your own path, and we keep the whole thing streamlined to just 40 credits.

Named a Princeton Review "Best Business School", we welcome both full- and part-time students and offer small and flexible classes to accommodate your schedule both on campus and online. Our South Orange, NJ campus is only 14 miles from Manhattan and New York City, making opportunities at top agencies and corporations a short ride by train, bus, or car.

Is an MBA in Marketing Right for You?

Deciding whether an MBA in Marketing is right for you requires a careful evaluation of your interests, career aspirations, and the skills you wish to acquire. If you're passionate about understanding consumer behavior, strategizing campaigns, or exploring the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, then this specialization can be a great fit. An MBA in Marketing delves deep into topics like brand management, market research, and advertising, providing both theoretical knowledge and practical application. If you envision a career where you lead marketing initiatives, launch products, or drive a company's growth through customer engagement, this degree can offer the necessary tools and insights. It's also ideal for those who seek versatility in their roles, as marketing skills are applicable across industries, from tech to fashion, and from startups to multinational corporations. If you're committed to diving deep into the world of marketing at a strategic level and aspire to leadership roles in this domain, then an MBA in Marketing could be the right choice for you.



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