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SDA Bocconi Full-Time MBA
SDA Bocconi

Full-Time MBA

Milan, Italy

12 Months


Full time

15 Apr 2024

09 Sep 2024

EUR 75,000 *


* to be paid in four installments


Change together, lead with impact.

At SDA Bocconi, we believe in the power of transformation and impact. Our Full-Time MBA program, guided by the motto "Change Together, Lead with Impact" empowers you to unlock your potential for greatness. Embrace change fearlessly, harnessing it as a catalyst for innovation and personal growth.

With a focus on collaboration and diversity, in an intimate and welcoming environment, you'll thrive in a close-knit setting where your unique perspective converges with others, forging lifelong connections and strong networks. You will nurture exceptional leadership skills and inspire others to excel, leaving a lasting impact on your organization and the community. Together, we will drive positive change that goes beyond the bottom line, creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Why choose us?

Comprehensive Business Education

  • Covers traditional business disciplines: finance, marketing, strategy, and operations
  • Includes four additional concentrations: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Private Investment, Customer Experience

Networking Opportunities

  • Provides ample networking opportunities
  • Connects students with candidates, alumni, faculty, and industry experts
  • Aids in future career growth, business partnerships, and job access

Career Development Center

  • Dedicated Career Development Center for extensive career support
  • Key partner for MBA candidates seeking career growth
  • Invites recruiting companies to campus to enrich the international talent pipeline

Career Advancement

  • Boosts career prospects significantly
  • Equips participants with knowledge and skills for leadership roles
  • Aimed at excelling in management positions

Prestige And Reputation

  • Consistently ranked among top Business Schools globally
  • Recognized by prominent rankings like the Financial Times

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