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Ohio University College of Business

Ohio University College of Business

Ohio University College of Business


Ohio University has offered business courses since 1893. Today the College of Business offers 10 undergraduate majors and a master of business administration (M.B.A.), and enrolls about 1,800 undergraduate and 90 full-time resident graduate students annually.

Learning to Solve Authentic Business Challenges

In the Colleges innovative action-learning environment, faculty break down the barriers between traditional functional areas of business. Students take core business disciplines in integrated class clusters so they graduate with a clear understanding of just how these disciplines interact in the business world. Students are challenged to learn individually and in groups to solve authentic business problems. They learn not only the concepts related to each course, but also develop vital skills such as time management, teamwork, problem solving, and analytical thinking.

With its emphasis on communication, information technology, global awareness, and leadership skills, the College of Business promotes market-oriented programs that move graduates into high-demand professional jobs. A number of advisory boards and an active Society of Alumni and Friends provide many opportunities for students to interact with and learn from top corporate executives, and to gain insight into effective strategies for success.


The College holds accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) for its School of Accountancy, undergraduate, and graduate programs. Of the more than 1,200 colleges and universities in the United States offering business degrees, only 261 of them are accredited at both the master's and bachelor's degree levels. The AACSB recognized the College of Business action-learning program in 1996 when they awarded it first-place honors for Innovation and Leadership in Business Education, which resulted in a large grant from Procter & Gamble for further curriculum development.

Program Admission Requirements

Demonstrate your commitment and readiness to succeed in business school by taking the GMAT exam – the most widely used exam for admissions that measures your critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Download the GMAT mini quiz to get a flavour of the questions you’ll find in the exam.