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National American University Master of Business Administration (MBA): Emphasis Human Resource Management
National American University

Master of Business Administration (MBA): Emphasis Human Resource Management

Austin, USA

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Sep 2024

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The Master of Business Administration program provides students with the opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills in the field of business. Students may come from a business undergraduate degree or may elect to complete the foundational courses in order to ensure that all students enter the program with a solid background in the field of business. The core program courses provide students with an opportunity to enhance their analytical and practical skills in the areas of accounting, finance, economics, information systems, marketing, quantitative methods, and leadership. The emphasis areas provide students with an opportunity to tailor the program to help them to meet their specific career goals.

An MBA degree is seen in the business world as an indication that you have a general knowledge of accounting, economics, finance, and management, particularly from a middle or upper management perspective. NAU’s Master of Business Administration will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to meet the needs of today’s leading organizations. A concentration in Human Resources Management prepares you for a vital role in any organization! These concentration courses are vital business classes focused on training and development programs, employee evaluations and compensation, and human resource law to prepare managers to make strategic human resource decisions.

MBA Program Requirements

The MBA degree provided by NAU consists of two academic requirements: master's core courses and elective courses.The degree program consists of 10 courses and successful completion of 45.0 credit hours.

MT6255 must be completed during the first term and prior to completing the other master's courses. The core MBA courses are as follows:

Core Courses:

  • AC6550 Managerial Accounting 4.5
  • EC6150 Managerial Economics 4.5
  • FN6350 Financial Management 4.5
  • MA6600 Quantitative Methods for Management Decisions 4.5
  • MG6500 Marketing Administration 4.5
  • MT6255 Introduction to Leadership and Quality 4.5
  • MT6650 Strategy and Policy 4.5

Human Resource Management Emphasis

Students who select this option will pursue the standard MBA curriculum with a three-course emphasis in human resource management by completing three of the following courses:

  • LA6570 Human Resource Law 4.5
  • MT6300 Managing Human Resources 4.5
  • MT6310 Training and Development in Human Resource Management 4.5
  • MT6320 Employee Evaluation and Compensation 4.5
  • MT6350 Strategic Human Resource Management 4.5

Graduates of the MBA program with an emphasis in Human Resource Management will:

  • Develop strategies for human resource management consistent with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Evaluate human resource systems which impact the organization's strategic objectives and competitive advantage.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Proof of English Competency
  • No GRE Required!
  • No Thesis Required!

Associated Careers

  • Chief Executives
  • General and Operations Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Administrative Services Managers
  • Industrial Production Managers
  • Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Social and Community Service Managers
  • Managers, All Other
  • Cost Estimators
  • Management Analysts
  • Business Teachers, Postsecondary

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